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02 Dec 2012 22:30:00
Kevin Keegan was at the Watford game I've been told

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Lets all wear GINGER Wigs for the Bristol game

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Thought there were a few more there besides him, place looked quite full to me.
Just in case you were wondering , me n my lad were there too, but neither of us are after managers job !

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Why not - drop the dead donkeys and the jobs yours lol

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Ginger mourinho!! ginger mourinho!

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02 Dec 2012 18:48:11
Once again stupid names being banded about!
Some of our fans never learn?
I said a couple of weeks ago this is a TOUGH JOB!
Only a handful of men have ever been successful at S6.
So just because Di Canio has good first season in lge2, and Robinson keeps MK Dons in contention in lge1 (with millionaire backing!) doesn't for one minute lift them to status required for this job.
Jones had the reputation, although his record is very ordinary, and look what a pie-shop hes made of things !
Speaking of pies , theres no guarantee that we're even in the market for a replacement manager yet. Lets face it MM has got to eat a big slice of "humble pie" if hes going to sack Jones and he doesn't seem to have found his appetite yet?
But just in case he is thinking about it, can we be a bit more "considered" with some of the names we stick up there?
You never know he might be listening for once !
Just in case - Hi Milan , I know you cant have forgotten that Nigel Pearson still lives in Sheffield, and I'm sure he must have told you of his proud association with the Owls ?

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Say all that then come up with a stupid suggestion, pearson aint coming

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If you dont ask - you wont get ?
At least hes in right ball-park , unlike DiC and Robinson who deffo would fail.
If we gonna change we need somebody who up to job this time .

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We need someone fast.
Jones has made mistakes and is making them almost every week.We all make them,i'm not getting on my high horse but sometimes its just not going to happen and you have to admit defeat.
I wouldn't like to see Dicanio or Robinson come.Complete gambles.
I mentioned Curbishley before but got a couple of disagrees for my troubles.
We need someone who is proven,doesn't have to be a big name but someone who has a better record than jones.His reputation is actually bigger than his record.

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Yes i agree, but dont think pearson would swap potential promotion for relegation battle, next 2/3 games and mm will have no option but to swallow his pride and make a change, also when dj was at cardiff he was spending 2 and 3 million on players, hes been restricted to freebies because of our financial past and mm wont go down that path again

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Nigel Worthington hasn't got a bad record, he had a 40% win rate while he was in charge at Norwich, including taking them into Premiership, and he's available

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Worthington not a bad call either, and he obviously understands the demands of S6. OP

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I'd still play him at left back.

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02 Dec 2012 16:05:42
It says in a few Sunday papers today that Wednesday are going to re-appoint Gary Megson. Please please please let this be true. It could mean The Massive are back.

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If only it could happen.
I'd pay for my season ticket again to get this muppet out and get Megson back !

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02 Dec 2012 17:01:20

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Get dj out now he's taking us down mm can't you see. Listen to our fans we want him out!!!!! Get Carl Robinson in.

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Karl Robinson hates wednesday! He's a right person!

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Mk dons bored me daft

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We want Roland Nilsson. He's our legend and has our confidence. he can unite team and fans. MM must at least meet him!! do you agree?

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Roland cant come back here, how many more times!

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I know, it must be the same guy all the time lol.

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Waddle & Hirst as co-managers. Roland Nilsson as head coach and Terry Curran as physio, with Paul Carrack doing the DJ'ing and Roy Hattersley selling programmes outside the Kop. Colin West and Kim Olsen selling the pies. Sorted.

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Karl Robinson is overrate manager

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Dave Blunkett as CH.

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Arctic Monkeys running the bar please.

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