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28 Mar 2013 16:53:58
Steve Howard set to sign

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28 Mar 2013 18:44:24
OGrady out on loan getting positive reviews and we get in a 36 year old league one player. I know OGrady can't be recalled but what on earth is DJ thinking. In DJ we trust more like in DJ we wounder.

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Even I'm bewildered at our latest signing.
Still won't admit the neg experts are right though.

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Very very bad addition cand believe there was nothing better out there

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28 Mar 2013 19:23:32
Ok were not a big club, ok we've got no money but have things really got this bad? Steven Howard, an injury ravaged player from Bolton and a none starter from the mighty Hull City. After we're relegated at the end of the season how long will it take us realistically to get back to winning ways and achieve any kind of success? Also when we're relegated how well does everyone think that this team will do in league 1? In the bottom 8 would be a realistic position for this once great club. Ever since the wrongful sacking of Gary Megson this club as gone backwards. Don't say since his sacking we gained promotion because the truth is is that we were going up anyway with the team that he'd built that Dave jones inherited then destroyed. MM is full of hot air and thrives on celeb status and Dave Jones as never achieved success as a manager so those two together are a fatal combination for this club. If you remember I said this when MM employed Jones and surprise surprise it's all now going wrong just as I warned you all. My next prediction for our once great club is if the 2 above named people are still at the helm within the next 3 years we will be in league 2. Admittedly we'll be in the top 6 all season but we'll still be a league 2 club at the end of the day until someone with some ambition takes over the club and takes us forward.

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Oh my days! Steve Howard? Really? Iv had enough of all this in dj we trust nonsense, he should've gone months ago. I hope all of his deciples will be happy with another season back in league 1? Will they still be turning up against yeovil or wycombe like I will be? A so called blunt or weed because I am unhappy with the current regime! It's called a grip boys and girls, so take down your dj posters off ya bedroom wall and get one! WAWAW

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Oh my god! This negatively is so boring now! The truth actually is we most probably wouldn't have got promoted if megson was still in charge let alone automatically! In the last 15 or so games are form has been good overall which is not overly reflected in our league position! There are still 12 teams in this relegation battle, that is how close it is! Stop being negative, get behind the boys and we'll drive them forward. Granted Howard isn't a great signing but he will link up very well with lita and may even score a few!

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Latest post. My feelings also.

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Iv got to agree with the previous poster, some people on here think jones is some sort of a god and I just don't get it? how can they be happy with a manager who deivered so little in a season that promised a lot more? you're right pal, some people need to get a grip.

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Oh my days listen to all u so called wednesday fans out there who think dj has lost the plot u get a grip! If we go down I'm pretty sure like 50% of posters on here won't be there next season if we go down and I'm sure u won't travel to places like Colchester or Yeovil like I will. We've just got promoted and staying in this league this season is all we want. We're in form so get behind the lads and drive them on. Fair enough the signing of Howard isn't the best but he hasn't even put on the blue and white stripes and already getting hassel. Jesus give him a chance. And Holden has been a good signing so all u negative owls get lost because YOU are the only ones who will bring down the owls.

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Well said mate. The persons who are against the club are not worth bothering about.

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Thats summat that proper winds me up, just because someone says something wrong about your beloved Dave Jones it means they aren't proper fans? When that man takes us down you will change your tune. When a new manager comes in and we go from strength to strength I would like to see you eat your words. It weren't fans like me that signed 500 players in summer then realised half of them weren't good enough so tried to replace them with past it loanees. It also weren't me that insisted in playing the same mind boggling tactics to accommodate one terrible player week after week and it certainly wasn't me that is bringing this club down, that is all your Dave Jones doing.

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Well said mate proper winds me up too.
We'll still be here when Jones has moved on to his next payday for achieving nowt.

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Why don't u get behind jones. If it wasn't for dj we wouldn't have gone up last season and to all u fans saying Gary Megson this Gary Megson that get over yourselves because if we don't get behind the lads or the manager we will go down so please just support and don't moan and groan. If we go down fair enough but we've still got a great chance of going up so come on support the team. Oh and if dj goes who will we bring in! And it's not guaranteed he will lift the team this new manager. If the players are behind him whic honey are we need to stick together

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We are not a big club - what are you talking about! we are the wednesday we are in the top 15 clubs in this country- but for some reason our manager likes to sign players who are not fit ( this helps theirown team but not us) he signs players who are over the hill (which I cannot for the life of me understand) let's out our good players to our rivals and dosent use some of the prommising players we have WHY who's paying you dj us or them???????

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Yeah, I can't understand why Rooney or Bale didn't want o sign for us on loan.

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Currently we are the 41st best team in England and Wales. league tables never lie

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The team is in 41st position true, but the club is well inside top20 biggest clubs in country, that has nothing to do with football its about assets, commercial strength, fan base etc.
Its where we should be if we were achieving our potential instead of going round in circles on our learning curve.

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There is no way we are in the top 20. Absolute tripe.

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Google the top 20 English football clubs, think you`ll find Wednesday are in the top 20

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Google. Oh well, definitely a fact.

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Google doesn`t tell you it directs you to the football history sights that do, smarty pants

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Name 20 bigger clubs than Wednesday then genius? We are definitely one of the biggest in the championship and then in the premiership, you have Wigan, reading, Swansea, qpr, Norwich to name a few that aren't as big as Wednesday, good luck finding 20 clubs bigger than us!

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Just to add to the people talking about rodri because u score against real madrid don't make you a quality player neil mellor scored in the champions league heskey as well consist strikers and the best strikers

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28 Mar 2013 14:08:58
Signed Stuart Holden, great signing, used to be one of top ten midfielders in prem before his injuries so if he gets playing to his ability hell be a real asset

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Before his injuries? In other words another liability. Yes he " was" good, but can we afford another injury prone player at this late stage. Need a striker fast

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I like Holden a lot -but are we yet again getting players fit for other clubs instead of looking to our own future?

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And what a striker we've just got. A 36 yr old who's only scored three times all season from a lower league. May be time to see how good our youth team is if things get bad.

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And if he helps us stay up?.

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Everyone wrote kirkland off as a injury prone player I believe his played every LEAGUE game this season! I personally rate holden if we could get him on a contact in the summer that would be a great addition

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28 Mar 2013 13:10:17
sensible blade - David Goodwillie is signing today.

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No such thing

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