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28 Jun 2013 21:46:58
Portuguese site MaisFutebol says we have signed FC Porto B left back Rafael Floro.

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28 Jun 2013 22:35:43
It says Sheff Utd

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Other sites also say he's signed for the blunts?

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He has signed for Sheffield u

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28 Jun 2013 23:56:32
What I can find is he's not signed for us but for the Blunts

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If you google him says Blunts bought him?

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Signed to sheffield wednesday on a 2 year contract we got links in portugue to

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It says Sheffield Wednesday. Plus he's been pictured at training. I think he might be for the development squad.

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They have put Sheffield united on some sites but its a mistake. They often do this for some reason! He's signed for us. See picture 15 on our official site from training.

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This is true but he has signed for dev squad one of the young players mentioned him as Rafa on twitter when he was talking about having a walk around Stockbridge and said Rafa says its like Portugal don't ask why and you will have to look for it yourselfs I'm not trailing twitter for the comment

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Why on earth would anyone want to sign for sheffield united.

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Seen picture on 15 he looks like he's got a budgie chest lol. Mr. C

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The reason anybody would sign for Sheff U** is because they can't play football, like being called pig and will never be good enough for the MASSIVE.

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28 Jun 2013 14:30:17
coke signed 2 year deal

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Old news on radio sheff at dinner time

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27 Jun 2013 23:54:55
Bulgarian midfield playmaker Ivan Pavlov is on trial with Wednesday, via Bulgarian side Slivnhiski Geroi, with a view to a permanent move. Also Nahki Wells is close to being signed in a player plus cash deal, and Helan and Lita are on their way back permanetly, with Gary Madine set to be sold.

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Who's going to swap nahki? Uto xxx

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Looked him up on the web. He appears not to have played for a year- and not a lot before that. Perhaps web info wrong - or the rumour.

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Is this info from a good source? UTO

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Happy with all that: can't see any evidence, but would be happy.

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Don't know why but that name rings a bell.

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Looks like were destined to sign an ivan with all the rumours.

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Pavlov has not played first team football for a couple of years so think he is on a wing and a prayer trial basis. We have obviously been scouting in Balkan areas with those linked previously.
Heard we are also looking at young Croatian centre half sorry do not know name.
Not heard anything about Wells.

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I would be soooo happy if this happens which is unlikely all class players but we need a young striker as well I reckon obaaaaa the owl

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Marlon pack signing but leaving small gap until he signs as it looks daft having 2 double league 2 signings in a row. Mayo :)

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Why would it look daft? And if it does, the gaps not going to change anything R. P

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"Heard we are also looking at young Croatian centre half sorry do not know name. "

Luca? Lol!

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Pack is a talented player don't matter
he played in league 2. Is probably
better than has beens!

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Adam davies and coke sign up

jj is one player to sign up

is there anymore out of contracts to sign up does anyone one? uto xxx

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We need to sign

st ledger, helan lita, ambrose,
k davies

team to start season

kirkland buxton reda gardner
st ledger ambrose prutton/coke antonio maghoma
lita k davies post your thoughts

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Pavlov is 29 years old and has only played 69 games, and the teams he has played for are not big / good teams, I rest my case

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Gray and that's it mate

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Gray agreed deal a month ago.

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I don't think signing Kevin Davies would be a step forward, I think he would have been great for the run in last season but think we need more attractive style and build to progress!

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