Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive March 29 2012


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29 Mar 2012 22:05:27
DJ Said Koumas is training but doesn't mean he's signing but never say never

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29 Mar 2012 21:54:43
I know we've heard it all before but Dave jones tonight confirmed Jason Koumas will be training with
Us sometime in the next 2 weeks,he says he is helping him out to get fit again.HE DIDN'T SAY HE WAS SIGNING BEFORE YOU ALL START,JUST HELPING HIM OUT.
Source: Q&A session with Milan at hillsborough tonight.

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No, he said at the minute just training he never ruled out signing him...

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He's not had a club all year so his fitness will be abysmal get him on his bike i say!

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How do you know he isn't fit ? Do you know him personally ? ..Owen Hargreaves wasn't fit ! Was he ? Released by them lot ..and signed for city ...don't you think Koumas would be doing his own fitness as a professional footballer ? ...I do

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Owen Hargreves great example haw many time he played? 2-3 what a fine waste of money

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Yeah hes played 2-3 times can ya blame him he ant just got tendinitus in 1 knee hes got it in both r8 unlucky

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Yh so thats a bad example of signing unfit players!

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Koumas has trained with a couple of league 2 clubs during season to keep his fitness up. Torquay was last club he was training with. So it should nt

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