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02 Jun 2013 19:40:43
Don't know if it's true been on a few forums that Milan is ready to sell up to American Chinese investors may be that's why we haven't signed any body yet could be something in it or not but we do need to spend a Lot of money if we are going to be a force next season so Milan get some cash spent

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Where does it say it.

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Crtainly not the reason we have not signed anybody.

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No the idea is that the chinese guys will buy 30% of the shares now. And then by the start of the summer Manderic willl sell the remaining 70% to these guys.

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BS. But at least not a Nigerian business man BS.

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Sheff Wed not signed anyone yet as all the players are on holiday relaxing and not thinking about transfers for now. Just done a couple of searches on the internet and can't find anything to do new investment at the club.

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If we get Chinese investors, I just hope to god that they wouldn't try and change our colours to red

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No idea if any truth in the rumour but a group of American/Chinese investors does not sound like good news to me. I do not want anybody buying our club as an investment. More than happy with MM (I know it's a contradiction as he bought us as an investment) but he saved us from the brink. I don't see that he should "splash the cash" unless the club has any to splash. Let's build slowly & properly. With the ffp rules coming in we will be able to compete against most teams soon except those with prem parachute payments.

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Load of cobblers. Same rumour before Xmas, where the expert claimed we would be sold before the new year. Lol.

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Yes I get feeling numerous posts of late are by our old friend negative expert.

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Velly silly lumour.

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We haven't signed anyone because everyone goes on holiday at the end of the season then the signings start happening mid to late June. Most of them happen in July

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No American/Chinese take over in the pipe line. I have it on good authority that a London consortium consisting of businessman Carl Revill and 2 former Tottenham Hotspur directors are already in advanced take over talks with SWFC. The only snag at the moment is an issue with shares.

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Mmm 2 former Tottenham Directors. This is a problem as there are not many around. One well known one is Alan Sugar and he is only one with any money. The other is a greek chap. The club was on unlisted securities market and has been held by 4 individuals for over 20 years and who still own club. Hence only options are Sugar and Greek chap. Do not see it.

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I've heard this rumor too while working in London but that was 3weeks ago. I'm also reading that ex footballer turned race horse trainer Mick Channon and his consortium are also in talks with MM's legal people.

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02 Jun 2013 17:36:21
swfc set to sign david jones from wigan on a free transfer just needs to pass a medical, source: backroom staff

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Accordin to Sunday star he's avin talks with blackburn

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Not another dj please ( headin hands )

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Best manager we have had for quite a while so suggest you sit on hands.

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Possibly the best of a very poor bunch, but that is not saying much.

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Nope. Better than some of our best - he's got a better winning percentage than Atkinson, Charlton and Sturrock, so it's saying plenty.

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What manager would you rather have that we could realistically get?

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Anybody who states he's got a better % than Big Ron is just loseing the arguement and stateing silly facts (HeadinHandsagain ). Bigron FACT won us promotion from the old Championship ( not the pub league ) and our First cup since 1935. And he played most of his silly % in the old 1st division ( that's the premier league today ) Fact. now stop being silly!

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Stating facts? Whatever next?

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02 Jun 2013 14:16:07
We are signing Sean St Ledger and Paddy McCourt this week on free transfers, two really good players if we can sort their attitudes out! I'm happy with these two

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Looks like a lot of our transfer dealings will be done quickly. We have got less time this preseason.

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Both r good players we could do with a younger and quicker cb

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Would be a great signings an dj doesn't usually make those so ill believe it when its signed and sealed

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Half the fans agree with me when I say NO DECENT SIGNINGS THIS SEASON. To
the other half who disagree with me I say this: look at the rumors going round do you see any really good signings coming; either older or unproven players or some who spend more time on the bench than playing, all are on the cheap. where is the developed squad we suppose to have this season? Rest my case

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A development squad doesn't develop in one season give it a chance.

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To the guy saying NO DECENT SIGNINGS. We heard you the first dozen times and nobody is interested in your opinion!

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Please rest your case you are boring everyone! that is why they are agreeing with you just to shut you up

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Stop tryin to force your opinion, what's the point of putting it in capital letters anyway who do u know who's comin in and out and if you do know why avent I seen you on the tv after winning the lottery

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To the person who keeps witing the stupid phrase if you are an Owls fan you need to stop, it is boring and insulting to everyone else and is making you look an imbecile. Otherwise I am of the opinion you are a fan of another club (which I believe is the situation).

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Listen misery guts rumours are just that, rumours. that dunt mean we aren't getting ANY DECENT SIGNINGS. FFS give it a rest.

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There's always an opportunity for a good signing, even with free transfers

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"Unproven players" isn't that how players become known. Wasnt glen whelen, brunt, ronaldo messi etc wernt they once too young or "unproven" players at some point!

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Becks was free to LA galaxy. so don't tell me there are no decent free signings!

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I have been a Wednesday fan for 25 years and only expressing my opinion when I say: NO DECENT SIGNINGS THIS SEASON. I do care for my club and hope I am wrong, but you will see!

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Every time that guy posts that we will get no decent signings this season I will post this

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I agree the guy is a plonker, but that would be lowering yourself down to his level.

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Here here mate. NO DECENT SIGNINGS has been a fan for 25 yrs. I've bin watchin us since 1955 an this guy is getting on my t. s. I've answered him loadsa times but no more after this. I suguest everyone does the same. He's obviously doing it on purpose

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02 Jun 2013 13:12:12
Harry Maguire to Wednesday?! Don't see it me. Heard 800k has been turned down but a new offer of 900k is in. Throughs?!

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I seen him play a few times admit only against us seems a bit slow for championship I know most will say that of Miguel but he`s a good bit older with a lot more experience. can't see Harry Maquire being worth that much personally.

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He is slow which means he will never be effective at highest level, so will never fetch really top price.

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Not going to pay that when they can get St Ledger on a free, similar sort of players and St Ledger has full international experience

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No offer was made just rumour made up on twitter

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Average at best keep him at the sty

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Can't see us spending 900k on a player this close season let alone someone unproven at this level. let's be honest no one actually believes he is worth that sort of money anyway. Do they?

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If you read the game right you don't need pace, if you don't you will look out of place, he's a good lad gives 100% an battles good for the cause, if he signs fo the massive will get the best out of him, but if he signs, mjr

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ST Ledger not signing for us can't agree personal terms with the club. information from back room staff.

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What do you mean again we signed Gardner, Antono, Kirkland, Lee last summer plus the likes of MCCabe and Corry. If you get 50% of what you sign right you are doing well.

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Not saying he is good enough for Championship, but you don't have to be fast at centre back, just be able to read the game.

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02 Jun 2013 00:39:55
Sean st ledger to sign on free after being released. Other names being mentioned are roman bednar, mcourt and marlin pack

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Is marlin pack a fish?

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The Marlin Pack is a bit like Lego.
Don't think we want Roman Bendar.

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08 Jun 2013 05:44:56
I hope you can keep Paddy McCourt Out of the Rock Bar on the Falls Road and on the pitch, as he's hardly played for Celtic since he's been there - Far too fond of the Guinness and the fags for his own good and more likely to end up playing for Derry City again or Cliftonville than Sheffield Wednesday

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