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29 Jan 2012 22:33:46
Sheffield Wednesday sign John bostock from tottenham till end of season

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Good capture the lad is a good player and will excel in L1

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Iif he had then why isn't it on Wednesday website some people these days

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Just checked twitter and seems to be true. Rob staton and paul walker confirm.

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Wait and see my little doubter,you can apologise tomorrow,lol.

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It's on radio Sheffield this morning he will sign for the rest of the season good signing

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Just checked twitterpaul walker and rob statton dont confirm yet

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Been posted on Sky Sports as well he's due to sign. Good signing that one, should do well as the replacement for Marshall.

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Type john bostock into YouTube. This boy appears to have the ability to find the top corner from almost any where. His goal against swansea whilst at hull is a cracker.

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Cracking deal, will add a touch more quality to midfield, just what's needed !

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29 Jan 2012 19:03:14
Jon Parkin will sign in time to play against MK Dons.

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Hope so he would scare the po* out of defenders in league1


up the owls

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He's garbage

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He would b fourth choice, another stupid lie

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I meant collins* the key slipt my bad :)

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29 Jan 2012 18:48:49
Koumas signing in next two days.

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Doesnt Koumas like to play football? Dont think hoof ball tactics will suit him.

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I take it your a thick blade- because if you'd actually watched Wednesday this season you would have seen some decent football at times. Yes we hoof from time to time, but we can also play some nice stuff too.

So jog on back to the farm you dirty porker. B

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Megson's two key criteria for any player are:
1)Fitness - how can Koumas be fit ?
2)Commitment - he has never shown any of that.
Surely GM wouldn't overturn his principles ?

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In the summer megson admitted he had contacted him in the summer so he would obviously wnat him..

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29 Jan 2012 18:42:28
Ben Marshall, Jason Koumas & Harry Kane all to sign this week. Source - OwlsOnline (Twitter)

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Harry Kane signed for Millwall about a week/2weeks ago

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29 Jan 2012 18:15:07
Bolton will move for Gary Madine IF Kevin Davies moves to Sunderland! He is one of there summer targets but they will move on deadline day if Davies goes

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Gary madine won't be leaving saw him in nandos said he's happy at Swfc you talk rubbish

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Funny how supposibly all swfc team gets seen at nandos ! but i didnt believe the rumours of seeing swfc until an hour ago which is when my sis bfriend saw llera and semedo outside nandos hahah no lie think well go up with or without new signings but if i was meggo i would go for

ward also from hudders
sean st ledger- i know it would be hard to sign him but worth a try
also a few key players from prem

a few of these would secure promotion me thinks UTO ollie the owl:)

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In fairness mate, He aint gonna tell a fan his future plans whilst you pester him during his chicken dinner is he?

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Im happy with my place of work but if someone offered me double or triple my salary id be off like a shot! Plus not too much loyalty in football nowadays. Also you poor person having to eat in nandos

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I didnt eat in nandos my sis bfriend walked past to the cinema....... is he poor to go there you dosser ! {Ed001's Note - for some reason footballers love Nandos, I have seen a lot of Tw*tter comments from players off there. I am not even sure what they serve, the local one here has a Chinese restaurant owned by a friend right opposite and he would be hurt if I went to Nandos instead of his restaurant, so I have never been. Is the food good?}

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Not great im afraid

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Its one of those menus were every thing is the same basicly you got a choice of chicken. Chicken and erm chickin. Its just decorated differently. So we all know that footballers eat well erm chicken. Pressman and mellor went wrong on that as they used to eat at KFC! {Ed003's Note - lol}

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Semedo and llera was also bowling last night at Hollywood bowl if that's the same nando's your on about

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It is meant to be a basic portuguese menu ed with mostly chicken as that is what they mostly serve over there. Would make a s**t portuguese restauraunt if they started serving fish and chips ya mugs. Unfortunatley with it bin a chain it does mean it is probably boil in a bag and does lack quality. Back to footy . . . .

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29 Jan 2012 15:42:17
Wednesday will be signing two players by tea time on Tuesday, permenant I am told. Possibly one will be announced tomorrow lunchtime. One is done and dusted, another 80% there discussing terms. In talks with 5 other clubs, about players.
Sedgwick refused to go out on loan.

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Let's hope we push the boat out for a quality winger . History proves with a good crosser of the ball and a big centre foward to get on the end of it sucess will come. Marwood/ Chapman , waddle / bright

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The 2 Megsons after are double act Chaz and Dave! Good signings imo theyll fit right in at britains longest running comedy club!

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Whos biggest club in sheff 28000 ur got against us we beat that playin huddersfield pal

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Due to the fact the piggy bank at the lane is empty Wilson,is having to resort to targetting players approaching the end of their contracts. we can confirm dobbin the pantomime horse has decided to retire rather than join the blades now that his run in Cinderella expired this week

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29 Jan 2012 15:09:44
350,000 for Gary Roberts say football league paper. Be nice if it happens that one will be a deadline day jobbie it gm can pull it off

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Hes due for a hernia operation.

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He's had the operation, he has 2-3 weeks of rehab now though.

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Post some real news gary roberts and ben marshall aint gonna happen

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My only concern is Clark would use the 350k to strengthen his bid for Marshall who is a far better player. Never mind injury plagued midfielders let go all out for Ben. The cup replay will help boost the coffers.

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29 Jan 2012 17:24:33

Look at the date 26/1/12, gary roberts has already had the hernia operation.

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