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29 Jul 2012 21:50:40
Antonio will sign according to a steward today, mcabe has signed as i was talking to him at owls in park, sounds a good lad

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Good to know MM and DJ keep the stewards posted on their transfer negotiations ;-) {Ed032's Note - Fantastic point}

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MM & DJ don't tell the stewards anything.... They only told the cleaner and she told all the stewards !!

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Was it a bar steward?

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To be fair I heard the same from the Burger bar lady, so it must be true.

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I started this and im not lying, he dint believe it either but its what he heard

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When today? I suppose it's going to tomorrow then the day after that.

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29 Jul 2012 19:30:10
Sheffeld Wednesday latest
Well on sky sports and According to rob staton on twitter that we have signed Rhys McCabe on a three contract and apparently rob jones has signed for Doncaster will be announced on Monday. Made third bid for Antonio and now we are just waiting for readings answer.

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What do we get with this three contract, 90 mins a week and 1 wednesday player interview a month

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To every1 who said disagree when i said i spoke to rhys mccabe and he was signing......... told u so ;)

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It was me that spoke to McCabe so don't try stealing my thunder!!

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Who cares who spoke to him? He's a Wednesday player now!

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No, it was i who spoke to McCabe you cheeky chap, stop stealing my thunder fella.

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Anyone else think this is just one guy having a conversation with himself? No one's trying to steal your thunder, you can keep it.

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29 Jul 2012 19:14:06
The protracted efforts to sign Antonio will end on Tuesday with success. He will sign for £800k on a 3 year deal with sell on clauses. {Ed046's Note - He has been joining in the next couple of days for the last month!!

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Should be no such thing as a sell on clause. Once you sign a player that should be deal done.

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I personally think this deal is doomed

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A steward told me n mcabe today he heard that so probably true

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"Should be no such thing as a sell on clause. Once you sign a player that should be deal done".....................................................................Yeah, cos it works that easy..Don't half get some tools.

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I think we need to sign harewood

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800,000 is a hell of alot of money for a player unproven at this level

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^^ I would pay double that to bring him here. he was stand out player and got us promoted at end of season. With out him, we would be where united are today. We need him - end of ! He deserves his chance at champ level

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29 Jul 2012 19:09:40
Owls interested in Stephen Quinn ,who will do the reverse of his brother and play for the massive.

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Why the hell do we want to sign him

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Hope not

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I like him as a player. Puts in heart into it.

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He was a Wednesday player before he went there just never got the chance in the 1st team, Infact we had all three of the Quinn brothers.

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Heard that twice today from different sources....Quinn to the massive ...o Grady and hundred grand to the poor relations

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For this to happen, United's board would have to accept a bid from us which I doubt would happen. He'll be attracting plenty of interest without having to even think about joining us.. Plus.. I'm not awfully keen on him either. Too inconsistent

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To get him off wage bill according to Alan Biggs on Radio Sheffield Saturday Talk show, they will allow him to leave for a nominal figure. Thus rumours on page about us giving them money is false.

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Nominal fee = Money involved ?? ... So why false ???

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29 Jul 2012 15:50:22
Rhys McCabe has signed a three year deal. Wednesday beat off interest from Everton and Swansea to bring the 20 year old former Rangers midfielder to Hillsborough.

Rob Jones has completed a move to Doncaster Rovers, to be announced on Monday.

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Presumably that means DJ must be confident of signing a right-footed centre half ? Rob Jones has served us well, but this move makes sense all round.

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I hope Jones moves on, he was barely in his comfort zone last season, made too many mistakes for my liking. Thanks for the services and all that but definitely time to move on

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Is this 100% as I've been hearing Very Very positive things about this lad!

One Rangers fan said he's a promising youth and "when he played against Celtic, the boy ran the show, Don't know why we didn't see him after that!"

Looking good if true!

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Didnt see anything after that cos it was like 2nd to last game of season i believe mate

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Jones did a good job for us last season but it would be an appropriate time for him to move on.
if there is any truth in the rumour i would certainly wish him well at donny.

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