Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive October 29 2013


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29 Oct 2013 15:10:24
Roger johnson to sign permanent basis once is loans up

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And fryatt in january

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This would be good hope its true fryatt goal at the weekend was good hopefully we can build on from Saturday!

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Where you heard this chaps?

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How can anyone possibly disagree with a perfectly okay question? I asked where people had heard it. Did I agree, disagree or anything else? 'Disliker' is the end of a bell.

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Jones to try and persuade Jonah Lomu to come out of retirement to add to his plans for pure football

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Be nice to sign them both but all depends on fee's to buy & how much of a pay cut they would be willing to take.

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30 Oct 2013 16:24:27
He'll will freeze over before fryatt signs on a full transfer, he's using us for games to get fit and put himself in the shop window for January for the bigger teams. Would love to keep him longer but that won't happen.

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Fryatt on 12k a week and we are paying 20% of the wages no we are not signing him permanent basis

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29 Oct 2013 15:08:59
Martinez loans to be extended as well

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29 Oct 2013 12:59:01
Fryatt loan extended till end of nov

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Fryatt has signed for another month? can't be right because a poster had a conversation with Hull mate who knows everything that's going on the in Fryatt's career and he said that MM wouldn't stump up 55% for his wages. If people are going to make things up I wish they would apply just a little bit of intelligence but intelligence is the last thing they have.

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Well said

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Good news about Fryatt
Doesn't guarantee Corporal Clott will play him every week

If you are man of the match you get dropped next match

Heard Maghoma is working in the west stand selling pies as Jones thinks it's good experience for him

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I was original poster about fryatt am some berk disagreed straight away. Childish

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I put the post on about Fryatt and wednesday not matching Hulls 55% wage request and that was fact at the time! I also stated that his preference was to stay on loan here.
Now I don't know if some people understand that this site is a "rumour" site and therefore have a guess what you put on? Got it yet? Thought not!
As stated when I posted it that's the info I had off my mate who is friends with him and guess what I posted this on this site mmm wonder why?
Just remember this that a lot can change in a day so if things we're re negotiated then all power to MM, DJ, MF and not forgetting Steve Bruce. next please!

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