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02 Dec 2013 19:12:28
According to Eurospot Milan wants Vialli in place for when the new owners take over in January. This isn't confirmed it said that it's rumored in an Italian newspaper.

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No no no to Evans, coyle, warnock, Pearce, and all other rubbish that's getting about one man for job to put some passion back in to that team and that man is the one and only Di canio

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If you want relegation to be a certainty than Di Canio is the man for you, sacked by Swindon and Sunderland, he would be the final nail in our coffin. Don't want Warnock, a man who once said that if he was our manager he would buy all the expensive rubbish players he could and get us relegated but I would take him any day over loose cannon De Canio.

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Di canio will win us the big games. and were going to have nearly half a season of them thanks to dj. in the long run i'm not so sure, but we have to survive first to have a long run.

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Tv says we have asked Rotherham about talking to Steve Evans

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Dean Smith at Walsall short listed due to what he's Done at Walsall on such a tight budget. That'd be worth a £10 bet tell ya what.

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Can't be serious about Di Canio. He kick 'em uppa di bum! Literally.

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I don't like any of the names being branded about. granted we are not the most attractvie proposition atm but Steve Evans - really?! Neil Warnock's name gets thrown in the hat every time we are recruiting because it makes for a good story. doesn't anyone remember him saying he'd like to manage us so he could get us relegated to the conference?! Forget him. Worrying times. and only 2 strikers on the books. Why did Maguire go?! Its all negative, nothing good coming out. I fear relegation is a real prospect.

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02 Dec 2013 18:54:58
Neil warnock the favourite for Sheffield Wednesday and he's saying he would like a job till the end of the season please tell me this is a dream I mean nightmare.

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02 Dec 2013 17:58:50
Warnock set to get job until the end of the season allowing mm to sell the club at a profit in the close season.

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Great - then you lot can be in the same league as us and we can have our derbies back with some passion. Sir Neil once said he'd take you lot over and get you relegated. The thing was, we thought he was joking! COYRAWW!

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Doubt he would accept the job and also doubt very much he would be offered it. However if you listened to talkshite this morning he explained that the comment you referred to was said in jest to Kevin pressman at a pre-derby press interview and in typical journalistic fashion it got reported. NB

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Sorry blunt boy, no Sheffield derbys next season. You might Av one with chesterfield tho, unless they get promoted an pass u on your way down

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02 Dec 2013 15:03:33
Owen coyle the new manager at s6, remember where you heard it

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Another waste of time. he can't do owt with money to spend

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Matty Fryatt has gone back to Hull, Maguire can't be recalled. Now only 2 forwards on the books and one of those is still trying to find his feet in this game. Thanks a lot Mr Jones.

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Im sure sven would be interested....

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02 Dec 2013 14:40:05
Steve cotterall linked to Wednesday. hope not give me di canio

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02 Dec 2013 14:54:22
Have you seen who the favourite is

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Cotterill is reasonable manager. Operates ith low budget which is what we need. Admit he is nt exciting but not many manages will manage ith our budget.

DiCanio, Holloway, Megson, Carbone no chance of being appointed for one reason or another.

Rosler is a manager I like and think he would do a good job. Curbishley is a good manager but would not take job.

Pearce has been absolute rubbish whereever he has gone, ould not want him under any circumstances though he has thrown name into ring.

Would like to see good foreign coach brought in, but no idea who.

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It's Warnock who's the bookies favourite.

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At this moment in time Warnock is favourite

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John Pearson has endorsed Warnick too, just read it.

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Out of them all I'd take Warnock.

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Listen say what you want about Warnock

Yes he managed them but until the end of the season he will a job for us

A proper football character and gets players playing

Warnock tha'll do fo me

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02 Dec 2013 13:20:44
There are rumours we will go in for Billy McKay from ICT in the transfer window.

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02 Dec 2013 15:56:46
I never said he is definitely signing I said there was talk if us going in for him.

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Int thee foot any better Ponty

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Nope. Missing training is killing me haha. At least I have this manager circus to keep me going.

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What is it with some people on here, what has someone disagreed with on your last post ponty? Unless it's one of your teammates who thinks you are a poor trainer! Trust you will be keeping us all informed of tomorrow whilst we're hard at work. Cheers NB

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I don't mind all the negs, I'm used to it haha, washes over me. Gutted I can't get to the game tomorrow though or have a few pints with the lads.

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02 Dec 2013 13:17:22
The jobs been offered to Vialli already.

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LOL! Next.

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Who's his assistant going to be baggio, zola or sir Alex. What a joker. NB

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02 Dec 2013 11:53:23
Been told that our new manager (whoever it may be) will be at the game tomorrow casting their eye over the players for his first game in charge on Saturday

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Could it be Neil Warnock?

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No - he's retired, also he hates the Owls. Daft suggestion.

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Its defintely warnock.

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IIt's Stuart Pearce trust me

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Perhaps not so daft, he has officially declared an interest in taking the job til the end of the season.

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Warnock commentating for BT at the palace v west ham game

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