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02 Jan 2013 19:15:35
Leira to huddersfield

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Hate to break it to you guys but its true! Llera dosnt have a future at the owls. He is 34 and his agent has said we won't offer new contract. And we want to try sell him now ( January ) so we get money for him and will look for a younger centre back possibly Danny bath. Not getting in at wolves and I'm sure would love to come back to wednesday. Also expect Taylor to stay as he has championship experience and we don't have many centre backs. Looks like soon rodri will be sent back as he isn't in the first team and isn't settling in sheffield. Also down to some shocking performances mamady sidbe to go back. And other players might be going out like Daniel jones Maybe David Prutton. Now biggest thing we wed is strikers so maybe the likes of blackstock or Jamie vardy!

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Facts are Llera was 33yo in August.
Just signed Taylor 33yo and Gardner 32yo ? so age or performance no excuse for pushing Llera out, because Llera has kept them both out of side at times.
If it was just age why would you get rid of our only young & promising CH Beevers, who has proved himself capable of holding his place at this level ?
Just another in an ever growing list of mystifying DJ decisions.

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Vardys been linked with mosgly league 1 teams

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If hes worth a contract at another club, prob in Champs , why isn't he worth a contract with us , not like he hasn't been doing it on the pitch and its obvious hes become an Owl anyway !
Perhaps DJ will explain to us for once ?

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If Vardy goes anywhere it will be on loan to a lge1 club. Leic want to give him chance to develop, they feel jump from Fleetwood to Champs too quick and not ready for this level yet.

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An offer for mcgoldrick will be put in today keep your eye on sports news.

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Has anybody thought that the Llera's agent's contract comments could just be his agent trying to get a deal done.

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Llera has far more positive attributes than negatives. He suffers in the eyes of some moronic owls fans because he is a footballer and tries to do the right things from the back! Danny batth and Gardner/Taylor would see us with NO footballers at centre half. It harks back to the pembridge/magilton attitude that pervades most owls fans. Oh, Pembo is good because he looks busy, oh, magilton is crap because he doesn't! Burnley performance was abject all round but generally we aren't a million miles away. We need and want what every club does, a Kevin Phillips up front and a Dennis wise in midfield. Keep the faith and get behind them at hillsborough! Home support was so quiet on Tuesday. UTO!!

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Now is the ideal time to get rid of dead wood to which we have got plenty.Taylor and Gardner are simply not good enough , too old, too slow and too injury prone. Theres too much chopping and changing and you cannot expect the likes of Madine to show his worth at this level when he is thrown scraps of 10 minutes here and there are replaced by a bloke up front who scores as many as what Des Walker did. The likes of Maguire have never been given a chance. DJ have a mass cull and concentrate on bringing in one or two quality players in at CB and CF. As for Lleara he deserves another 12 mths at the mighty owls.

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Have you even been going to games? gardener has been quality the past weeks, does the simple thing, blocks everything. llera scores goals but can be a liability at the back...e.g...stupid penalty against bristol city?id like to keep both but for someone to say llera is better than gardener you arr clearly diluded!

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03 Jan 2013 12:08:22
Heard Llera AND Semedo met with Llera's agent. Aparantly both aren't happy with DJ. Maybe that explains the strange reason Semedo didnt want to keep the captaincy earlier on

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Agree but when madine has been given the chance to play he hasnt taken it! rodri i feel sorry for looked like he would be the best player in this division against birmingham and not really had a run in the team at all!

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I would say that Madine has had his chance at this level. On the other hand he hasn't exactly been surrounded by quality.

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Sorry for the relatively quiet support on Tuesday but I for one was nursing a major hangover, looking forward to next match against MK Dons

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Last season he scored goals cause that was his level and he got service cause the players in that league obviously aren't as good, but with the right players madine could prove to be a goalscorer at this level, he's still only. 22 so I believe he will get another chance to prove himself

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I personally can't see Madine ever progressing, due to his attitude, speed and work ethic.

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02 Jan 2013 14:39:51
Swfc to sign a striker and a loan move for another player maybe another CB as Miguel lleras agent has said we are not offering a contract to him and expects him to leave before end of January

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Heard the cb will be Danny batth. Think we should keep llera tho and get rid of gardener. I've seen a few slagging llera off but he's our leading goal scorer and he makes crucial blocks/interceptions at the right times. Yes I admit he maybe clumsy but so Is reda but we all love him and missed him while he was injured

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Yeah I think we should keep llera it's all the armchair fans that slag of players because u can see the passion llera has for the club when he scores and getting rid off him whould be stupid

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Totally agree, its just another bewildering decision from DJ Superman_ager ??
I cant remember feeling so little confidence in our manager since ...... I cant remember !!

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He got rid of a young promising CB to another championship team and brings in two old sloths in his place don't know how we can survive with DJ in charge

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Think we should keep llera but just to let someone previously commented llera isn't leading goalscorer llera has 3 but madine has that many and Antonio has at least 4 plus o'Grady is leading goalscorer with 6

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If we get rid off him DJ should be out

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Dj gone public in past slagging Llera, madine and sadmedo off
Llera 100% passion for owls and it should be taylor and dj onway out

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I just don't think that Madine is good enough for this level, despite the fact that he has more natural ability than our other strikers.

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Taylor has proved himself the last games he played but still think he is unreliable, love Llera and would love him to stay! Batth in, Anthony Gerrard would of been good! Would love to see Goran Popov/Gonzalo Jara Reyes from West Brom at Hillsborough! New proven goalscorer needed, Jozy Altidore, Ebanks Blake, Vydra, King or Nugent?

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Every single one of your striker suggestions was useless haha, altidore help take hull down from prem and he's playing for AZ Alkmaar do he won't o cheap, wolves won't let Ebanks Blake go coz fletcher went in summer, Vydra is only at Watford coz of the pozzo family and nugent and king are Birmingham and Leicester's top scorers

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King is nocking on a bit, but would be good for maybe this season, Ebanks Blake would be good but he may cost up to a million and will we pay that

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Alright sorry my bad about llera been leading goal scorer but you can't deny that he score crucial goals and make crucial blocks/interceptions. Fact of the matter is we need him and when he goes we will miss him

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Surely it would be better to have a CF that can score goals and a CB that can defend?

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Llera loves the club, we have to keep him

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I don't rate Llera as a defender but he is a cultured player who tries to play the ball out of defence.
Unfortunately that sometimes backfires.

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If it makes sense, it wont happen.

If it is surrounded by confusion, put your mortgage on it happening.

All living in the world of Dave Jones! God hes an person!

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02 Jan 2013 12:42:06
Miguel Llera's agent tells Paul Walker he expects him to leave the club before the end of Jan. No new deal on the table, other clubs interested#SWFC

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Really when?

llera is a good player, i like him like xx

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He wont be missed at all total liability and poor defender

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Yet hes scored more goals then most of our team? work that one out then? xx

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Wait while hes gone then see.
hes best defender we got at mo his mistakes get noticed more cos he tries to do summat , easy to stroll about like gardner but he never even gets his shorts mucky. at least llera gets in there and he pops up at other end with important goals

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Llera has been a true promotion legend last season and will be hard to replace. Great shame he is leaving!

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Doesnt get his shorts mucky coz good defenders dont just dive in

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So good defenders never put a tackle in? Good defenders stand and watch strikers rattle shots past em in to back of net rather than get shorts mucky?
Suppose they never head a ball either in case they get their face mucky ?

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Danny Batth would be a great replacement although we will have pay a lot

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Cant defend on ya backside

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You obviously have no idea what your talking about, you saying gardener is not a good defender then

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Tackles dont always mean diving in everytime just to look good, watch rio and vidic, once you dive in your done for, thought is what makes good players better than average players

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I never thought Gardner was as good as Rio and Vidic, I'll watch him more closely ?
I'm not talking about "diving in", no professional should be doing that , although you do see it every week. I'm talking about putting any part of your body on the line if necessary to block a shot, or prevent a goal , working for the cause, breaking sweat and getting out of breath !
Gardners OK, although hes not great compared to most in this lge, way past his best now.
But what I was trying to say given a choice between them in our current position , I would pick Llera over Gardner every time cos he adds more to the team - all over the pitch . Just my opinion !

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Llera is not a good defender OPEN y our eyes, jj is useless cog, madine are not good enuff for this league its plain to see, plus the squad fillers dj brought in, there all lge 1 players and thats where wednesday are going FACT

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02 Jan 2013 03:12:21
Any one think we could renew interest in jonny Russell of Dundee, and Gary Mackay-Steven, they are both young and Dundee would be willing to sell?

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Dont know but we need to get some quality in after that performance yesterday could do with 2 decent midfielders and a striker or i think for certain we are down

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Not sure how true this is(I'm hoping it's not) but llera is apparently not going to be offered a new contract and therefore he will be leaving before the end of jan and as it stands, there is a high number of clubs who want him

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We need a new spine to the squad with a bit of passion. Start with another centre half because I think Miguel Llera can be a reliability at times and who else do we have as cover? Taylor haa! Maybe get Danny Batth back. He'll inject some passion back. Someone in midfield who can break up play but also can create something. Eg Peter Whittingham but will be pricey! Then upfront, someone would can bag a few goals from now till at least the end of the season. That's what is going to keep us up! Chris Wood 1million... bargain if you ask me!

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02 Jan 2013 14:15:29
is it true that liera is leaving

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Batth great in lge1 but not good enough at this level wolves falling like a stone n he cant get in there team so should tell us something eh

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Never ever been a quality Scottish player, leave them in the pub league where they belong. We have had enough Scottish dross over the years without anymore

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I doubt that any players from any of the SPL teams except for Celtic would be good enough for the championship.

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Beevers couldn't make it in to our squad - for some reason. Batth was good enough.

Letting llera go is a mistake too.

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Mackay steven, russell and also your llera coming to hudds. UTT

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Batth not up to Champs ask any Wolves fan.

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Ipswich didnt think that rhodes was championship player now look at him!

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Lita signed for Sheffield Wednesday on 7th January 2013 on a season long loan deal.

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