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02 Jun 2012 22:52:38
Is it true we've signed another player or one has had a medical Ed? {Ed032's Note - Local news sources claim a player has all but completed his move after his medical, should be an announcement Monday}

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Is this in addition to anthony gardner?

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We,v signed gardner be announced on monday.

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02 Jun 2012 22:15:51
Are we signing Jacob butterfield or not??

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I sincerely hope so type of player we need. Most of names posted on here are either by players agents or other fans. Some real donkeys have been dredged up.

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We won't sign him. Too many Premiership teams interested.

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02 Jun 2012 21:32:47
Leeds have accepted a 250k bid from Wednesday for rb paul connolly, however rumour is he is reluctant to sign as Wednesday not prepared to match his 4,000k wages.

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Doubt theyve accepted that {Ed032's Note - He's on a free, Leeds have announced they wont be renewing his contract}

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Why do we need a right back?keiran lee gone walkies?

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We have two better full backs already. woefullly inadequate rumour.

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Obviously a leeds fan whos posted this!

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Buxton lee sorted

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Utter rubbish!!

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02 Jun 2012 21:13:58
We WILL NOT sign butterfield as he is wanted by premier league sides

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No interest due to injury.

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02 Jun 2012 20:50:40
Antonio gunna sign in next 2 week butterfield in couple of days
my dad is good friends with dj he says he is hoping to sign at least 4 more players by end of this mounthh

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I doubt your dad is good mates with dj and even he was i doubt he would discuss transfers.

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Yep n I'm best mates with the queen (0v0)

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Yes I think I saw you in the box with he at Epsom, it was you in the pink hat and matching dess?

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Sombody`s gotta be

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Well my dad works at the ticket office

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02 Jun 2012 18:55:21
Not sure I'd want Carew if the rumor is true. Even papers in Norway are saying that the signing will happen next week

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Funny how John has heard nothing bout it

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At his best i think it would be a good signing he is abit old but its worth a gamble in my eyes.. Isit supposed to be a free ? UTO FTB WTID

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02 Jun 2012 18:44:53
it was gardner having a medical yestrday

(source star)

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02 Jun 2012 18:20:53
Rob staton (radio Sheffield) has just confirmed the deal yesterday was for Anthony gardener

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02 Jun 2012 18:17:49
rob staton says it was gardener who had the medical yesterday

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He's poor

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This is not good news, he has only managed 28 starts in League in last 2 years and these are two of his better years. Very dodgy record and injury problems do not increase with age. may be a good player but championship won over 40 games not 28. I hope the above report is not true.

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Thats funny all palace fans iv spoke to say he was there best player last season and one of best defendersin championship.get on twitter and ask any palace fans about him.

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He has made more than 60 appearances for crystal palace in last 2 seasons which has proved his fitness and palace offered him a new deal which he turned down!

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He made 28 appearances in league in each of last 2 years. Which means he missed 18 each year. What do you think of an appearance rate of 28/46 in each of last 2 seasons? He did make half a dozen appearances in cup over the 2 seasons as well. Over 13 seasons has only made 250 appearances in total. This figure cloured by fact only played 20 games in a 4 year period (when aged 26-29).

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02 Jun 2012 17:46:14
two signings at least next week, thought to be Gardner and one other.

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Rob Staton tweeted Gardner is close to signing.

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Personally not keen on this player. Certain he only played in 20 games in a four year period which was his peak and it was strongly reported he was to retire. Palace have hardly done marvellous and talk was about them going forward not defending.

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02 Jun 2012 14:29:17
wednesday to sign butterfield

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I hope we can sign butterfield I think it would be a push to get Wednesday to the prem

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I've been saying for months we shud try butterfield excellent player and on a free makes it even getting fed up of waitin now cum on Swfc uto

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02 Jun 2012 13:43:34
Of all names mentioned over last few days Jacob Butterfield is most exciting for me.
Only doubt would be whether he has made full recovery from his Leeds inflicted injury ?
This would fit in with the record long medical on Friday and needing to be sure of full recovery. Hope hes fit enough to sign if it his him !!

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02 Jun 2012 13:40:18
They most have been 10 medical yesterday. not!
Does anyone actually no who it deffently was?

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Gardiner and roberts deffo signing latest monday if not must be fall out cause they are 99.9% going to sign

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Roberts has signed for preston

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No roberts hasent signed for preston

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He's not at Preston if your going off what you read on Wiki go and have another look. {Ed013's Note - Please please please stop looking at that site. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can go on there and edit it! Wait until things are announced on the official site}

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02 Jun 2012 11:25:10
Sheffield Wednesday have clinched a 3rd signing but not been revealed yet

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I think we all know that by now your a few to hours late

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... more like a day late

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02 Jun 2012 11:24:59
Both us and Leicester among other PL clubs (WestHam,etc) have contacted released Hugo Rodallega

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Wage demands would be to high plus why would he drop down to champ when he had chance to stay in premises with wigan? Someone's just seen the released list on sky sports news and thought that would be a good signing but really your in a

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Cos we can afford his wages i know this is a rumour site but be a bit realistic when making stuff up

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02 Jun 2012 11:21:36
Wednesday are trying to sign free agent Gary Roberts from Huddersfield

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Risky proposition to go along with JJ ? Perhaps they could play a half each.

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Why are we signing hudders rejects ??

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Cos you are MASSIVE

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Roberts has had an awful season in League 1 and only featured as a sub in the last few months. Never good enough for the Championship.

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Roberts rejected Huddersfield

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02 Jun 2012 10:47:12
Harry Maguire, Jacob Butterfield, Michael Antonio and Ben Marshall top of list of our targets. Marshall is unhappy and relayed this to Wednesday has difficulty with a member of management team not certain who. Butterfield is the one having record length of medical.
Chris maguire was also wanted but Derby want £475,000 they spent acquiring him, unless they come down we will move on.

In addition a striker and midfield player from a premiership clubs to be signed on loan. Names uncertain at this stage but have list f potential recruits. Ranger is in the frame but depends n utcome of his court case, if newcastle sack him as a result of this providing he is free to play we may sign him permenantly.

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02 Jun 2012 10:33:51
Jacob Butterfield had discussions with Owls last week. reason for lenghty medical process due to injury he sustained in latter part of last season.
Do not know outcome of medical he underwent.

Klasnic story is rubbish.

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Wage demands would be to high plus why would he drop down to champ when he had chance to stay in premises with wigan? Someone's just seen the released list on sky sports news and thought that would be a good signing but really your in a

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02 Jun 2012 08:55:52
SWFC sign Anthony gardener he had a medical yesterday

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Not yet another left-footed defender !

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Carm down everyone the tyrtanbsfer window isnt even open yet and we making 10 transfers already. we have plenty of time to sign players and good ones at that.

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Oh dear! Not good!

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Why another left footed centre back? Won't that make four?

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Just a bit surprised if we sign him, thought we need a couple of right sided centre backs.

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Excellent signing palace wanted him to stay but he accepted our offer instead. Palace fans say hes one of best defenders in championship. He underwent the same 5hr medical as kirkland passed with ease.

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Best defender why is he going to the pig pen

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