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28 Jan 2014 16:22:49
Sinama Pongolle has just left middlewood road supposed loan till the end of the season from FC Rostrov

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Yeah right ok. 51 goals in 254 appearances. just what we need. next daft rumour!

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28 Jan 2014 17:15:27
Why would he be there?

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Don't believe he was, sorry

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28 Jan 2014 12:49:23
Chris wood to sign on loan and Conner wickham to sign on loan u read it here first. It will not be today before end off week

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I guarantee if we get Chris Wood on loan he will score goals for fun again like he did at Millwall, and Leicester will sell him for £3-5mill at end of season.
What we ought to do is offer Leicester £700-800K and they would snatch our hand off.
At the end of the season we/MM has a player worth 5x what he paid for him.
Even if he isn't worth that much at least he is our player and won't be snatched back when it suits them and not us?
He's a perfect fit for us! Buy him!

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So why recall wickham back?

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700-800k for Chris Wood? Who you trying to kid! If he was available for that price, most top end clubs in the Championship would be after him

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So wicham recalled back to sunderland for what reason?
when wickham colud have played today and get an extension on his loan with owls
not make sense why gone back if on way back to owls

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I heard Sunderland have had a few knocks on there forwards so pulled him back early purley for cover. If this is true then the loan option is still on. Hope so anyway.

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Ever way we need to sign a striker on a perminant basis and ideal situation buy 1 and loan 1. Chris Woods not first team choice at minuite and they have fare few strikers (just brought in KP as well) so worth bid. They bought him for around 1m so would say a bid of 700-800k would have half a chance. Same with fryatt they Hull I doubt will want over 500k so come on MM! 2 strikers woods and fryatt are feesable and avaliable.

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Mm will not fork out fees with you in a fight to stay up. He has not got the wealth to risk it. You will get wood on loan.

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MM says he will back sg for prem so now he's manager anyone who's a real Swfc fan won't say mm won't back him, give him time and patience please uto xxx

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Rumour has it that Sunderland are trying to tempt two Albion players by offering up Wickham in exchange. This would explain the sudden pull to return him. As Sunderland just signed a new striker they don't need Wickham back really.

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Its not a rumour its true, they are trying to loan him to Brighton to persuade them to release Bridcutt.
But don't forget Wickham does have a say in things, he has to agree to it.
His contract is with Sunderland, so he could say I'll stay at Sunderland whether I play or not, or I'll go back to Sheffield on loan and you can get part of my wages paid.
I think that must be where SG & MM's confidence is coming from, Wickham enjoys being here so much he may have said its Sunderland or Sheffied for him.

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Apparently Brighton wanted hi so they recalled him to look at his options

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28 Jan 2014 11:09:03
Am working up in Durham this week and chatting to some SAFC supporters they said that they think Wickham was recalled as two of there strikers got slight knocks at the weekend so they needed cover just in case they can't play tomorrow. Also they are close to signing a new striker but they still wanted the cover for the weekend. The other rumour they have heard is that if Fletcher is sold then Wickham will stay with them but if they don't sell him he will go back out on loan again possibly to us

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28 Jan 2014 07:06:13
Milan wants to install a Director of football a position to oversee transfers and agents. So Milan is actually starting a rumour we are going to sign some1. Save on his wages and give it SG to spend. We don't need 1 to cover the amount of players we are going to sign. Let's face it we will be lucky if we sign a loan player which the parent club dictates the conditions not a DofF.

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Lets just hope that if Milan doesn't sell us at the end of this season hell learn the lessons of the last two and spend some money instead of having a poor start and then scrambling around the loan market mid season just to keep afloat.

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I read that SG is in the market for another coach, with SG and LB at the helm we have done well, OK it did involvle CW but never the less progress has been made. Do we really need another coach, another player would be good. MM thinks we have a good chance of getting CW back but I think we still need to get another striker just in case we dont. Getting CW back will still leave the possibility of Sunderland calling him back when ever they choose, not ideal.

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I agree if we don't get to strikers in we will struggle because our strikers ain't good enough please mm try and fryatt or try your hardest to get Wickham back because they are quality and we need them because it's really tight at the bottom of championship

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I can understand not paying millions for a player when players aren't exactly available but fryatt is the ideal player we have only loaned in past few years, but at this point he's there for the taking, we must be able to afford him we could probably get him for under half a million quid easily. Come on mm

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I've just heard Leroy Lita has joined Leeds so that's another one we've missed out on.

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Don't want lita back anyway he didn't want to come back last time we tried

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