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27 Sep 2013 15:57:27
anyone know or heard owt on leroy lita? uto xxx

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He's the unname player who will be coming next week

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Lita is not coming! We've been messing around all summer with this. If he was coming he would/should have been here as soon as last season ended! Surely? We are awful

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This is more ridiculous than the Marshall saga.


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28 Sep 2013 08:12:04
He should play 442

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Lita said on twitter that it's doesn't look like he's coming

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Spence or Buxton centre back and drop kamil zayetta not good enough and maybe jj for helan need to try something different because so far well what can I say just look at the table it says it all UTO WTID!!

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Play llera

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Absolutely fuming, been crying out for a striker and he`s sat on bench, he`s only here for 4 games for gods sake, JONES OUT NOW!

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Jones out, do u reckon us puttin a pattition together would help get the donkey out

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Either jones out or Wednesday relegated he's turned us in to a joke we need results

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If Lit a needs this long to decide we don't want him

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The only way to get rid of Jones is to hit MM in the pocket and we should boycott the next home match.
Maybe then he will get the message. We love the club but he is fiddling while Rome burns.

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Worth a shot, but doubt the fans would pull together on that one.

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Where are Wednesdayite with their black balloons when you need them?

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Jones has made poor signings this season
And last season no wins at home yesterday
Was better but not good enough
Taxi for jones and dicanio in a no nonsense
Manager who will kick players backsides

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Would be great if they got black balloons with NEGSPERT written on them.

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27 Sep 2013 10:50:33
been to a meeting at Hillsborough this morning attended by 2 current board members had a cheeky word after with 1 after and he said MM is furious with our current form but won't get rid of DJ as the pay off would come straight out of MM's pocket - so unfortunately it looks like we are stuck with him

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27 Sep 2013 11:52:51
Matty fryatt signed on loan for 28 days

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Good Signing.
Got to be thrown straight in.

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Been out injured for 6 months great signing

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Made up rubbish. We have only two Board members - MM and Aldridge. So effectiverly you met the entire Board and PA confided in you.

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Do you every stop complaining, that's all people ever do on here. We've been asking for a striker for months now we get one and you're still not happy, when was the last match lita played for Swansea last season before he started scoring for us

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A unfit fryatt is better than owt we've got

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So you reckon that a board member told you that MM is furious with the current form but he won't get rid DJ as the pay off would have to come out of his own pocket? Do you really expect us to believe that board members discuss such matters with Joe public? Also may I just remind you that MM owns the club so any outgoing payments always come out of his pocket at the end of the day. Also I'd like to bring to your attention that the board only consists of 2 members, Manderic and Aldridge so it must have been those 2 that you were in the meeting with. Did MM cover his ears up while Aldridge told you this or was it MM himself who pulled you to one side to tell you this? Get real mate.

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So DJ signs an injury plagued striker who missed last season through injury? Now I'm convinced he's either lost the plot or is indeed trying to damage our club as much as possible. I can hear DJs excuse already when Fryatt goes back to Hull having failed to score. The lad was lacking match fitness.

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Fryatt will score tomorrow

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He come back at the end of last season from injured

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Shut up moaning. We got a striker give the lad a chance to step foot on the grass before start saying he's crap. Get real we aren't going to be inviting van persie are we. let's hope he shuts all you moaners up after tomorrow

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(original poster) - who says that I am Joe Public as I didn't say what I was doing there or what the meeting was about - so do you really think that everything that goes on with the club is done by MM or Paul Aldridge? - Really! - and that topics like managers performances are not discussed behind closed doors - some people need to get a reality check obviously I can't divulge names can I honestly - DOH

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Fryatt is only 27 your talkin like he's an asbeen why don't you look at his goal record and compare it to anyone we have had recently don't write him off before he's had a kick

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Can't believe we are so chuffed with signing another club's striker for a few weeks, that's a sign of how far we have fallen in 2013.

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Matty Fryatt is a proven goal scorer yes he had a bad injury but players do come back from injuries he's averaged nearly 1 goal every 2 games if he stays fit he will score more goals than Lita.

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Fryattes never been a striker

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