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29 Apr 2013 16:06:07
Any news on Whos getting released in the summer?-MassiveOwlz99

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After Saturday they can all go apart from Buxton!

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Start with manager

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See you next season at new york stadium

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I have been on here all season saying Dave Jones is not the man to take our great club forward

I was abused, slagged off, called a Blunt or a Weed, told to get behind the team

I simply cannot support Dave Jones he is not a Wednesdayite

He has never won anything, he has had some decent results but this is Sheffield Wednesday and I want better than he has produced

Look at last seasons signings, some have never had a chance to prove themselves, Bothroyd and Taylor are Dave Jones doing, what a waste of time

Without a coach he has been dire, with a coach we have improved but we are still struggling and worried going into the last game of the season

What will he do if we survive and stay up?

It fills me with dread what he will bring in next season in terms of players, he has no idea, he cannot make his mind up in terms of tactics and formations and does not motivate his players by chopping and changing week in week out

I for one will NOT be going to Hillsborough until Corporal Jones has left and we get a real proper manager in

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I think that is for the best.

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I totally agree with the above post

Dave Jones is a poor manager and if Wednesday are to progress we need someone with fresh ideas who is going to come in a grab this club by the scruff of its neck and lift us back up

Jones Out

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What money has he had

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If Dave jones has megsons authority in him and given certain players a kick up the back side then may b they would have listened and took on board what he has had to say I am not a big Dave jones fan at all I am a loyal swfc fan like the rest I also have a opinion just like you lot and tbh what he has done to megsons winning team is out of this world ok some of the players need a chance to adapt but how can they adapt to the championship if they are not given a chance or sent out on loan now some of the loan signings have been so shocking its been unreal only a few that I can think of that have been worth a punt lita my be worth a short term contract to prove he has still got it also helan is worth snapping up but for me we need a manager whith drive and can get a team that is proud to were the shirt and also fight for it also I am a season ticket for home and away before you ask I have been going for 26 years and I have also renewed my season ticket as well like the rest of us loyal owl fans it breaks my hear that were no were we should be and that in the premier league

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Fundamental floor in your rant. Megsons winning team was in Div 1 and was not actually winning. (except for beating the pigs)

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Big ron weren't a wednesdayite either

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Which team have you been supporting for 26 years?

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The difference was the team might not have been winning but at least they played with more passion and pride

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Obvious the guy or women or child has a opinion like every one else so the person who said witch team do you support then tbh it says it all a bought the person making a judgement because they are sick of the beloved club make mistake after mistake and that they are the ones paying the players wages take that in to consideration before you start slating other people off!

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Obviously some of you are happy to see Wednesday struggle to stay in the Championship and play some awful football
Happy to see Dave Jones think the massive support can be taken for granted and rubbish us
He has had support from the chairman, had money but spent most on has beens or never beens and has come out with more excuses why the team, not him, has failed
Speak to the Cardiff and Wolves fans they will confirm what we are saying, he is not the manager to take this club forward.
No doubt he will unfortunately be here next season but I bet by Christmas all of you DJ fans will also be calling for his head

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I am a Cardiff fan and I was glad to see the back of him, he was very lucky with the team we had whilst he was manager and not a lot to do with him

Look at us now with a proper manager

Good Luck Wednesday but you need a new Manager

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Slating? Bit touchy aren't we?
Nobody is forcing you to 'pay the players wages', so you may value your opinion, but in reality it counts for nothing.

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Look, let's bring some realism to this debate. DJ has made some poor/strange signings but name a manager that hasn't. Also, there were many positive comments on here when these were made at the start of the season. Our form has been inconsistent but this is our 1st year back in the championship, I'm sure most of us would have settled for survival at the start of the season and we should still achieve this so let's hold judgement until after saturday. Comments have been made that it is only the coaches that have brought us any success but they never get slated when we lose. I'm not his biggest fan but if he can keep us up he deserves to keep his job and see if we can build next season. But hey, that's just my opinion.

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That "Cardiff fan" is obviously a Wednesday fan trying to back up his arguments haha, just get behind the club!

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Just playing the devil's advocate here

What do we think about Dave Jones if the worst happens and we get relegated?

It's not slagging its just a general question to us Wednesday fans

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At last someone with some sense! get behind the club and don't slate them

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The ability to move on and accept change is a sign of intelligence, ufortunately we have a few who can not get over GM. Relationship between manager and Chairman had broken down and their is only one winner and its not manager.
Very few succesful managers are supporters of their club.

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If we got relegated

In my opinion I would give DJ till December and see where we are in the league, if its a poor team then he has to go

But if we are in the play off places then happy days

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Dave Jones has to produce a much better team next season

We need to consolidate and build but he
Cannot afford anymore dodgy signings and has beens

We have some good young players who need a good run in the first team and build their confidence up

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04 May 2013 08:31:45
Why slag dj, off not being funny but he hasn't had the money to produce a good team!

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Cos they know nothing about football.

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Have to agree with final comment. Our page has been spoiled by a couple of weeds pretending to be wednesday fans and some Gary Megson fans. Their argumets have bordered on farcical all year. For the GM fans why do you think he has not got a job? His terrible reputation for dealing with others goes before him and most will not touch with barge pole.

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I would love to see the back off dj he as been a terrible manager for us while ever he's in charge wednesday will struggle please mm realise you made a massive mistake in dj and get somebody else in with pride and passion

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Jones messed up morale in that squad. end of. u can have as many"star" players has u like. don't make them a team. jones man management skills are terrible. look in press confrences. he's full of. we only started getting results when gray came in. people who say jones is a championship manager provern, ra ra what's he ever done?? I was saying get di canio in. blind wednesday ites were saying he's not proven in this level? gone streight to prem! point is man mangement skills make a team not star players. Jones out. also if we would have gone down all these jones lovers would have switched sides. what if we did go down and dingles stayed up? due to cog going there! Stupid. anyone who thinks howard is better than ogrady is nuts.

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DJ is an excellet ma manager. Listen to commets of players. How may have come out and said they what to leave. The last couple of posts are either based on fact or sensible rational comment.
The spurious comments put on here about him not being passionate or having difficulty with players are absolutely unfounded.
On Wednesday player he has constantly praised wednesday fans ad has stoodby players and staff through thick and thin.
He has made mistakes but no manager does not. He has also rectified mistakes he removed PW from coaching role whe he was his pal. Overseas signings have not gone well but this probably a legacy of having no scouting system. Interesting to see signings made in last few months have been more ofwhat was required and all have done well. This is probably as we have had scouts operating for 12 months ad more info available to manager. Overall more players have done well who came into club than have failed. All things have improved.
He gets on with MM and so he will not get sacked so stop the stupid remarks and quit the GM campaign.
Lets analyse GM. I wanted Megson has manager but we were failing whe he left and relationship with MM had gone sour as MM was not prpepared to fund more signings (in particular Marshall).
His reputation in football is far worse than any other manager we have had in recent years. With numerous of changes of Manager occuring why has he not been offered other jobs, he has fair record. The reason being is his personality. Writing rubbish about another manager who is well liked across football will not rectify GM problems.
Just shut up stick to the facts and base critiscism on rational thought rather than made up rancour.

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Terrible manager who got us promoted! kept us up this season? success takes time. rome wasnt built in a day. when he brought in steve howard everyone moaned 36 years old. for me when his played he works his b*****ks off great hold up man experienced I belive if we keep him in charge with the backing of milan and hopefully a bit of money he can guide us to top 10 next season before we have a real go at promotion to the prem, we need to be build a repuation up again to attact players we deserve to be where we r just because we r a big club doesn't mean we win every game history is history let all work together to become that massive club again! UTO!!!!

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29 Apr 2013 07:33:46
Roberts could be making a return as his derby contract is up, but is one of Derbys highest payed

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Roberts? whos that? xx

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What as the above comment got to do with us? Here's a poser for you all. How many players of better quality than we've already got do you think we need to improve on this season assuming that we manage to stay in this league? It's not just 1 or 2 it's more like 5 or 6. Where's the money going to come from to purchase these players? Is Milan going to hand Dave Jones say 2 million quid to go get the players when he's already shown how inept he is in the transfer market? Course not, would you trust him with your money? Exactly so why should Milan? Therefor next season will only end up as bad as this season or maybe even worse. Is the answer get rid of Dave Jones and get someone in who recognizes players that will improve the squad or do we just plod on and keep our fingers crossed season in season out? I think you all know the answer.

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Weeds fan still upset by DJ's comments?

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Some one talking sense at last!.
It looks like League 1 football next season and for the next couple at least as I think MM will off load SWFC at the next opportunity as he is a buisness man and SWFC and buisness (by that I mean making profits, achieving targets) don't go together.
People keep saying that SWFC are massive, yes I agree that they are massive in relation to their facilities but as a team NO they are not, let's get real, we need to regroup and look at everything from the foundations up, if we don't then we will probably end up like we did prior to MM coming on board and clearing our debts.

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Yeah, nonsense.

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Sooo again, who is roberts? lol xxxx

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Gareth Roberts from derby, used to play for donny, no better than Pugh or reda

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