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28 Jun 2012 13:19:59
looks like Terry has done a Burton and left us for the gooners, confirmed just now...didn't take long. shame sounds like he is a very good man and could be a loss to us for sure...

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Utter garbage! Milan stated to Paul Walker that no contact has been made. Someone's stirring!

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According to the arsenal fan zone they've secured him today!?

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Haha looks like Terry's gone for a burton qaulity

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Read the small print on the post it uses the words "seems" we are going to sign although headlines says something else.

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Nothing on Arsenal official site ignore it until the clubs announce it

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On Swfc website

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No it's not

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The comment above about report being on SWFC website confirms my view that the negative comments regarding players are made by the same lunatic from the sty on the other side of the city. Just hope he gets a job although on quality of contributions lacks the intellect to acquire one.

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28 Jun 2012 11:30:58
Forget about signings for a while, some really bad news --- Arsenal have interviewed Burton for a coaching role !!
Given that he has links with Arsenal and he's from " darn sarf" , could be our first bit of bad news in a while ???

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Independent not known for reliable info is a hope. Agree would not want to lose him. he has history with arsenal but has been reserve team coach before and would hope 2nd in command at Owls appeals before a couple of rungs further down ladder at arsenal. Maybe trying to get better deal.

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He has just been apointed by the arse this morning. Question is who going to replace him?

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Jay Bothroyd by the sounds of earlier posts. UTO : )

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28 Jun 2012 11:17:22
Just seen jay boothroyd in Sheffield city centre {Ed041's Note - and I saw Harry Gration from Look North other day, must be a double swoop...

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Its down at training ground or ground u need to see him. Was he driving or shopping. How u know it was him.
Did he have new shirt on with name on back?

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No he had " shut that door" on the back of his shirt.

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Oops, that's Larry grayson

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28 Jun 2012 11:05:34
Wednesday strongly linked with Warwick Davis, word round Stannington, these folk know best

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He'd be better at us than utd as the balls always up in the air in division 3! Haha!

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We after verne troyer and Jason acuna as well

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28 Jun 2012 09:22:07
I Posted this the other day met with some sceptism, but manadaric has indicated how many players he wants to sign in window in Telegraph today. I should indicate some named blow will command fees or part exchanged, they would also have to agree to leave.
26 Jun 2012 15:32:21
Just heard that Rob Jones, Chris O'Grady. Giles Coke, Dave Prutton, Daniel Jones, Mark Reynolds, Mike Jones and Lewis Buxton will all be allowed to leave club this summer. Expect 12 new 1st team squad faces in total.

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Buxton told me to expect as many as 12 signings when I saw him at Crucible watching snooker.

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If text of Telegraph article is read I am at a loss how anybody can disagree with this.
Some of posts on site suggest intellectual army of the blunts have been around. Their crowds are probably so low due to them being able to get work if the comments are a sample of their number.

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Don't get rid of Buxton he's a great player

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28 Jun 2012 06:53:57
dj and representative from Chelsea seen talking about roman lukaku on season long loan

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Not gonna happen

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Doubt it, its romelu anyways, so have you just made this up?

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He's class on FIFA

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28 Jun 2012 00:02:33
Take a look at the Leeds United rumour site. Heaps going on there. Take over bids, big money signings, Sheffield Wednesday prospects being guzzumped you name it it's all happening. Good job they're only rumours.......or are they?

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Leeds fans have always lived in a fantasy world. They are motivated by sheer hate towards everyone and everything and are always boasting about how they will take over the world. The best way is to simply ignore them. At the moment Bates has signed an exclusive agreement to talk to one investor. Nothing is known of the investor and it by no means follows the talks will ever amount to anything. There supporters are incapable of understanding and believe they're the next Man City!

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Firstly I have no love for Leeds and agree with some of the sentiments above. Ken Bates looks after number one and the club comes second. he is just out to make money and the deal will be right for him and if the club get a lift that is secondary. For this reason I feel sorry for the ordinary Leeds fan (not loud mouths and brain in foot or somewhere fans). We had 10 years of waiting for the cloud to lift and went through endless peaks and troughs and we did not have anyone who wanted to make a bundle in charge. They will have it rugh for a while yet.

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I may be wrong but think Leeds are in administration does this mean, they will have points deduction next season. Also checked rumour page and it is chaos, this is individuals just guessing. Will be shocked if they are taken over on 1st July.

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No chance of Leeds being in administation, even though KB has taken a lot of money out of the club for his own pocket they are no where near in being that far in debt.

So glad our board of directors at the time told him to get lost when he came sniffing round trying to buy us. We'd probably be in the conference by now if he had :)

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Geoff sheard

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We, leeds utd , were one of few clubs to make a profit last season, nowhere near administration .we are being taken over ,deal has already been agreed, due dilligence in progress,could be this week or next . we dont live in fantasy world , just want to be back where we belong,at the top,somewhere you've never been,or likely to be .oh,and i guess 500,000 is big money for you then, as that is the only figure quoted for a player to date

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See what I mean about Leeds fans living in a fantasy world? Exclusivity agreement and completing due diligence does not mean any takeover is going to happen. In fact its not clear if its a takeover or investment. So go back under your stone.

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