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28 Nov 2012 18:24:25
Dave Jones lost all respect from players with bust ups week in and out
had bust ups with Llera,sadmedo then dropped them
won't play madine,penec?

get shut of boothryod,sadibe,dan jones,mattock,taylor,
all dead wood
get new blood in asap

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DJ "Go get mourinho"
The ginger mourinho got sacked last season david remember?

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Boothroyd is the problem
Upset the dressing room balance
Now they are all at each other

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Sadmedo & pecnec are my favourites aswell !

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28 Nov 2012 18:23:09
Milan is shrewd. Is he waiting for Jones' replacement to become available?
Having said that, why not make the change now and let Lee Bullen have a go in the interim. He could even play himself at centre forward!

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PS. Just lookin at stats. Those who say Jones' win rate is better than Megson's are right. But neither has been as successful as O'Neill or Adkins, both of whom might be available soon...
Then there's Poyet..

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Jones win rate is better than Megson only because of the unbeaten run at end of last season ....... with Megsons team !
Since he started to build his own team this season hes won 4 from 19 , thats a win rate of 21% - very impressive !

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28 Nov 2012 17:09:35
who wants roll ya sleeves up megson back ? ready an willing to fight an graft for the cause ???

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Never should have been sacked and MM knows it ..... now its too late.

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28 Nov 2012 17:27:16
Don't like saying it, But DJ has to go; think he has lost the dressing room. Two possible Replacements for me would be Curbishley or roland nilsson.

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Roland Nilsson can't come back to Sheffield for family reasons, remember ?

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I can assure that's not right. Roland would be pleased to come.

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28 Nov 2012 17:05:37
statement from jonnes "not even mourinho could do anything with these players iv got " ask yourself who bought these players ? get rid now or is it fate that his old club cardiff get him sack again sun ?

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What a STAR showing off his managerial skills again !
Great idea ! - SLAG OFF the players you want to go out and save your job for you !
This statement alone says he knows hes had his lot and its just a matter of time

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Should have sent taylor to millwall and kept beevers

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Jones has brought in sixteen players since the summer yet he says even Mourinho could not do anything with these players. The man is priceless, talk about shooting yourself in the foot. These players have failed miserably and just look at his star player a centre forward brought in to score goals Jay Bothroyd, his record since he came is scored once in fourteen games. Jones says he brings so much to the team does he mean the air shots in the Notts Forest and Watford games or the missed goal in the Forest game in front of an open net from three yards nor the dreadful miss from less than three yards last night and not putting away the goal before he was brought down for the penalty. Or being responsibly for giving away at least five goals in recent games. The ones that I remember were Wolves second goal caught in possession, Blackpool's first goal, poor pass to Matt Philips, Middlesbrough's first goal, let Hoyte run passed him, Watford's first goal, suicidal attempted interception, Watford third goal, stupid tackle to gave away a free kick and I am sure there were others. In short he can't score goals but gives them away, that's a rare talent to have in your team so perhaps Mourinho may have a problem getting a a winning team from the players that Jones has signed, but there again Mourinho wouldn't have signed them in the first place. Time for him to go.

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Nice one !

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28 Nov 2012 12:34:27
All of this about MM not sacking DJ because of his ego is bull. I personally feel that DJ should go but i do trust MM would swallow his pride if he thought it was rite to sack him but he doesn't. MM is here to make money and if we do go down that wont happen so he will be doing all he can to keep us up (we are worth more to him in the championship than L1) he DOESNT want us to go down but still feels that DJ is the man. I may not trust Jones but i do trust MM (he has our and his best intrests at heart)

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It is easy to trust MM the man but not his judgment if he cannot see that the squad is in disarray, is confused and frustrated by the managaer's mismanagement. I agree that MM has our interests at heart, but how can he ignore the facts: we are in freefall.

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We are sinking without a trace how long do we need to give jones how many more points can we afford to throw away what happens when we lose the two six pointers coming up because we will under jones these questions need answering but mm is very very quiet recently to the annoyance of me an many others please for the sake of our club act now or it will be too late !

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28 Nov 2012 17:17:34
What planet is Jones from? "you could brimg in Mourinio but he would still have the same players".Yes the players that you signed and are obviously not good enough.Swallow your pride and bring back Beevers(do Millwall ever concede?)and Palmer now.Send back Bothroyd,retire Gardner,shoot Taylor.

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28 Nov 2012 12:22:17
This isn't a rumour last night we was terrible all around the fans and the players it's gutting to admit it but we are crap how can one man destroy so much pride? I'm not into sacking managers but just what is he doing its a fact bothcrap must have a sore arm because all he ever does is point to other players, why stick with him? Not putting no effort in last season their was passion this season nothing can't dismantle a squad like we had and replace with utter rubbish 3 Right backs why why why

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28 Nov 2012 11:12:33
Two people associated with wednesday quite recently(can't give any hints or it will be obvious and don't want to cause embarressment) have both said that Jones is crap(their words) and lost the dressing room a while ago.
Players talk to ex players it seems some players don't believe in him and are angry and confused by his decisions.
One very recent ex player who knows some of the current squad has said that a few players aren't good enough for the championship and jones should have strengthened those areas in the summer.
All in all they agree that he is doing a bad job and can't believe he is still there.

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I spoke to one of them personally.i live near a few current and ex players.They are always happy to chat about the club.But obviously they dont want their names and comments on the net.
You would be suprised who one of them was.So put disagree if you like but its what was said by people who know about football.

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28 Nov 2012 08:35:41
Nigel Wortington will be the new Swfc manager next week after defeat at cardiff!

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Why wait until the weekend. Get rid of Jones and Wilkinson now and let Lee Bullen look after them for one match. He can't make a worse fist of it than they would.

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Put me 50 on it

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Bring back Terry Burton from Arsenal as our new Owls manager please Mandric. It seems, and the truth speaks for itself, Burton was the most influential part of Dave Jones's career, over 11 years or so,and brought the success that he had achieved. Arsenal know how to get the right people and Burton is that man..... Can anybody see the same thing I do?

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I'd like to see Curbishley come in.
We wont ever have any money for transfers while MM is in charge but at least Curbishley can bring players through and work with a small budget.
He seems like the sort of hand on the shoulder manager our players need.

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We have collapsed since Terry Burton left us to Arsenal ..... was he the man behind our promotion last season?

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Or did i mean arm around the shoulder :)

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Arsenal or us. No brainer isn't it?

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What person comes on here and just disagrees with things that are neither right or wrong :P

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28 Nov 2012 00:52:37
I,me 66yrs old saw my 1st owls match in 1955 aged 9. Since then this MASSIVE club of ours has won 1 trophy(1991). Wot a great return for the thousands of pounds i,ve spent watchin the owls. Had a season.ticket for donkeys.years. Dont believe in advocating anyone bein sacked but enuff is enuff. On saturday jones started with the worst front 2 i,ve seen for yrs. Eventually he brought on madine and rodrie. Both showed more passion than the idle jb and the unfit past it sidabe. Wot happens? Tonight madine and rodrie not even on bench. Absolute shambles mr jones! ... Mik yrs

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Share your feelings totally n I've been going since 1961 I really don't know what there is to defend about what jones has done this season absolute shambles n just gets worse every time . I thought good times were coming back last year with megson the pride was back in shirts and winning at hillsboro again now look ashamed an all down to one man .useless

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Dave Jones tactics and team selection are spot on its all the negativity from so called supporters that keep costing us the points so to many if you want someone to blame, blame yourselfs!

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Its really turned out sad,but something i did not know till mentioned on radio burton was with jones for 11 yrs. all top managers have good back up,big jack setters,big ron richie barker, wikinson and eustace,dave jones has got wilkinson who has not done the job before is this the problem?

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Hmm didnt mm say there was no truth in megsen going? 2 weeks later he was sacked, this time he says the same about jones. i dont think he got long left tbh. mm will wield axe very soon but who will replace him? king kenny? (only throwing another name in there that not been mentioned)

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28 Nov 2012 00:31:20
Tonight was not a managerial issue, tonight was four sloppy mistakes that caused four goals. Goal #1 - A throw-in, all our players fail to react because they were all calling for a foul throw. Then a tackle that should have been a red card resulting in a missed penalty (both game-changing opportunities that haven't gone our way) Goal #2 - Shocking marking from a questionable free kick, basic defending something that you shouldn't have to go over in training at that level. Goal #3 - Even worse marking, the ball falls to a player that has literally been on the field 10 seconds and he slots home. Goal #4 - A good finish but the defence could have been tighter.

Yes Dave Jones has picked a bunch of players, yes the players that are making the majority of the errors on the pitch are Dave Jones' signings. Would a new manager change the fact that these players play in the manner in which they do? No. We haven't stuck by a manager long enough to have any idea where the Dave Jones era will take us.

So easy to blame Jones for everything but nobody really sees anything that goes on at the club other than the odd visit to the website and the games a few times a month. Heard somebody on BBC Sheffield say 'Dave Jones had his time last season...' - Is this how it is, we higher a manager to do a 3 month job before we're on to the next one for our next objective? Never in the history of football has that worked for a team. Look at our rivals from across the city.

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You sound like dave jones ! are you sure you arnt him ?

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Totally agree we should stick with a manager BUT we have to stick with the right one .
The only thing that Dave Jones has won is a false reputation for himself .
We can ONLY judge him from the start of the season and since then he has proved his judgement of players ability is flawed, his team selections are erratic , he is stubborn , in his opinion he does not make mistakes others do, and he is not a motivator.
Funnily enough that is not only the opinion of me and lots of other Owls fans .... It's what Cardiff fans were saying about him 2years ago , check it yourself.
So that tells me that things will not change under Dave Jones so he is definitely not the one to keep faith with ....... IMO we should have done that with Gary Megson, who has achieved at this level and higher as a manager , DJ never will !

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Yh you got me it is me Dave! Just wanna add your the worst fans ive ever had the displeasure to work with

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As someone else has said,he's got a false reputation.
I believed him to be one of the best managers around and a mr nice guy.
But look on wikipedia and check out what he's done in his career and how things turned out.
Also he is showing that he isn't that much of a nice guy.
I thank him for giving us that extra push last season but he has to go now for the good of the club

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Wikipedia... I give up

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28 Nov 2012 00:27:20
Absolute disgrace I can't believe what I've seen at hillsbrough tonight its getting embarasing why cant Milan see this?? I've decided not to waste my money till he DAve is there! Come on Milan It's not hard to see things aren't improving the players aren't playing for him anymore he had lost it!

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Here's the problem in a nutshell. DJ was quoted after tonight's match:

"Jones was puzzled as to why Lines, who has been out for three months with a groin injury, took the penalty.

"We had a chance to get back in front, just score the penalty," he said.

"My argument with players is why did we allow a player who has been out for such a long time to take it?

"Credit to him for wanting it, but there are other players out there whose kicking would be cleaner and confidence would be higher."

Isn't it the manager's job to select our penalty taker before the match for Pete's sake? This is symptomatic of what is happening to our team right now

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28 Nov 2012 00:21:46
MM has been treating managers like sh*t for years and getting away with it , wouldn't you know it would backfire big style for us ?
I hate to say this but I think he's gonna stick with DJ because he's totally boxed himself in to a corner by sacking Megson when we were 3rd !
He justified that by lording it over Jones !
We need a top man to dig us out of this hole that DJs dropped us in, and if you were that top man would you come ?

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He could bring Megson back if he admitted it was a mistake to sack him . Megson might buy it cos he's a fan & this will be hurting him a lot more than Jones.

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Milan you broke it with sacking megson now fix it

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