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28 Jul 2012 20:02:07
It's getting worrying now we have not been linked with any players apart from Antonio we beta get a move on or we will struggle

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To be fair mate, sometimes the best deals come out of the blue, tho I must admit I am getting a bit squidgy pants myself.

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Trust Dj and mm. Something will happen.

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I would rather not be linked with anybody and sign who we want..... It gets really demoralising getting linked with all these players just to see them sign for somebody else

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Why is everyone panicking its only pre-season it is used to try new things and see whats not working i would rather we played poorly now and found our weaknesses then in a few weeks time! Get a grip its only one game
WTID! Trust in dj and mm

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How can it be worrying? we have over a month left and even longer for loans, which we are bound to have a couple of, i think people's problems on here are; they get bored if no one is getting mentioned, give it time, don't s*** yourself because we have been linked with some premier league reject in the last 24 hours!

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DJ has a history of not announcing who he is after or in talks with until theyre signed and the ink is dry. Antonio is public knowledge beacause he was on loan so no point hiding this. Other targets are not announced to stop other clubs interest or a bidding war.

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If you look at the other teams in the Championship non of the signings have that wow factor.Once the Prem teams announce there squads some real quality players will become available and because the management team has not panic bought the money is still in the kitty we have the best management team we have had for as long as I can remember.Trust them they are the professionals we are just fans that want success that will take time but I would sooner get it knowing it will be sustained not just a one season wonder as often happens with teams.

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I conclude that this is the best situation we've been in for yonks

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Rumours that doncaster are to sign rob jones he wasn't at Donna match with owls yesterday also signed McCabe on three contract source sky sports

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Some of the worrying comments I think come from very young fans or even perhaps not fans at all, trying to stir up unrest. If R Jones rumour true good for him, Doncaster and us. I wish him well.

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Thats bull we have been linked with the following:

many more

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28 Jul 2012 19:44:33
Milan Maderic has said on Interview with BBC Radio Sheff that he would like to set up a 'Feeder Club' if anyone has read about the rumours linking him to Belgium, this is what that club would become. MM was talking about how it is easier to get work permits etc. in Belgium

Finally we have responsible, patient and experienced chain of command at Hillsborough that refuse to panic buy. DJ highly experienced in Championship and MM has been in football a long long time!

The Future is looking bright my fellow Owls

UTMFO! Never been more to be one!

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"Milan the builder...."

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Dont players have to be there a while before they can come to england. shows good long term ambition for the club by mm

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When Utd fold we could take over them and have them as feeder, have good facilities at Academy and sell ground.

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Remember DJ when Cardiff got took over?! Was about a week before the season and he managed to buy a team of class players that really should have gone up! So don't worry we'll get there!

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McCabe signed 3 year deal ... Sky sports

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McCabe signed 3 year deal UTO

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Told u all , i dont need to lie wtid

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Yes I ve just seen it on sky

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Why do people change the thread half way through

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28 Jul 2012 17:50:55
A lot of talk about Liam lawrence joining from portsmouth,at the game today,don't know how true it is.

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28 Jul 2012 15:11:21
Dj sounding like he wants harewood to stay with wednesday. bbc radio sheff

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Bloody hope not.

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Hope not!

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Old news well will bring in 3 more players before next Saturday's

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Well today I thought he was great, looked a real threat up front and had numerous chances, get him signed!

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Didn't put any away though, did he ?

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I agree, thought he looked good against Doncaster, his hold up play was great and he was feeding other players in to, I think I would give him a year tbh

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Not all strikers have to score goals in every game sometimes they can create chances for the rest of the team

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Harewood looked awful at Donnie.

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Sign him but do a deal like pay as u play dont spend stupid money on wages weekly if his only guna play a few games good back up i suppose..

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28 Jul 2012 10:56:38
the massive to gazump piggies for Tony Mcmahon

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He has premiership ambitions (the reason he hasn't signed a new deal at boro) and I'm sure we are not in need of yet another right back....

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He was at shirecliffe yesterday

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Don't need him although I rated him in his loan spell, good player. Lee and Buxton are good enough, oldham fans have nothing but praise for lee. However it was interesting that mattock I believe played at rb tonight.

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I thought he had premiership aspirations? funny that as he has signed for united! That we teach you to jump up and down on someone before knowing the facts!

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28 Jul 2012 06:20:00
I want very much to believe that we will get McCabe -a great prospect. I know there are whispers of a done deal, but yet again nothing from the club. All we know from this site is that he is said to be looking for both a flat near a gym and for a house in Dore. Can't both be true.

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Its true just waiting for clearance. Got it from a good source .

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Perhaps he wants to rent one out x

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Why can they not both be true? Maybe he's looking at a wide variety of places. Or maybe he'll actually sign a contract before finding a place to live??

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Because they represent completely different lifestyles and choices.

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On Rangers site they are talking about Reynolds going to them as compensation for McCabe but his 10k a week wages at Wednesday are the problem me 10k me thinks someone been on whiskey a bit to much.

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