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29 Jun 2013 20:02:57
Lets get o'Donnell back for ack up

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Just for a laugh?

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29 Jun 2013 18:10:38
Owls have had an substantial offer from a championship club for Gary Madine. The offer said to be £750,000. 00 plus add on's has been turned down by DJ, he says he is a talent and is the best finisher at the club and will blossom and be worth a great deal more in the future. Source, a relative of a player at Hillsbro.

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Heard Doncaster and Ipswich are both after him

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If this is right, I agree with DJ, Madine is still young, he scored 18 goals in 34 games in league 1 and didn’t get a consistent run last season but he still scored as many goals than Bothroyd, Sidibe, Wickham and Howard put together in less games. The lame brains who are constantly slagging him off should get off his back and support a young Wednesday player who committed to the club and who wants to play for the club.

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Using CAP LOCK doesn't make your comments sound any more sensible. It just shows you don't know how to switch it off.

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He had a clause in his contract that they knew all about! he will play a lot more this season you watch!

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Now that's funny

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Apparently if madine played 23 games (think this was the number) last season then we would have had to pay Carlisle around 200K! Not entirely sure about the stats and all that but that's the story I heard on Madine

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The clause in his contract will be triggered when he plays his net game. It is a cumulative number of appearances over time with club.

Think the above could be true, he does have talent problem has been with application. If he does knuckle down and do some hard training he could be a force. He has more talent and scope for improvement (physically and skillwise) than O'Grady but the latter showed last season what could be done when you apply your self to the task. I sincerely hope he realises that to succeed in this league hard graft is required think Championship came as a bit of a shock to him last season.

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Madine deserves a run in team he's only young he's tall battles and knocks/holds ballup him and antonio upfront would work well and he'd play out to wingers

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Madine played more games than any other striker last season
he scored piss all goals and looked shoddy in almost every imaginable sense

slow, lazy, stupid, and hilariously crap in the air

the only team he won headers against was barnsley with 2 sub 6ft central defenders

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29 Jun 2013 11:37:42
Possible ins:
Leroy Lita (Talks ongoing with Swansea
Jermey Helan (Talks with Man City)
Marlon Pack
Nahki Wells
Darren Ambrose
St Ledger

Possible Outs:
Joe Mattock
Danny Mayor
Paul Corry - Loan - Jones says he may need more experience

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Also outs maybe Semedo and Lines

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St Ledger, No
Pack, No
Ambrose Very unlikely
Wells remote chance

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Marlon pack has surely got to be worth a risk been great for Cheltenham for a few years still young and would cost little compensation wise

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Why would Mayor be leaving? St Ledger doesn't want to come here, NAhki wells is worth more then we can afford, and DJ as already said we're only signing three more players

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Wouldn't be a smart idea to sell mayor watch him in numerous matches and was the stand out player most times along with fenwick (cb), obileye (cm/cb) and lavery (st) will be seeing much more of these four next season I recon!

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29 Jun 2013 09:48:59
joe mattock going to brighton 150k - will be announced around the first friday of july.

doncaster have enquired about jose semedo we have not yet replied.


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Have you actually spoken to Joe yourself then?

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I doubt he will go back to his previous club

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29 Jun 2013 00:35:12
Twitter's saying we've signed Lita on a one year deal.

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Send me twitter link please so I can believe this uto xx

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We will b paying money 4 lita so think it would b longer then 1 year deal u person

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Yeah I'd say at least a 2 year deal if not 3

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