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28 May 2012 21:08:22
A further addition to the development squad will be announced tomorrow. Sheffield wednesday have signed Ben Tibenham, a young striker from buxton fc's youth team.

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28 May 2012 20:29:09
James McFadden to speak to D Jones Over possible 1 year deal after his release from everton

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Wages problem!

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More chance of signing Brian McFadden

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More loui walsh lol

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Why don't we make it more simple for people that like to post crap. Wednesday are interested in every free agent out there

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28 May 2012 20:19:38
D Jones looking at many free agents, Fitz Hall, P Ramage, D Gabbidon, P Green, G Leadbeater, T Soares, J Mattock and D Kitson

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The only ones i would take would be lead bitter, green and mattock

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Mattocks an 'ead case stay clear

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Fitz hall would be a good signing

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If we are serious about pushing on next season then none of the above are any good. Also can remember when JJ went for Fitz Hall in the tunnel a few years back. Hope we dont sign any of em!

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You think your too good to sign anyone but your only a team that just got promotion from league 1 so stop thinking that all of these players aint good enough for your team

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I would be happy for us to sign leadbitter, good player and was used regularly in the prem whilst at sunderland

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The smell of bacon is very strong

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We won't sign green just because we have already got Kirkland. IMO

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Another windup

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P green is a midfielder not keeper

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Fitz Hall is a good solid defender I'd take him any day of the week he was quality for QPR in the championship.

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28 May 2012 19:02:21
were not getting Antonio as he wants to play or be proved as a Prem player, sky sports reports!

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Its not what antonio said its been twisted,look on antonios twitter he says dont belive what you read.

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Good luck to him, he deserves a shot at prem level, he got us up so I wish the lad all the best whatever happens!

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It's a load of bull! He's already stated before he wants to join us on a permanent basis!

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Hes missus has posted dont read into everything in the news, and he retweeted it!

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28 May 2012 18:49:40
Antonio relishing prem test..... Look on the website..... Does this indicate he is staying at Reading! Suppose it depends on whether Brian McDermott considers him ready for the prem test in his first 25 next season.....

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This is like the Batth report they are hardly likely to sl*g current club off and give impression they want to leave as they could lose percentage of any transfer fee. I suspect Wolves and Reading are playing hard ball but neitther of them proven at Championship level so fee needs to reflect this.

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28 May 2012 16:20:05
getting sterling the young boy from liverpool on loan

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We would probably like him but loans are not announced and agreed in May.

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We have asked but Liverpool have said no go.

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Been saying his name all last season that this boy can play watched him alot on Liverpool tv really hope this happens uto

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Hope so he looks good

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Think there will be a chance at start of next season although type of player who you stand little chance of making move permenant.

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28 May 2012 15:58:40
Diogo amado to sign later today, good friends with somedo. If not to day tomorrow

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It was announced in Portugal yesterday, already signed. I have posted a link to a Portugese site.

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28 May 2012 15:32:05
Wednesday have had a bid turned down for derby countys Chris maguire,Wednesday won't be going back as derby want to much money for him

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Think its harry Maguire we are after.

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Chris maguire is quality, had a very good loan spell with pompey!

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28 May 2012 13:51:54
I'm not too sure if anyone's talke about this but I the Sheffield star today, under the article about Kieron Lee, it says we're looking at Diogo Amado? Portuguese midfielder? And it says on his wiki that he plays for swfc. Ive never heard/seen him so not sure what he's like..

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Spectacular midfielder for Estoril. Seems to get a few bookings as well as catching the eye.

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Yes it's true, I thought it was diago Rubio but I was wrong got mixed up with both players, his profile says he playes for Wednesday also it was on radio Sheffield! Uto

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So has he or will he sign.? WTID

Did anybody smell bacon cooking in wembley Saturday..?

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Never get past amado he's magic you know never get past amado

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A few people seemed to have mentioned his name. nice to be getting a few in early on too for a change. were all town arent we ba ba der der

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I don't think he's signed yet, but on twitter, from the editor of the sheffield star, it says another signing's being announced today?

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Dave Jones will sign 8 players this summer. 1 GK - Kirkland, 2. RB - Lee, 3. CB - not sure possibly roger johnson on loan, 4. RW - Antonio will sign by end of week, 5. LW - Possibly Treacy in again - 6. CM - not sure, 7. ST - Ranger on loan, 8. ST - not sure, too many rumours on this one

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Diogo Amado has signed for the development squad

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I wouldn't base it all on Wiki. If you read the Wiki article it has clearly been made by an amateur.

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He's 22 and just missed out on the Portugal Squad for the Euros so I doubt he's been signed for the development squad.

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From what I have just seen on youtube he comes from the Simonsen and Waddle school of penalty kicks.

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"He's 22 and just missed out on the Portugal Squad for the Euros so I doubt he's been signed for the development squad." Wikipidia is not gospel mate, I think you will find a Wednesday fan edited that.

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28 May 2012 12:26:04
Sheffield Wednesday have continued their summer recruitment with the capture of defender Kieran Lee, who will join the Owls upon the expiry of his contract at Oldham Athletic.
The 23-year-old right back has agreed a three-year contract at Hillsborough.

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28 May 2012 09:49:50
25 May 2012 13:49:43
Arsenal, Manchester United, Sheffield Wednesday and Crystal Palace will send scouts to watch Crewe Alexandra's Nick Powell at Wembley in the League Two Play-Off final against Cheltenham Town this weekend. {Ed001's Note - I thought Palace and Wednesday were watching Westwood and Leitch-Smith?}

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From what I heard Manchester United have already agreed a 5 million deal for Nick Powell with him being loaned back to Crewe for next season?

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Ed- Not ANOTHER ashley westwood, the last one we had was SHOCKING {Ed001's Note - this one is a very good young player.}

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More chance of signing Francis Jeffers!

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See Trigger had to get back on here. Wish someone would give him a job.

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Though THIS Ashley Westwood is a really good player.

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28 May 2012 08:18:38
Heard strong rumours that Kevin McDonald is going to make the switch from S2 to S6. DJ is a big admirer of the midfielder and wants to get the deal done.

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McDonald a failure at Championship level that is why he dropped to L1

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He's matured and a quality player!

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Think the above comment should read "he's manure and a liability as a player"

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