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02 Feb 2012 18:14:04
Gary Megsons name mentioned for the Leeds job on sky sports along with Robinson, Clarke, Warnock and Dave Jones

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I'd have been surprised if he hadn't been mentioned. But I'm sure Gary Megson knows that we're a much bigger club than Leeds and he'll not be interested.
We're lucky he's here and its about time some of his knockers realised that !

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Id be more than happy if he went so we could get someone like Mark Bright, Des Walker or Waddle in

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Must be a Blunt to want us to get a Manger with total of ZILCH experience !!
If not a Blunt - you're wasting your money watching football , find a hobby.

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Lee Bullens the man for me if Megson goes with Franny Jeffers his assistant

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I give up hope, waddle? you dont remember burnley? and des walker or mark bright would be a ridiculous choice, may as well give it my nan and she's been dead 5 years you muppet or oinker

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Steve kean

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And also in the rumours ? sheffield united fans have stoped being bothered about how much bigger sheffield wednesday is than them ! and stoped putting silly rumours on this site ?

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Lets get the legendary best striker ever in the whole world Hursty back as manager he'd do a great job! Confrence in no time

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Whos hursty? i remember hirsty..

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Hursty is related to Marshell !!

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Probably get Danny Wilson if GM left. Sure he'd be desperate to jump ship to the better half of Sheffield.
Not the GM is going anywhere. Clown.

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Why would he when he has a team that plays fantastic football! He would be able to get that out of your bunch of hoof ball merchants! HOOOOOOOF

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Wait till you come to hillsborough an we absoulutly destroy you

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Haha good one like thats gunna happen! All this Massiveness has gone to your heads

Sheffield Wednesday Supporters = Deluded little Piggys

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Were not massive, yes were a biggish club, cant argue with that. But u 2 b on a Sheffield WEDNESDAY rumours site, singing our songs n saying our saying, only goes 2 show sad n jealous u really r!!! U will never ever be bigger than the Wednesday, as much as u may try!!!! :)

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He wouldn't leave us for what is pretty much a Sunday league side. We are massive compared to tiny Weeds

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We il destroy the blunts like we did when we played them at their stie.

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Shows how much hoof ball we play seen as we ad 10 more chances n 10 percent more possesion read stats

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Haha i'm actually laughing that some blunts think there bigger than us, do some research and face the facts, were MASSIVE!

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All these blunts that say there bigger ten Wednesday get lost! Remember October 2011! We will stuff u at our ground, oh and we're 3rd your 4th soooo wayyyyyyyyy!!!

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Not forgetting that the owls played at brammel lane 1st b4 they relised it was crap and moved somewere bigger and better just like the teams ehh blunts. 4-0 to the owlss! . U got secret agent wilson ha ha

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Check out the little bitter piggy. Still having nightmares about us coming back from 2-0. Hope u guys embarrass ur selves again at Hillsborough. UTO

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We dont play hoof ball any wednesdayite who goes game in game out nos this. But I hope on derby day we play hoof ball because we,d still beat them playing that way our players are massive!

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Marshalls joined a right team there ant he lads unlucky mate

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We definately looked weaker against yeovil without marshall

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Dont mind playing rubbish and still winning. Plus the conditions where poor. It was too cold for the Blunts to bother. UTO

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True, we did look weaker, but 3 points is 3 points! N heaps more pressure on them from bacon lane!

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Im stuck in Romania working so not been to Hillsborough for a few games now, but, wtf has happened to Mike Jones? is he just not good enough?

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No mate he hasnt really looked good enough, Megson will most likely be keeping him out of the side whilst he gets used to the club, then give him another chance, but so far hes proved disappointing.

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Yeah that's what I thought. Shame, cos wingers are at a premium for us right now.

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02 Feb 2012 15:59:48
Since Marshall has signed for Leicester the schlupp rumour may have legs as he is being offered to go out on loan, also shelvey is going out on loan again maybe worth a punt

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Shelvey impressed at Blackpool so why would he wanna come to wednesday? Also forest are wanting schlupp and with the morgan transfer id say thats put them in pole position! Id say your cluching at straws mate

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Hate to but in but would you rather tour player(shlupp) etc go to a team laking in confidence fighting relagation or to a team fighting for prmotion? Think wednesday would win that. Dont diss us just yet. Script us still unwritten

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Thats deep man

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02 Feb 2012 15:08:43
Looking to sign Angelo Balanta until the end of season on loan

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