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28 Aug 2012 15:42:41
Prutton to join Scunthorpe on a three month loan and Diogo Amado will return to Portugal after failing to settle in England.

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Not sure if here is any truth in this, but it wouldn't suprise me it did happen.

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A shame if true. Heard great things about Amado

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Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Diogo Amado has left the club to join Portugese Primera League outfit Estoril Praia Futebol for an undesclosed fee

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It is true, been on radio sheff,

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All true and confirmed :(

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Amado did not play well whilst at Hillsbrough, never even made bench so good move by Owls, With Prutton going and Lines being injured we currently only have Semedo, McCabe and Coke. DJ has said will not release players until assured of one coming in so Midfielder on way.

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In the Irish Sun - they say wednesday have agreed terms with Paul Corry from ucd - have heard good things about him so id say he will replace amado.

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Happened ages ago

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I hope all them saying madines not good enough was watching tonight he was immense against a quality fulham defence

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He was alright

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Ye Madine was great, especially when he pulled up, one on one with Shwarzer because he thought he was offside, only for the ref to over rule the linesman. Jesus Christ, don't get why some people worship this guy, any other striker would have finished that, you play to the whistle. Unless he changes his attitude, Madine will be a squad player this year, theres more competition up front this season and hes still got a lot to prove at this level.

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Still young, still learning. Any true owl fan would get behind the players, not pinpoint every mistake they made. Madine scored the winning goal against a premiership side and that still isn't good enough?

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How can someone disagree with the "happened ages ago" comment, Paul Corry cancelled his contract with UCD and he now plays for us?

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He wasnt 'immense', I'm not pin pointing his every mistake and this doesnt make me any less of an owls fan, it just means i went to the game and saw him play. His winning goal was a penalty, as a striker, you're expected to score them so simply saying that he 'scored the winning goal against a premiership side' is only telling half the story. I just feel that Madine gets away with a lot and everyone rushes to praise him for the littlest things where players like COG, who have a more professional attitude have to do much more to receive the same praise.

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I don't believe Madine to be top class, but what the hey, I'll still get support the lad and his accept mistakes, as long as it doesn't cost us the game.

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Totally agree 100% with above post and COG should get the nod over Madine any day... I've been to every match home and away so far this season and am going with what I see week in week out... When COG came on on saturday he made a big difference to the game and looked 10 of Madine... I'm not hating on Madine just pointing out the fact that at the moment COG's fitting in to the way Wednesday play better and also his attitude and commitment for the team is commendable... I real pleasure to see him put on the blue n White shirt... I know madines

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.... Not as fit and playing catch up so I hope I'm saying the same about him very soon... UTO

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Chris O'Grady the 5 goal a season striker who runs around like a headless chicken.
Give me the 18 goal a season goal machine anytime. {Ed032's Note - O'Grady with 3 goals already this season?}

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Im happy we have them both in the team and support either, no matter who plays.

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Madine was quality beating hangeland in the air every time putting in a great shift i will put any money on madine getting more goals than cog and i like cog but every body last season was slating him sayin he diidnt score enough goals fickle wednesday fans most of you

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28 Aug 2012 09:02:15
According to today's Sun And Daily Star Wednesday are ready to pay £2.75 million for Norwich defender Leon Barnett. When are these two papers going stop making up transfer stories and stick to the truth? They are quickly becoming just like transfer rumor sites with made up drivvle.

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Last week he was signing on a free

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No way would The Mighty Massive pay that kind of money for a player that's no better than we've already got. Shame on you tabloid press. Get real.

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Sheffield Wednesday just need to give mattock a run at left back and lee a run at right back n leave leara n beevers centre back we don't thn cover we av Buxton gardener reda all 3 of them can play anywhere in back 4

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Nonsense - we wouldnt pay that for anyone

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No way. Completely false story. Just because we're now moving in the right direction and the future looks exciting we are becoming tabloid fodder. Believe in DJ and MM not the down market press. Up the Owls.

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Wheres this 2.75 million coming from?
certainly not out of MM's back pocket

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The money could come from the 16500 season ticket sales its not case of not having money its more a case of wanting value for money.Dont knock MM for being frugal its working ok for us at the moment save the cash for January if we need to strengthen then.

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So you want to spend half the season ticket revenue on the transfer fee for a nobody from Norwich? Never mind about the clubs wage bill and general running costs eh, they don't matter. Can I ask were you part of the last board?

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No, the guy was just saying that the money IS there, not once did he suggest we should needlessly splash the cash on nobody's...
There seems to be a general consensus that we are still skint. He was making the point that we are far from skint, and that we are merely being cautious with the cash available.
You really need to read the discussion properly before you reply!

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As any successful business man would.

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Thanks for reading my comment properly you are correct I was pointing out that money is available but for once we are not wasting it.I also pointed out earlier in the week last week we were signing this guy from norwich on a free.

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We dont have 2.5M to spend. We just dont. Has it ever occured to you that maybe MM wants some of the 7M he spent paying off the Co-op bank back? Season ticket sales will not pay for a transfer fee. If we spend over 1m on any single player this window Il be absolutely astonished.

An no, this isnt a MM bashing, the guys a complete legend who is free to bang my g/f if he so wishes. Just saying we aint got the money

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I dont think its true but it was also said on bbc radio sheffield... also dave jones has also said that he wants to sign one premier league proven player for every position... already got kirkland ( wigan ) so expecting more..... watch this space!!

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He has got the money erm mandaric payed 10 million for crouch and 10 million for defoe at pompey yeah hes skint mate

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Considering where Pompey are now I doubt he would make the same mistake twice.

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