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27 May 2012 21:06:18
Carayrol (bristol r) & S Church (reading) are targets for D Jones

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27 May 2012 21:03:20
J Mattock on the short list (ex west brom)

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We are not looking for a left back

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Since when are we not looking for a left back? Reda might be ok at this level but he needs back up and no way are Daniel Jones or Mark Reynolds upto that?

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Have you forgot julian. Bennett,
Personaly id rather have reda and mattock.and sell the rest

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Yeah forgot about Julian Bennett, thats how much of an impression he made on me last season! Ha ha

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27 May 2012 20:05:32
Sheffield Wednesday will announce the signing of Portugues striker Manoel from Penafiel on tuesday along with one other player. The fee is around £800,000 for Manoel.

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Source for this info and is he any good
Never heard of him or his team

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He is Brazilian! He has scored 17 in 33 this season but where have you heard this?

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Brazilian striker playing in the Portuguese second division. 14 goals from 28 appearances.

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He's a centre back not a striker

played on loan for West Ham season before last {Ed001's Note - there is more than one, but the Penafiel one is defo a striker.}

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27 May 2012 19:30:28
Z Whitbread (Norwich) on short list (free transfer)

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27 May 2012 19:14:12
a good center back and at least 2 strikers needed, players like owen and klasnic are unrealistic, any heard any names mentioned that are affordable?

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27 May 2012 18:45:21
Ravel Morrison and Henri Lansbury to be announced as season long loans this week. Both could be quality as looking to impress parent clubs. Source , local media man who is family friend.

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Absolute rubbish, season long loans from Arsenal are not announced until middle of July at earliest and probably begining of August. West Ham have just been promoted and unlikely to let January high profile signing out on loan at this stage.

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Wouldnt want Ravel Morrison, was bombed out by Sir Alex for his attitude and by all accounts Big Sam had enough of his attitude already!

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27 May 2012 16:27:58
Three signings to be announced next week by the Owls. I believe they could be Luciano Becchio, George Boyd and Wayne Routledge. Also an improved Antonio offer should bring him back to the squad. {Ed013's Note - Do Sheff Wed really have between 6 - 8 million for these 3 players! Also new rules states you can only spend 6 million in transfer fee's, the rest must be from profit of player sales etc}

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To Ed: Take your point completely & I personally don't think we'll see those three players mentioned at S6.
But I do think your valuation of 6-8mill for them is at least double their true value in what is certain to be a depressed transfer market this close season.
Although the Owls obviously do have the money, and many millions besides, they won't be splashing it about.
Money is very tight in football and a lot of clubs will be looking to drastically reduce their budgets, just to survive! so there are going to be some real bargains this summer. {Ed013's Note - The point is mate the only player that is transfer listed is Boyd and Peterborough think he is worth 3 million which I don't! Routledge had a decent season and I would say between 2-3 million for him and Becchio is not for sale as he is a favorite of Neil Warnocks and with a few years left on his contract I cant see any bid below 3 million tempting Leeds to sell}

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How can it be trebbled i thought boyd was on a free transfer..?

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To OP, you "believe" they could be those players, then when Ed questions it you say you don't think it will be them, make your mind up mate.

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Thought we are trying to get micheal owen anyway sheff wed getting owen

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Just to clarify - the note to Ed was not from "OP" - so no contradiction ?

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I seem to remember you saying you support Leeds Ed so sorry but I think Becchio is garbage and vastly over priced garbage, I hope to god Wednesday do not sign him.

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Boyd I do not like as a player think he is L1 star otherwise ordinary. The others I do not think we would fund them. Personally I will be surprised if Wednesday spend anywhere near 6 million limit. Think it will be nearer 2 million on transfer front. The point about depressed transfer market is accurate I expect the top players t still fetch money but other fees to tumble. Hence valuation of Antonio is about right at 400,000 mark.

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Apologies for the false accusation then mate.

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How the hell can we get routledge, hes played too well for swansea to come down to the championship

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Bechio staying at leeds, and far to good for relegation fodder like shef wed

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We'll see who finishes highest out of us and Leeds next season your lot was C#*P last season and your broke. Good look donut

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Considering we will be top theres no question who will be highest. we're not broke u muppet,watch this space , u will always be in our shadow as a club and as supporters MOT

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27 May 2012 15:17:58
Nick Powell of Crewe will being signing for Sheffield wed no matter what happens at wembley! {Ed013's Note - Is that because he just scored a wonder goal!!!}

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He's wanted by several Premier League teams, such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Would cost a bit, can't see us buying him, buy a loan off one of the teams that does could happen!

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Dave jones has been looking at him for a while

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He's going to be a star, just not with Wednesday sadly.

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Yes heard we were watching him a while back when megson was gaffer but the cat is out of the bag and unfortunately will go to a club where he will waste in reserves.

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27 May 2012 14:23:47
R Johnson (wolves), boothroyd (qpr), green (ex derby), clayton (Leeds), leadbetter (ex Ipswich) and L Mills (Foxes) on D Jones short list (a long with 4 players on loan last season)

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Whose L Mills

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Green and R johnson only 2 I would consider and Johnsons wages will be hard to meet. Mills was shocking.

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Please not ANOTHER Johnson!!

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27 May 2012 14:09:51
Interested in klasnic , Antonio, batth and stock .
Ins: Chris kirkland , kieran lee
Outs: Clinton Morrison , mathew tumulty , and others .

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Batth wants to stay with home town club, Klasnic wants to stay in premiership and never keen on players released from premiership relegated club. Stock when last seen was a shadow of his former self. So hope not.

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Klasnic was only released to cut the wage bill at bolton

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27 May 2012 11:19:48
Paul Green (ex derby) interests D Jones - free transfer

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He's coming back to donny!!

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27 May 2012 08:04:09
Two signings will be announced next week hopefully 3. One of signings is expected to be major. Possible press conference mid week to announce them.
I have no idea wh they are signing just told the above will happen.

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There will be a signing announced tomorrow for definate. Not sure about rest but yorkshire post and,sheffield star seem to think we,ll be some signing next week

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27 May 2012 00:02:55
Apparently Chris Evans has been scouting around Yorkshires lower league clubs for Wednesday's youth team and a young CB named Adam Hague seems to attracted him. My next door neighbours brother is the club doctor so it's likely to be very true! {Ed032's Note - Chris Evans left the club soon after Dave Jones took over}

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Could be true! He dd say his next door or nieghbour was the club doc maybe evans had a breakdown and still thinks he works for wednesday?

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Ha ha

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Listen to you lot Norwich fan here let's just get 1thing straight united will always be bigger then you

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Sorry had to do my research cus I'm not a SWFC fan, I must've stumbled upon a bum website

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Probably was true he did some scouting when he worked for Owls some months ago.

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United bigger than us aha weve got bigger history , bigger stadium, bigger fan base , higher division , better players but yeah there bigger than us get real

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"Listen to you lot Norwich fan here let's just get 1thing straight united will always be bigger then you".... But yet here you are on a Sheffield Wednesday rumour site..

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To the Norwich fan... I just laughed my head off when you said united are bigger than us ! just look at the attendance for the playoff final and how many united took it's laughable luton town took more fans in their playoff final than united. United fans say we bang on about our history too much, all i can say is atleast we've got a history to be proud of ! And more good times ahead under king mandaric.

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Even blunts are pretending to be Norwich fans because ther so embarrassed to be a sheff utd fan! Brill!!!!!

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