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29 May 2013 16:32:35
after harry maguire for 700, 00 k after cole but couldn't agree wages us and ipswich after bakayogo

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So much rubbish right there

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29 May 2013 19:02:47
do not think so

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Yep rubbish

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We don't look to do business with the other side of Sheffield, we aren't after him. x

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Yep rubbish

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We don't look to do business with the other side of Sheffield, we aren't after him. x

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Maguire would be a great addition to the squad, but utd value him at around £3m. Therefor won't be happening

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I think United built Maguire up too much, he is highly overated and not worth 700,000. Just my opinion but for that money there are better and more experienced players available.

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Think this may have been posted by someone at the 'sty' hoping for a quick buck

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3 million quid for a slow average cb in league one when they sold Blackman for 1.2 mil, they must be having a laugh

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Wednesday are after both matt killgallon and sean st. ledger, killgallons been releadsed from sunderland while st ledger has been told he has no future at leicester. whos better people?i think st ledger.

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I have it on good authority we have made an approach for Maguire but its no where near 700k. I don't know the official figure.

We have also made contact with Kilgallan and St Ledger.

Obviously we won't sign all 3 we may not even sign any at this stage Jones and Aldridge have there fingers in many pies.

IMO I don't want Maguire but wouldn't mind the other 2, i'd keep Llera as back up and move Taylor on.

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Think Maquire to slow for championship he`d be a liability.

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What a load of rubbish

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Well when maguire played he was great

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We should try and get ross barkley or maybe lulua or josh McEachran

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29 May 2013 16:03:38
Heard no signings likely until w/c 10/06/13. Then expect up to 4 announcements. Do not know any names.
Posted above few days ago everybody disagreed said signings Tuesday or Wednesday where are they?

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How do you no. Signings can happen quickly or take ages. You can't say exactly when.

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Wait and see.

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Holidays people returning from them and when all pieces are in correct place. Between now and 10th June not everyone availbale so no official business will be completed. Expect things to be happening in background and so that week will be official announcements on a few.

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Wait and see. We could sign anyone at any time. Someone might sign in that week someone might sign before. Its pure guess work.

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I think that what he is saying is that the news will be released that week regardless of when pen is put to paper. No idea of he is right or not. Could be - we are a very secretive club

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29 May 2013 15:46:15
Heard Paddy Maden is on his way to the owls

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He is on a two-year contract. Unlikely we will shell out.

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We spent around £900,000 on transfer fees last year with Antonio Maguire and Taylor. We also agreed £1.5 million fee on Rodri if he settled so some cash will be available. My guess is around £1.5 million but would not expect it to be spent on one player.

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1.5mil plus money from staying up obvs not all of it on transfers but a bit u would hope

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29 May 2013 13:13:19
owls want to sign 6ft 5in striker Ivan Krstanovic, 30, from Dinamo Zagreb ( source daily mail )

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This looks a done deal its the work permit that's holding the announcement up. I've also heard there could be another zargreb player joining as well.

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Why would he be any good in championship his goals record is average!

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I watch him play a few times when I was over there he look like a very good player as got a bit of pace for a big man good feet he would be a cracking signing for us.

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29 May 2013 00:12:53
Any interest in Tommy Spurr? (Ed's) Feel he's got unfinished business at Hillsborough and would be a good addition. {Ed003's Note - speculation B'burn,Derby and Ipswich are interested in him}

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I like Tommy, he has plenty of heart and fight, but think it would be a step backwards for both him and Wednesday.

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Are you having a jiraffe? i'm glad to see the back of him and beevers his buddy, all this one day they will be talented 10 years later?

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Simply not good enough.

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Too slow for a full back.

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Would be a good cb I think but lacks the pace and skil in the attacking area so not good enough for wing back

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I remember being in my usual place on the cop when Spur was playing and I shouted at him to turn and face the play after we conceded a free kick, he was more interested in giving me a twos up than watching what was going to happen and he nearly missed the next sequence because of it, terrible reader of the game and bad positional sence

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Latest news from sheffield star tiny Taylor hopes to be more involved next seaso no this is a bad dream when were trying to sell more season tickets Mr. C

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You can disagree with me as much as you like IT WILL BE NO DECENT SIGNINGS AGAIN THIS SEASON!
Ask yourself one question: what kind of team we are going to have next season? we had developed none. loan players were not the answer :- (

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I think swfc will do well maybe come 10th or top half of table we will never get into the PL if we did it would be a dream

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