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29 Feb 2012 23:07:56
Poalo di canio is set to have talks with MM tomorrow about taking over at Sheffield Wednesday!!
He's a hot favourite!

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Just what we need - a mad manager to go with our mad chairman !!

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Yes let's appoint someone who walked out on our club as player!

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Di canio was forced out by wilson and co, who gave hime the cold shoulder for pushing the ref over rarther than accepting that talented players like paolo's behaviour comes with the territory.
to say he simply walked out its nonesense.

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It was the right desicion you dont want ppl like that associated with the club. Dave Richard one and only good desicion

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So you're admitting his behaviour is out of the ordinary?? - he can lead by example then ??
Despite being one of the most talented players to wear the shirt, He brought disgrace to the club and would do something stupid again.
He's had a brawl with one of his own players at Swindon - setting an example ??

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We are set to be the new Portsmouth without the fa cup win

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For ppl saying get Di Canio in i really cant see him leaving Swindon till the end of the season and if he has any sense at all he wont his side are top of the league and have a cup final to look forward too! Youd have to be stupid to walk away from that in your first season in the job

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Dave Richards made a scapegoat off Di canio to get with FA . ENDOFF

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There is not enough time left for a manager who is ,in effect, a rookie at this level.

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29 Feb 2012 21:02:11
any truth in megson been sacked ? {Ed003's Note - Yes,just confirmed }

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Bad decision at this time of the season i feel should have let him see the season out {Ed013's Note - He has gone with the lasting memory that you beat the other half on Sunday}

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Disgusted bringing jones in what's he won
He's a nearly manager biggest mistake
Mandrics made

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Disgracefull, thanks for every thing gary.

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He wants paul ince as manager if gets job am nt guin to watch wednesday nemore megsons done a r8 job for us

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Mm get lee clark he would do a good job should never have been sacked himself

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Absolute disgrace.

didnt realise mandaric paying off our debts was going to come at such a price.

failed to land marshall, then sacks megson. maybe he will now lose the clubs biggest asset, the fans.

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Totally agree !!
MM finally got revenge on Megson for walking out on him at Leicester !!
I think thats why he gave him the job and then starved him of cash for the team !
Watch him back the new man with big signings !! - A lovely man !!

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Gutted for gaz,i could understand b4 we beat the scum but not after,but all said the football were cack

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Can't believe that he has sacked megson after Sunday mm doesn't know what repurcutions will come of this whoever takes over has got big shoes to fill

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MM out. Absolutely disgraceful decision.

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I would like to thank megson . He has given us our belief and pride back. Mm you may see this as a business transaction but to us Wednesday run through our blood. Mm has a reputation as a hatchet man and so it has been proved. Plse don't insult the fans further with an appointment likr ince absolute rubbish. Who are we going get another out of work manager who was previously sacked due to poor results. Totally taken the shine off the week. Gary megson Wednesday legend !

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Am shocked it makes no sense

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If Dave Jones gets the job I won't be setting foot near Hillsborough. I have the same feeling about him as when we gave David Pleat the job. Awful. AWFUL!!!

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If he appoints Ince or Jones ..that's me done as a Wednesday fan ...Thanks for all you have done sir Gary ...A LEGEND IN MY EYES ...

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Who is going to come in and get the players to perform like GM ? They showed on Sun they were GMNs men.
I think we're out of running now - big slide down table coming up .
Well done MM - you're the man ??

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Gutted -- well no need to worry about finding money for season ticket on Friday -- sending mine back

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Bad that megson been sacked but i don't think Tue true story as come out yet obviously they havnt been getting on,
Nothing wrong with David Jones but rather have mick mccorthy if he's up to the challenge!
Thanks megson for everything shame it come to this after what he did sunday!

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They haven't been getting on because Gary Megson wanted Wednesday to succeed - but MM wanted Megson to fail !!
Its HIS club and he can do what HE wants --- hes made that plain to the fans now !!

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Just a big thank you to GM. Top man. Top manager. Thanks for turning things around.....over to you MM... Top that!?

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Lets sart playing some proper football now. Get di canio in!

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Totally shocked at MM decision, think Megson has done a fantastic job with the tiny budget he has been given don't recon anyone else could of got the average team we have where we are. All the best for the future Gary and I hope you get treated better than MM treated you.

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Its difficult to have any respect for people like jones, or as previously, mentioned pleat.
megson demanded attention and i believe he was the best man for the job.

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I told every1 at frecheville bookies won or lose to the blunts mego was out ad a big bustup last weekend & the same person wot told me said mm as already talked to mick mccarthy every last week the dave jones is a smoke screen u heard it here 1st (the frecheville s12 wednesday til i die 43yr old 44 in aug 28th if anyone wants to send me a card owl) just 1 more thing megos gone i'm sorry but lets move on plus he will get a good pay out

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Manderic for Mayor!

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We need a true legend back Pleaty please give up the channel 5 commentry cos after all you suck at it and come back to the Massive we need you!

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Ha david pleat hillarious.

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Has svens name been mentioned at all?

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