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02 Jul 2013 21:20:26
According to Monaco fans the player below corry in the boxing photo is not Gary coullibaly

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Defo is

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Boxing photo?

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We should try and sign mkail smith from Brighton

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Its definatly him.

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You can find the boxing photo on owlstalk mate

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What boxing photo? uto xxx

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03 Jul 2013 12:46:00
what a manic week were having? Mr. C

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02 Jul 2013 18:00:14
Nile ranger to start training with Wednesday from the start of next week

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Ranger would be a good signing if he could stay of the lush and out of trouble worth a punt tho

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More trouble than he's worth waste of money hell be in jail before too long

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No Nile Ranger is so rubbish my bin is jelous!

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Get ranger signed DJ other wise he will sign for someone else just lay down the rules

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I wonder if the original poster has problems riding his unicycle with such long purple shoes.

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Ranger and Madine? just get joey barton in on the action.

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I agree with the poster above, Sheffield Wednesday is a family not thugs club. MM & DJ please notice :>|

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03 Jul 2013 11:47:28
I would love to sign Ranger, I'm sure Dave Jones would keep him on the straight & narrow

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Not saying Wednesday R not suppose you would like the players walking round picking daisys to

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Nile Ranger has scored 4 goals in 64 games and has about 1 braincell, why would anyone except Barnsley want to sign him. Wednesday need young hungry intelligent players, not petulant persons who can't cut it in the premiership but live off the status!

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He's on trial with Blackpool this week

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Not for me thanks

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02 Jul 2013 17:38:05
swfc have made offer to take jamie vardy and david ngog on loan deals. Ebanks blake in meadohall today shopping and asked him if he was joining swfc and he said no and laughed.

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Was he in Primarni with Davis Weir looking for kits

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02 Jul 2013 15:51:34
We've made an offer to Xisco, former Newcastle striker most recently playing for Cordoba, according to ABC. es

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Just read this in paper

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02 Jul 2013 15:44:28
wednesday to sign WBA defender Billy Jones.
A product of the famous Crewe Alexandra youth set up, versatile - often plays defensive mid.

expect to sign this week or next.

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Ok then let's see what happens when or if it happens lol uto xx

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Mmm we actually were linked with him two and three years ago. He played quite a lot in premiership last year for WBA so I think this is highly unliklely.

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Never, he played a lot of games for west brom last year, he won't be coming!

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Yeah because we can sign players that play nearly every game in the prem. Get really come on

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02 Jul 2013 15:17:54
3 trialists this week for the owls whom are
Coulibaly from Monaco
Krstanovic ( Seemed DJ Has done what he did with Gardner and deny )
+ A unknown english player

Floro has signed a 2 year deal for Dev Squad as did Forde

Maguire rumour is a load of s****

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Whats maguire rumours?

ok then let's see what happends when or if it happends lol uto x

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Krstanovic was a possible for trial I understand.
Also think we have another one or two former Eastern Bloc players coming and trial.

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Fingers crossed the Maguire rumour is rubbish.

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01 Jul 2013 23:42:40
DJ is in talks with Stoke about Kenwyne Jones, may not be a full transfer, as that would include a large transfer fee, most likely going to be a loan move.

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Would that mean that Krstanovic is not coming? Two big number nines?

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I can only see them recruit one big fellow. If Kenwyne Jones joins us would be delighted and would go out and have a bet on us for promotion. He likes Hillsbrough and would be highly effective at Chmpionship level. Would love it to be true but would be a surprise if it happens. We were desperate for regular goal scorer last season with one we would have been much higher in league.

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Ah man, the KJ joke is hillarious.

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Lets get back 2 reality. there's no way we will get kenwayne jones, were gunna get kevin davies

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We will be lucky to get miss jones (rising damp for you younger readers)

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May end up with boa morte! uto lol xxx

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St ledger, helan, lita, dj campball, ambrose please mr m

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Stop frightening me with all this talk of Kevin Davies

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We've had Kenwyne Jones on loan before why not a return for the big man, also interested in gary couilbary from monaco, imagine JJ antontio and maghoma behind jones with coulibary and mccabe sitting? WOW

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Imagine neymar lol uto woww xxx

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Imagine if anyone actually knew if Coubilaly (spelling) was any good, before planning our line-up?!

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Coulibaly is a defensive midfielder so can't see him being up front lol

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That's why he says couilibaly and McCabe sitting implying there in cdm

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