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28 May 2013 10:42:52
Mcphail and olofinjana signings will be unveiled soon.

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28 May 2013 14:19:24
they are definitely gunna be here come the start of the season

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Sorry owls mates BUT It will be no decent signings again this season, you like it or not! DJ signed 12 players at the start of last season after a long wait and they were not competitive at all in this division, apart from Kirkland and Gardner and a little bit of Lee and McCabe. The rest were waste of money and were given no time to be developed. Why do you think it will be any different the coming season. Plenty more money has been coming to the club from increased attendance, Sky sport and merchantize etc and it would good to see the resulting benefits of bringing just few high quality players. I do not think that will happen. praise yourselves my friends for another nervy season!!

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Summer signings are supposed to be revealed in time for "Owls in the park" event on June 30th.

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Despite the odd bad signing, we had a relatively good season and started building a development squad.
So let's ignore the persons, prepare for next season and move forwards once again.

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28 May 2013 16:31:28
The track record is not good, I agree. And we can only hope that the suggestions for midfield are wide of the mark- potentially ponderous as a combination. Surely we can get more pace into the squad and I must assume that DJ is more than aware of the fact. Time to trust?

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The Mcphail and Olofinjana signings if true is a step backwards sell bye date gone and too injury prone be lucky to get half a season out of them both talk about depressing before we start bad bad news Mr. C

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Sorry Owls needs to think a little.
We now have an Academy and Scouting network they are not cheap to set up. We spend less money than half of the teams in league. Even then Mandaric has to put in £5 million to keep club in black.
I note we also signed Antonio who did not do badly. I would like to know other first team signings were? Taylor Rodri, Pecnik and Mayock make 9. Others like Lavery were intended for development squad and are apparently doing well.
Did you not notice our signings improved as season progressed, could this be we had a scouting network begining to work. Also most of the signings were free and you are lucky if you get 50% hit rate with this type of signing at Championship level. If you check stats regarding free signings less than 25% do well. So cheer up things are improving look for positives instead of trying to find fault.

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No signings announced until w/c 11 June I am told.

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What about Anotnio, he was a good signing

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Olofinjana and mcphail will be unveiled this week.

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Mcphails past it, so we will probably sign him then.

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Antonio was megsons coup, Dj had it on a plate for him ( headinhands ) do some even support wednesday on here?

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DJ bought him though. So it was DJ's signing.

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Motherfocker - GM had lost plot at Hillsbrough. he did bring in some players suitable for L1 and others with potential but bad blood had developed with Chairman over MM failure to support him in transfer market. It was not DJ fault he was sacked it was hs own you can not bite the hand that feeds you. He let his emotion and passion for club over ride the need for self preservation. This is often why supporters of a club are not good managers. DJ has done well and stayed on good terms with Chairman and consistency of management is very important. All managers need time to build a team DJ is smart enough to keep his job and gain time he needs. So let's use loaf a bit.

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Have we all forgot about Chris Lines, when he is fit it would be like having a new signing, good player in my opinion with the potential to develop into a really good Championship player

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Lines is a ledge he is awesome

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28 May 2013 09:11:35
heard sean st ledger simeon Jackson and simon church on they're way to s6

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28 May 2013 10:21:50
Wednesday are after Craig dawson, darren ambrose, jerome thomas, leroy lita and nicklas helenius.

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Heard church is signing others are off to other championship clubs one is Huddersfield.

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More like charlotte

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Simeon Jackson think his mother posts his name on our site a league One player at best.

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3 posters 10 players we're signin an its not even June yet. not bad even by jones standards. Oh well may as well Av a go. David cotterill, Keith treacy, Connor Wickham. Let u know if I think of anyone else!

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Church would be a good signing as would Helenius.

I have heard we've spoken to Trecy's people so that could be on and i'm sure Wickham will be on Jones radar depends on Sunderland.

The latest doing the rounds is we've have a fee agreed for MaGuire from the pigs, i'm not a fan of his think he's too slow but that's what i'm hearing.

Also Olefenjana is a cert to be here for pre-season.

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Harry Maguire is not going to Wednesday, believe me.

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28 May 2013 08:54:54
Ivan Krstanovic and Emmanuel Kone to be unveiled this week

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I'll have some of what your on! No chance!

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That krstanovic has been reported in Croatia to be signing soon via twitter

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Can you sign somebody via Tritter?!

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