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28 Aug 2013 18:04:56
Do people now the Fifa Fair Play kick in next season not this season. Chris Kirkland is going to west brom and We trying to get Jack Butland on loan paying 15% of his wages other players going is Jos� Semedo free and Martin Taylor free, all other on loan Paul Corry, Chris Maguire and Ayo Obileye, Emmanuel Dieseruvwe, Caolan Lavery andCameron Dawson
Johnny Fenwick, Taylor McKenzie. and 3 other players in to the club.

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So you think we're getting rid of nearly the whole youth squad

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Maguire going no where, floro also rumoured for loaning out

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Original poster says loaning youngsters which is what DJ said to get them experience.

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Kirkland is barely good enough at this level let alone a decent premier league side

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Are you daft! Kirkland kept us in most matches last season and can definitely cut it in prem! Wouldn't see point in west Bromwich though when they got Ben foster. I very much doubt he's going anywhere but if he did I'd say somewhere like Southampton or Cardiff would be more accurate or even Fulham

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Yes we will loan the best youngster to get experience and youth squad is big chris maguire is going on loan because he as start 2 games for us and dave jones does not like him.

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Only reason we've been linked with butland is to challenge Kirkland to keep him on top form, if we let him go we would have to sign another keeper

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Why on earth waste any of our meagre funds on another keeper. Kirkland is one of the best in the div and if he gets injured borrow one then. We all know that the midfield and forwards are much more pressing problems

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28 Aug 2013 10:54:00
Swfc After Nathan Doyle From Bradford city he is a quality cm uto ftb

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He'll be no good then. DJ's brought in approx 26 players since his appointment including the development squad and how many have been any good? 2? 3?. Come on MM act now before we go down. The seasons still early enough for an able manager to turn things around and actually achieve something.

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It's 37 players. You'd have thought he'd manage to pick a decent 11 from that lot by now. Get rid Milan the man is vastly overrated.

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Get rid? If we are struggling to find the money to fund new players, how is it going to help if we have to spend more to pay off DJ and then pay a new manager's wages?

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Challenge name players he has brought in and make comments again each one.

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Il just tell you the names
Lite, Howard, olafinjana, Holden, Pugh, McCabe, Barkley, bothroyd, Maguire, pecnik, Gardner, lee, mayor, corry, lavery, Taylor, zyatte, Maghoma, helan, Kirkland, Davies, nuhiu, Antonio permanent, rhodri, mattock, sidibe, Wickham
amado, floro, Lambin, savic all I can think of

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Could be true, he can kick a ball long and high

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28 Aug 2013 09:36:57
Wednesday linked with Jack Butland, initially I turned my nose up when DJ said that he was lookin for another Keeper but I'd take Butland, he's young, already an international and will be a big star I think, already played at the Olympics too and was in the squad at last years Euro's. Be a decent signing if true!


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Nah I doubt it he is prem quality and loads of teams will be after him

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The only way that Stoke would let Butland go out on loan is to give him 1st team football. The only way we would get him on loan is to offer him 1st team football and that would mean dropping Kirkland or sell him, according to a rumour that has been circulating for a good while at least one Premiership club is thought to be considering putting a bid in for him. It is said that Fulham, West Brom and Cardiff have been keeping tabs on Kirkland this season. Kirland has said that he wants to get back into the Premiership so he can be considered England

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Pointless signing, Kirkland one of star performers last year, no point using limited funds on signing a keeper on big wages when were desperately in need of a striker and cm

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Why another winger unless DJ planning to perminately put Antonio up front but why do that Antonio needs space for his pace and to be a threat he better on wing not crowded by defenders I'm so confused at all these decisions. I think I'm not alone in saying Antonio and JJ our wingers with maguire and nuhiu upfront. Really strange how DJ playing players outside their preffered positions wouldn't making them comfortable in their desired position make the team play better or am I the only one to think this. UTO

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Get a 1-1.5 mil for Kirkland, Butland on loan. We then have money for the positions that desperately need filling.

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Butland will replace kirkland who will be sold on monday free wages up

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Sorry the comment saying why another winger was supposed to be relating to petrov coming rumour

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Antonio needs space for his first touch.

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Well he can't have the whole pitch the other players need to play too he is shockingly poor

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Wednesday accepted an offer from hull for Kirkland but he didn't accept the contract he said 'I'm happy where I am' kirklands going nowhere

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Butland is way over rated, he was shocking at u21s this summer

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Only because he had a shocking defence in front of him, no matter how good the 'keeper is if he hasn't got a decent defence then it makes him look as bad

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Defence had nothing to do with his butter fingers

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Obviously not familiar with the term, "Human Error" then!

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Not that many times no

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28 Aug 2013 08:51:11
Apparently we are looking at Martin Petrov. He played a practice match for us against Chesterfield yesterday.

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This post is true how can any one say he's not he's training whith us but his £40,000 a week wages are the stumberling block

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Radio Sheffield said that we are not in talks yet but we are monitoring him closely

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He was on 40k when he left Bolton when they went down, be surprised if espanyol paid half of that, he's 34 atm so wouldn't require a big wage but we've already signed helan and maghoma for lm, unless DJ feels he can use petrov as a cm or striker he wouldn't be worthwhile I don't think

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He's got real quality as well petrov

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He is a centre forward as well as left wing and has scored goals in the past. Only question marks are age and injury record

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