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29 May 2012 22:07:02
Ex-Cardiff City legened Michael Chopra joining Sheffield Wednesday to be re-united with Dave Jones. Fee of over 1.6mil. Let the rant begin from Ipswich fans.

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Source? However I like the sound of this if its true

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Defo like if true, this boy can finish n jonesy could relight his torch
Reckon 20 a season at a big club like us

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I would be surprised if we spent 1.6 million on him. Would not mind him but not at anywhere near that price. Transfer fees on way down.

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Big club? , you're havin a laugh , lol

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Top 10 by any stats ... Except losing play-offs - another Sheffield club lead that one !!

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Top 10 lge one, thats about it

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29 May 2012 21:00:27
Diogo Amado, Chris Maguire both look destined for S6. In addition, about to steal Richard Wood from under chesterfields nose' to bring him back to hillsborough.

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Why would we want wood back, he wasn't loyal to us! Fxxx him

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Diogo and McGuire old news, wood info is just stupid rumour for rumours sake, not very original really

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We don't want wood, he said owls going no where & he wants a better team (Coventry) now they have gone down he can't come running back to owls! Plus he's s##t

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Maguire and amondo seem good, but wouldn't take wood back, he's shocking!

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Chesterfield arnt after wood! Chesterfield said on radio sheffield yesterday they arnt intrested in wood.

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Amazing how somebody tacks onto the back of a genuine report a name fom the past. Wood played well for us but has done nothing since he left. Also Maguire offer has been refused and Derby trying to get there money back and we are trying to get him on cheap.

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29 May 2012 14:30:20
Jones is looking at a number of targets but facing a huge battle from leeds and Bolton for the signiture of Diouf top player at this level, Fitz hall and Dave kitson look set to sign, Also jones is gonna make a senstional offer to Mcfadden who was recently let go but the wage could be huge problem as Wednesday can't afford high wages like leicester or leeds who have just been took over, lets just see what happens!

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If Diouf is signed I for one will never attend at Hillsborough again. He is an arrogant thug, just see what he did in Scotland whilst with Celtic

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Let's sign a veteran good finisher with experience

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I can smell bull****

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Diouf is worst player in world,

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Firstly leeds could not match Crystal Palace offer for Joel Ward. They could not raise 400,000 transfer fee, so the above sounds far fetched. The above players agents have been hawking the players around trying to get interest. Wednesday have funds available so attracting every man and his dog. Therefore extremely dodgy rumour.

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Diouf was at rangers not celtic...

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What bit of 'leeds taken over' didnt u understand, we didnt need ward as we can now attract bigger and better players

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Not heard one way or other about Diouf but I would bet proper money that DJ and the Owls are not interested. DJ said he wanted to keep the spirit in the dressing room so ....... ?

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Diouf to wednesday? No, not true

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You are an person you have got basic facts wrong i.e Diouf being at Celtic - get back to your school work you will have exams coming up - I can state as fact Sheffield Wednesday will not be signing Diouf -Let's see who is right me or the paperboy!!!

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Ok there is a bit in paper yesterday about potential bidders for club and immediately thinks financial position has changed. Can I remind him Ken Bates is in charge and his first priority is to his own wallet. Hence do not count your chickens. I suspect this is the porky pig who has worn a Norwich and now Leeds shirt.

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Leeds avent ad a take over yet so you get your facts right your in talks and us wednesday fans know about possible takeover bids so dont get you hopes up pal

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To whom it concerns Diouf spat at Celtic fans whilst playing for Liverpool at C

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Micheal Owen

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Takeover in advanced stages and is imminent, read it and weep losers, leeds will be in premier next season, where we belong, mighty whites MOT

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Who cares Leeds scum! X

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Yeah immenent so was ours when geoff shreads was trying to buy us look where he is now and you have more money than us anyway

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29 May 2012 11:16:16
Ian Black (ex Hearts) is on the shortlist - free transfer

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If he iis on the list I hope it is a very long one and he is near the bottom.

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Nonsense. Black is excellent playmaker with great vision, passing skill and aint afraid to throw himself in a tackle.

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Yes but he plays Sunday league football (in SPL) where even Chris Adamson would look like a fine creative midfielder

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29 May 2012 08:11:05
Made an offer for Chris Maguire Scottish U21 striker at DerbyCo, offer rejected but deal likely.

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I put that yesterday

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So what if you did least something actually real has been posted for today

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It was REAL yesterday too

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Deal not likely, wednesday walk away as asking price too high

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