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28 Nov 2013 22:09:53
Maguire gone to Coventry on loan

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We all need 2 get behind jones and give him the support he deserves. Jones is giving us everything so let's follow his example and give the team everything!

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29 Nov 2013 06:38:23
There is only one reason that we haven't brought anybody in and that is the next person to go out is DJ after Saturdays loss.
It is the only explanation. The money that MM borrowed is to pay off DJ makes sense why bring players in that the new man doesn't want, make perfect sense. m

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Shouldn't have

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O great, let's get a player to come to us tell him how well he's going to fit in, pry him away from derby give him a couple of cameo appearances let him know you don't think he's good enough then lend him out to a lower league club. Well done Mr Jones. wasted everybody`s time.

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Get behind the team yes, Jones however doesn't deserve anything after what he has put us through over the last year or so. Plus his treatment of players like Maguire & McCabe stinks too!

Time to go Pennny Pocket!

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29 Nov 2013 14:14:46
any one got a thought on Glenn Loovens then

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I don’t profess to be a football manager, I don’t have the training, the skill or the knowledge but I think that even I could set up a team to beat us. We always play with two wide men; the wide men can only get the ball by one of two routes either from central midfield or down the line. Most teams that I have seen us play, and I have seen all the home games and quite a few of the away games have played five in midfield. This formation means that either of our midfield two always has two players on them; they are always outnumbered and are therefore not given any time to play the ball. Our wide men always have two players on them, a midfield player a full back. This means that the only way we can get the ball forward is to hoof it up field but because we are always outnumbered the opposition’s defence wins the ball and gives it to their midfield and the ball comes straight back at us. Derby played this system with a 4, 5, 1 formation, Huddersfield played a 3, 5, 2 formation and on both occasions we couldn’t get the ball. In a few away games we have played a 4, 5, 1 and looked very comfortable. What bothers me is that during the Derby, Huddersfield and quite a few other games it was patently obvious what was wrong but Jones did nothing to change the formation, he changed players but not the formation. Good managers need to adapt to situations, Jones is either too indecisive, scared or arrogant to admit he might have got something wrong so he does nothing, but like he says in every interview its not his fault.

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If, and this is a big if, a team has a good relationship between wingers and full backs and the full backs are comfortable coming forward and passing the ball then in time they should be able to build a good relationship with the winger and being the ball from the back. Of course this also means that the centre backs must be comfortable covering any gaps this creates at the back and the full backs need to be happy that the centre backs are doubling up behind them when needed, which in turn needs the keeper to be good at reading the game and being vocal, getting his defence organised. If this is all done then theoretically wingers can stay wide and hug the touch line, creating nice openings between themselves, the full back and central midfield and leaves them out wide where they are most effective. When it goes wrong the wingers start to drift inside, looking for the ball, trying to create but this means a lack of width and a bunching of players in midfield, which in turn makes up field progression more difficult as longer and longer balls are played up to a target man when the midfield becomes a battleground. A nice way of opening up space is either dropping a forward into a deeper role between the other teams defensive back line and your teams midfield, like Rooney often drops deep and pushes the ball out wide to the winger for England, or to sacrifice a midfield player to drop deep as a holding player or box to box type player, like Viera of days gone by or like Tom Clerverly and Wilshire sometimes get deployed, but of course this frees up room for the opposition midfield. This can be useful though as it invites the opposition on and creates space to get the ball out wide and works well to build from the back. I have seen all too often this year our wingers getting frustrated and getting more and more narrow because they are not getting service. I'm not saying I know more than DJ or anyone else for that matter I just thought I'd share my thoughts on the workings of using wingers.

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Ponty Owl for new managers position

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Wow, what a post. I agree with you there is no point changing players in a fixed formation when the formation is the main problem. I've said before DJ used to be a fairly good manager but he seems to have lost all his tactical knowledge and sticks rigidly with a formation for the length of a game. I can't remember when he last changed a formation in a game.

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Barnsley away this season started 4-5-1 then switched to 4-4-2!

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I remember a poster announcing that Maguire would join Barnsley and along with COG would haunt us.
That prediction didn't go very well did it?

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Apparently we have only scored 1 goal in last 15 minutes of any game this season, equals lack of fitness. Team does not lack ability just sharpness of thought, fitness, better formations, better selections, better tactical knowledge and some confidence equals new manager.

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28 Nov 2013 18:29:43
Just seen our next 4 fixtures. surely these will be the final nail in DJ's coffin. Also we're going to be in trouble can't see a win

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28 Nov 2013 15:52:41
Tudgay gone to dingles till Jan 5

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28 Nov 2013 17:37:31
no players in and mcguire out that's me done L1 for us mm your do talk a load of dross Mr. C

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Mm lie all the time where the 2 loan signing then milian he does not care at all now.

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Another kick in the teeth for the genuine fans, we, the management and owners are looking for loans to boost us for the next few weeks, everyone is slightly excited but what happens McGuire goes and Oliphangana, who seems disinterested in us, stays. For Gods sake, JONES go, you are not wanted here. As usual our chiefs have treated the fans to false optimism by promising new faces but NOONE comes. It may be a blessing in disguise if we are relegated if that is what it takes to rid is of the clown in charge. Bristol City get rid of their Manager stating 2 wins in the season so far is not good enough. HEY WAIT A MINUTE 2 WINS WHAT HAVE WE DONE SO FAR. When do we dump ONE WIN Jones if two is the target for sacking. PLEASE Milan do the right thing and put him and us, your loyal support a favour and put us out of our misery.

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