Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive January 28 2012


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28 Jan 2012 23:19:26
got a good m8 at noughty forty says marshall back at s6 on loan if does well pullis av him back pre season n pushin 1st team

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Could you repeat that in English please?

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28 Jan 2012 21:48:51
gary megson said on radio sheffield after two players sounds like on loan deals ? why cant we use money from cup games and local derby and sign them i hope we can buy marshell he will take us up the fans can see it why cant milan see it even blades fans know it

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2 players permanent and one on loan when window reopens for loans. Megson and milan have said that all along.

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Yes I hope we sign MARSHELL aswell !!

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28 Jan 2012 19:04:11
Heard it from one of the coaches that wednesday are fighting off intrest in three unamed players! Its likely one will depart before the end of the window

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Pathetic, constant lies.

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Blunts really are making a fool of themselves with pointless comments on here now.

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Blunts are getting a 10 point reduction at some point dont worry bout them worry more about mk dons ontues. We always batter a team in a season i got a feeling we gonna do it against da piggy smelling crap acting seanbean team. Recreat da boxing day masicre.(i cant spell) but biggest win of the season will be against the blunts! (rumour has it)

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Only coaches that you have bin talking to are the ones pulling into crystal peaks bus station like that nutter that used to get the drivers to press the horns. time wasters

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I remember that guy lol

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Doit doit doit
beep beep

yaaay haha..
he could be a little nasty sometimes, chased my ex for no reason up past the nut house near beighton :)

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28 Jan 2012 16:06:58
Owls to sign Ferrie bodde and Ben Marshall on loan early next week neither player is in the respective clubs f.a cup games today

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Ben Marshall AGAIN .....MOVE ON FFS

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Ben 10 was @ blackpool today watching the owls , asked what was happening he just winked and smiled!!! make what you will of it

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No he wasnt why do people come up with these lies?

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I'm a stoke fan and I have It on good authority. Marshall will sign a new deal with stoke and head back to sheffield Wednesday to help them win promotion.

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