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29 Jan 2014 15:37:01
Okaka is a correct rumour. But ain't going to happen. We approached to loan till end of the season but he rejected the move.

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According to radio sheff, parma approached us but we didn't want him

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Another post from the "lets all slag off everything to do with the Owls club". Radio Sheffield and several newspapers have said that Okaka was offered to us but we said no but the club don't want to know that, they just want to rubbish the club. Pathetic people.

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My mates on work experience at swfc we've signed a lad from arsenal. I reckon afobe?

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Confirmed on the official website.

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29 Jan 2014 10:23:12
Latest bid is £100k for Stefan Okaka on loan - ex Fulham failure.
We really pushing boat out to make sure we stay up.
Only last week we were - "backing Gray to get us to Prem" - we need to make sure we still in this division next year first.
Bare bones squad of loan signings backed up by more loan signings is not the answer, and not going to get us to Prem Mr Chairman.

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Clubs use loan signings to get to Premiership. Gray is getting best out of all players we have. Coke was on song last night looked better than he had done all year, and all you can write is same old moan. If you are a Wednesday fan just shut up.

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How many loan signings have Leicester got? They struggling towards Prem?
Not worried about having loan signings as such, just so long as you have SOME contracted players in key positions.
My moan anyway is not so much about what Milan does, it's his money and always be grateful to him, genuinely!
But on a number of occasions over last couple years he has made statements about - taking great club forward, fans deserve the best, backing Gray to Prem etc - I would just like to see a LITTLE more investment in the playing side to evidence he really means it, and he's not just telling the fans what they want to hear!
Smaller clubs than us, with smaller gates and bigger debts still manage to sign players for longer than a month at a time?
Being a fan means you want the best for your club, not closing your eyes to what's happening.

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I think Milan backed DJ throughout. It was a case that Dave 'boring'Jones wasn't good enough, didn't give a toss about the MASSIVE or knew what he was doing.

Consolidate this year, stay up and build with the fresh approach and new confidence SG has injected into the squad.

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Coke on song again?? he's played how many games and played well?? and he got sent off! person

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How can we bid for top top players he has to have the green light to pursue players and can only bid with what he is entitled to pay how can it be gray makes me laugh

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Read again - nobody said Gray?
We all know Milan and Aldridge do the deals - but only loans.

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Those that constantly complain about the "Loan" players we have at club, can they name them, because looking at the squad I can only find two loan players, Stephen McPhail and Damian Martinez. The rest are all contracted to the club, although Oguchi Onyewu and Glenn Loovans are on short term contracts until the end of the season. Both terrific signings, although those that constantly moan about MM's management of the club would give him credit for getting them. They are only happy when they can complain.

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Stephen Mcphail is not a loan player he is on short term for one month

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We currently have one loan player who is not a regular starter.

Coke played well in second half of last season when him and Prutton were paired together in midfield. They received criticism from some but pairing worked well and we climbed table and points return was play ff standard. Rest of time he played for us he was indifferent. When he came on he was excellent before unfortuate incident when he reacted to being stamped on. Certain last ears improvement was down to Gray and now Gray making decisions again he shows a bit of sparkle for first time this season. According to Gray we have worked at getting players to run through on ball which shows work on training ground paid off.
I wanted a different manager to Gray when DJ went but have to admit his influence can be seen directly in how play and how individuals have come on.
Nuhiu was very poor however since Gray has been in charge he certainly has improved. I know he missed a sitter last night but after that he played very well and was probably best he has played in league game. know these are positives but far better to look for them than gripe on about half baked finance and loan policy theory which anybody with normal IQ will know is stupid.

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Sorry you are right McPhail is on a short term contract, what I was meaning was that only two players are not contracted until the end of the season. But however they are contracted it still makes my point.

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You are right, your point about the number of loan players we actually have is made.
But the fundamental point about trying to build for the future with loan players OR short-term contracts if you insist, is still true also.
You can't build a team round a creative midfielder, or a goal scoring centre forward, or a reliable brickwall centre back who is not a player contracted to you? He might not be here next month!
Where are Wickham, and Fryatt, and Johnson who were all solutions to our problems - but they weren't were they!
They've gone but the problem is still here!
And if they do help keep us up, brilliant! (I don't think we'll go down anyway with Gray in charge incidentally) But at start of next season we are back where we were at the start of this season - looking for loan players?
How is that progress?
That is my point, loans AND short term contracts are just treading water and take you no further forward.

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To above post, Spot on pal we need to strengthen for the future we need to sign a Striker and Creative Midfielder to build the team around getting short term loans just plugs the gaps temporary.

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If we stay up and the loosens and yank stop with us, we have sg at the helm and we haven't spent big money on any players then that's progress on beginning of this season.

The point is, if sg is the right man we need to finish strongly so next season, players will have confidence to come here and think they'll be top half.

All that would be progress.

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We have a young creative midfielder he just doesn't get a chance Rhys McCabe

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I for 1 would rather wickham back on loan than a gamble on someone who hasn't played for us before on a perm deal.

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