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27 Nov 2012 21:59:34
I would put my house on it that rodri would have at least doubled bothroyds score tally had he been given the same game time .... I'm actually Beggining to despise Dave Jones now! Disgraceful show in tactics and team selection! I will not be attending another game until that man has gone!

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Out him now mm please before he gets us too far adrift

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I'll not be going again while he is in charge

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I've nearly doubled Bothroyds goal tally and I stand at back o kop!

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Get behind the manager its the fault of negative fans like you that we are in this position!

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It's fans like you that are blinded by loyalty ask your self this do you league 1 football again if so stick with jones ! Jones out jones out jones out !

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It's fans like YOU that don't have a clue. How can you defend 1-4?

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27 Nov 2012 21:33:34
What the he'll is happening at Wednesday can anyone tell me I work abroad and a loyal Wednesday fan I though this year was surposed to be the return of the good years but all I can see is lose after lose we don't seem to score any goals and the defence looks shocking for what I see on sky I though dj was the man for us but I'm no football expert but from what I'm hearing he not the man for the job and the signings he made are crap why is he still playing boythroyd why is he not giving this Rodri a chance all I can c this years is us bk in L1 and the pigs bk in the Ch and I really don't want to hear all the crap again that there better than us coz we all no that's a lie

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Simple - DJ is not the manager his reputation says he is !
But in actual fact his record tells it exactly like it is but nobody bothered to check it out before sacking Megson !
His achievements are minimal but his reputation is huge ..... WHY ??

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DJ gone by the end of the week

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Ive come to the conclusion that DJ brother is a builder and working on MM extension for his 3 bedroom semi making the decision to sack jones harder

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27 Nov 2012 17:52:42
Ok MM has shown support to DJ but does that mean his job is safe no it isn't we all remember what happened to GM he was 3rd beat out enimies an still got the sack so who is DJ. Don't forget he's a shrewd man heis gona get someone who he wants ready then make a move on sacking the manager so DJ your on very thin ice get ur act together an make the right descions on tactics team selection etc. or your OUT!!! Agree with viv Anderson as no.2 Nigel Adkins my favrouite proven record that is if he is sacked as Di Matteo linked with Southampton.

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Get that clown out NOW

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Another loss tonight, it's time TAXI for jones!

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Out out out out out!

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27 Nov 2012 21:33:49
How's that full backing for DJ going MM? Another game gone. Now can we move on?

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27 Nov 2012 21:44:00
big statements in the press wont keep us up... winning football matches will... we are going down unless jones goes.... another game goes by another loss... surely mandaric can see we are relegation certainties unless drastic action is taken.....

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Jones has got to go now or bon voyage championship hello league 1. Also get Beavers back young and always impresses he is Wednesday through and through please sort it MM

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Plz plz plz plz MM do the right think for our beloved massive club an see an sort out what's happening in house an Ffs sack DJ bring our players back from the brink of no return an lets get some passion an pride back in our club an the players wanting to play for there shirts

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27 Nov 2012 12:51:48
If he drops Semmy tonight I think we'll lose very very badly cos the players all respect Semmy and that would be the final straw for the players I think .

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Or if he drops Semedo it might have a positive impact letting the players know that you can't give 50% of your passes to the opposition one game and expect to feature in the next. As much as I love JS he had a bit of a stinker on Saturday.

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?? If we apply that same ruthless logic then --- WHY is Bothroyd never dropped ??

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Will everyone get over Bothroyd, yes he is arrogant, but at the same time he is a talent.

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Get over Bothroyd! -- Get rid is what everyone wants !
If he has so much "talent" why have we never seen it then, and you didn't answer the question about him being dropped.
If you think its right to drop Semmy for a few misplaced passes when he probably sees 10x more of the ball - why does DJ not drop Bothroyd ?

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I'd drop both semedo and bothroyd and try rodri up front with mcabe and lines in the middle.
I'd play Bywater in net too.
Players who aren't performing consistantly enough shouldn't feel their place is guaranteed.

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Take it from that you simply don't like Semedo cos I'm sure most fans would say he's been our most consistent player.

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27 Nov 2012 18:33:46
Jones came in then got us promoted after being 7 points behind the pigs grow up. In jones we trust

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I can't say how he's performed in away matches but i think we just need to shake the team up a bit.
I think lines and mcabe would make a better pairing.

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I agree with your thinking on those two , I think we've missed Lines all season. But if you drop Semmy who is going to get the ball off opposition and give it to them.
My biggest worry is and has been all season defence. 18 games and one clean sheet is not all bad luck.
Taylor had a better game , for him. But i save the highlights from BBC FL show , and watch them over . Whilst Gardner looks the part? hes in and around , if not responsible for, about half of goals we conceded in last dozen games or so ? He reads the game and events very well , experience & class ? , but very rarely gets that all important challenge in .
Anyway nuff said any win will do - but I'll be shocked if it happens !

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Jones benefitted from blunts collapse , if they'd been anything like average we'd have been in play offs . Nice one guys!

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Grow up?
Jones is a likeable bloke and did us proud last year but then maybe megson could have too.
But his record as a manager isn't all that fantastic.Got sacked twice and signed players who flopped.
The good of the club comes before any loyalty to DJ.
Up to now,this season,he has done a below par job and if he can't turn it around in the next few matches he will have to go.

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At least rhodri looked like he had got a pulse on sat

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I posted the original post about dropping Semmy, I'm not here to say I told you so at all.
The point I want to make is I if I knew it would happen based on my experience , why the hell did DJ think it was a good idea.
The same with persisting with JB , it just destroys the morale of the team resulting in drop in performances and results like we are getting.

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I remember your post mate, but I didn't think even DJ was that dim.
Semedo dropped = 1-4

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They scored 3 goals while he was on the pitch.
So maybe mcabe should have stayed on?

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Bothroyd can't be drop it is in the loan deal with qpr

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27 Nov 2012 09:22:24
The Star believes that Jones will drop Semedo for tonight's game because Jones was "disappointed" with his performance on Saturday. But he will play Bothroyd who was useless and Sidibe who is unfit, lacks match fitness and between him and Bothroyd never had a shot on goal and never created an opening. They will be playing in a 4,4,1,1 formation that hasn't worked before for us. But Jones says that his players must be bold and confident, how the hell can the players be confident when they must realise the manager doesn't now what he is doing and is not playing the players with belief and commitment to the club. I fear the worst for tonight. I posted on here sometime ago that my fear was that we would pass the Blades going up as we went down and I was told I not to be stupid and to back Jones, well how many of those who said that will say the same now. To quote a line from Dad's Army we are all doomed with Captain Mainwaring Jones in charge.

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If he drops Semedo it's for one reason only - he wants out !
If he knows anything at all about football, which I'm beginning to wonder, he must know that Semmy is the only player we got that can be relied upon to win the ball.
He knows he's a fans fave n MM has asked fans for support, what better way to lose fans than drop Semmy?
This would prove to me he's lost it & no idea how to turn it round, which most of fans saw weeks ago anyway , and he wants out !
MM should give him & the fans what they want - - a manager !

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Im worried - although i agree that Jones has lost the plot a bit (I am a fan of his and believe he is a good manager its just all gone wrong for him here and made some very bad signings and tactical choices) is the grass really greener ?

I know the names that are being banded about, Hoddle, Hughes, Davies, Nillson, Adkins, Di Matteo and Di Canio would mostly be good (im not a Billy Davies fan but the others i would like) im thinking MM has not got a great record with Managers bare Harry...... we might end up with Craig Levin !!

So I ask you is the grass greener ?!

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Our grass is dying !!

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Craig Levein is NOT greener !!

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Nobodies even mentioned Levein but you ?
It's obvious to anybody with a brain that DJ has lost the plot - every change he makes just makes things worse ?
MM cant get it so badly wrong again so the next man has got to be an improvement !

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I'd drop semedo and bothroyd.
As for the grass being greener.Well if you check out DJ's record,he hasn't been all that successful.
He is a bit of a wilson imo.Done ok for a couple of seasons but wasted his transfer funds and eventually getting the sack after a disappointing spell.
Megson has a better record

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Megson not only has a better record but at a higher level too.

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27 Nov 2012 07:03:31
I am quite unfamiliar with the technological world, but, if we fail to beat Watford tonight, might it be possible for the someone to organise an open letter from the fans to The Star pointing out to MM that he is simply wrong? The Championship is not one of the best leagues in Europe and when we were beaten at home by Blackpool ,for example, it was not by a top quality team - it was a mid-table second division side. For the team to gel and for us all to pull together as he asks we need a management that does not insult fans and players alike. It is not the fact that we are losing but why we are losing. Mandaric is believing and repeating Jones' excuses and he needs to appreciate that we are not disloyal ,far from it, we are realists and we know where, with Jones in charge, we are heading.

Lifelong Owl

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Nice thought Lifelong Owl.
But I dont think it will be needed if we lose tonight.
People who become billionaires like MM might make mistakes now and again , but hes not stupid and he won't compound it by sticking with Jones any longer than he has to .
Like all Chairmen before him, the public vote of confidence is a shot across the bows for Jones.
As I said, if we lose tonight he will be gone , certainly after we lose at Cardiff on Sunday latest.
There are a few "easier" fixtures after that, a perfect time for the new man to come in and try to recover the disaster that has been Dave Jones.
I keep saying, his success at end of last season was done with Megsons squad, and since then EVERY decision hes taken has made the squad , the team, the results, the fans feelings - - WORSE !
He couldn't have got it MORE wrong !

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After we go 2-0 down lets give a great roar of ONE GARY MEGSON THERES ONLY ONE GARY MEGSON.

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27 Nov 2012 02:26:53
Billy Davies an viv Anderson will be the ones to get the massive goin again!

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Good shout!

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