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27 May 2013 17:36:11
Herd that we are set to make an offer for max Clayton (Crewe) I think itbwould be a good sighning he looks a good prospect

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I think he'd be a very good signing

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What position does he play and what age mate?

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St and he's 18

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He looks rubbish

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27 May 2013 06:23:17
Stephen MacPhail from Cardiff. Ex Leeds, Foresr and Millwall helped Barnsley up in 2006 and played 5 seasons under Jones at Cardiff from 2006-2011 33 years old and got the link to Jobes and the experience he likes.

Source: Sheffield Star

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Has he still got it? let's face it would be a good solid squad player my worry is our CM's don't have much pace, guna struggle against teams that attack with pace, mcphail is getting his coaching badges as well could be a good tutor to McCabe and younger players experienced at this level, free transfer. wouldn't mind him in the side.

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Ross turnbull
ebanks blake
stephen hunt
nicky shorey
thomas hitzlsperger
carlton cole
jermone thomas
simeon jackson
lee camp
danny haynes

all of these players are available on free transfer as they ae all out of contract! would love to see a couple of these players come in - wages would be quite high I imagine however would rather pay wages for a playr and no transfer fee with wages on top

i can't see any of them coming but who agrees that any of these players could be a good player at wednesday!


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He didn't play one game for Cardiff last season, if he couldn't get at least one game for Cardiff in the Championship why would he be good enough for us. He was a good player but is he is now, any better than what we have got already.

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He's terrible

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These please, added to JJ and Antonio would be a cracking forward line

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The list above includes many names who would be totally unsuitable. Star article speculates we could be interested nothing stronger and a web site article just borrowing from this. I am not a fan of MacPhail joining either. He is clearly well past his best but perhaps if he is to coach as well as play could be useful to squad.

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Good player.

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27 May 2013 16:43:20
Darren Ambrose to sign as he's been told he can leave on a free wpuld be a good move in my opinion he's been riddled with injuries this season but look at gardner and kirklands previous record

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Depends what he is asking for in terms of wages and working out whether a squad player is worth carrying for that sort of money

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He's a good player. with a good pre season under his belt he will be a good addition. its same person who posts negative comments most people no what there talking about.

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There are a lot of good players on free transfers but u can not see dave jones buyin. any one half decent mm want to challenge for premier league then ask your self as a fan can you really see this happening this season or the next I can not as I think mm want to use loans and that it's not good enough we need a squad that play week in week out and build on it from there

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Sorry but Ambrose has done nowt for a coupla seasons. Bin a good player but do we really need another player whose had injury problems

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He's no better than what we've already got. Like many players barnsley have sold in the past he wa the best in a bad bunch. One decent season with dingles and then failed to impress since, 33 year old, didn't play 1 game last season and played under jones before? O crap! We're going to end up signing him ain't we?

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I think mcphail will be a good signing got the experience we need. Apparently this deal is nearly done along with olofunjana signing as well.

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They would be great signings for any championship side. We may be able to get 1 or 2 players of a similar caliber! UTO FTB

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Wouldnt go for turnbull

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Turnbull used to be a really good pub when I was young

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