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27 Jun 2012 21:04:16
Bayern Munich's Dale Jennings is set to join English Championship team Sheffield Wednesday on a season long loan,Munich have been disapointed with the speedy wingers development and believe a full season of competitive football is what their £1.7m investment requires,the move would indicate that Dave Jones has indeed missed out on Michail Antonio who is set to join

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Such a move would indicate we've added Jennings alongside Antonio as 2 of the three wingers we are after to rebuild the squad

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Not one line about Antonio on Leeds rumours I would think they would be gloating big style if there was a shed of truth in the story

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Not sure if Trigger has donned a Leeds shirt, having realised pathetic attempts at Utd type comments are a waste of time.

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Dale Jennings was at the training ground today.

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27 Jun 2012 15:29:18
Semedo to be new captain. Anyone else think Giles Coke should be given a chance? Whenever i saw him he looked to be the creative midfielder that we've been craving, played nice little through balls to the strikers, had good feet, at the very least he deserves pre season to prove himself before hes shipped off elsewhere. Can see him being one of these players that go on to do well once they leave wednesday.

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The reason hasnt been given a chance is appernlty because he is a disruptive influence in the dressing room and GM couldnt wait to ship him out on loan so the remaining players would settle

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You heard it first here we have had a loan offer accepted for Tom huddlestone be announced first thing in morning

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Heard Gardner to be new captain.

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Are you on drugs? Giles Coke played well for a fortnight at the start of the season before last. He's been a waste of a shirt since. His career is all downhill from here, don't worry.

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Hudldestone? do behave, we couldn't afford his electric bill, let alone his wages.

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Couldn't agree with you nice pal! I think he's a class act and every time we've got a new manager (think he's been under 3?) I've hoped he would be given a chance.

here's hoping he doesn't turn out to be another Morrison - L1 CB of the season!

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Too right he deserves a chance just like every Wednesday player, I hope DJ gives coke what he deserves, first team football, looked really good at bury, from what my mates said, and they did want to keep him!

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Coke? We have lines, he is our attacking midfielder unless we get a prem player to play with semedo, i feel lines cud go far, he cost us 50,000 haha dirt cheap

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27 Jun 2012 15:10:38
Announced on Twitter we agreed a deal for Oliver Norwood

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Talking to Barnsley

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No, he's off to Barnsley, source- every press report ever in the world.

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Barnsley trying to agree personnel terms on a fee of 400,000

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Fee of 400k eh? The lads out of contract.

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The lads under 24 so you have to pay compo and that's what the fee is for. U know nowt lol

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Then it's not a fee it's compo. You know nowt!

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It's a compensation fee. You know nothing

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He's signed for Huddersfield - FACT!

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27 Jun 2012 11:55:27
Bywater agrees 1 year deal

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Good news. This guy demonstrates theres more to keeping than just saves. He gave our defence confidence and got them playing properly after the shambles at Stevenage. I don't understand though why were supposed to be chasing Heaton. Keeping department seems very strong.

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Heard that jones has sacked all his scouts and brought in just TWO full timers. Are these his mates ? Sorry but our scouts did a good job last season. why get rid of them??

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We didn't have any scouts until Dave Jones bought some in, the rest of the work was done by staff already here.

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People bring in the people they want, scouts have their own specialities, meggers scouts may have favoured workmanlike players, maybe Jones wants to look more towards creativity and flair.

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27 Jun 2012 11:17:30
Wednesday's double swoop in a Burnley one! Charlie Austin and Keith Treacy both this week!

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Would love the pair of them ! Think we'd have to pay for Austin tho !

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Like the sound of Austin, but I can't see it

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Both of them would cost fees and wednesday will not meet asking price for Treacey and they are not keen to loan to potential rival.
Austin admired but suspect will be priced out of our range.

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Wednesday seem to get linked with every player available at the level they are now at.DJ is trying to sign a balanced side for example Gardener lots of experience I think DJ will look to sign a young CB to play alongside him like Danny Bath and with the 2 new full backs it gives the defence 3 good young players with the experienced Gardner marshalling the defence.Semedo in midfield doing the same with a lot of youth around him.DJ building a well balanced team.

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Why sign another young CB? we already have Beevers, Reynolds and Reda who are all under the age of 25...

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I believe Reynolds deserves another chance, DJ gave Beevers the chance, and look how he played last couple of games, if he gave Reynolds the chance who knows?

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Reynolds... Lol

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Reynolds was irredeemably poor in his puny cameos

ship him off

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27 Jun 2012 08:50:09
Two big signings are about to happen before the end of the month. Both on loan last season. Watch this space

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Antonio and Ranger??
Ranger and Treacy??
First one i would say would be the biggest signings

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Antonio and Treacy would be great also, didn't rate Ranger much thought he was ineffective and lazy but who knows maybe he would step up his game at a higher level. Not sure how much truth is behind this rumour though...

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Being cynical, one of these could be Bywater! He came on loan first. :-) In a perfect world I'd like it to be Antonio and Baath....and Treacy.....and Ranger. I am greedy and I can't count. {Ed032's Note - He signed for Wednesday on the 1st of January permanently}

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Batth and antomio

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Thats exactly what they are rumours DJ already said he will not make a statement regarding a player until the deal is done .So relax all thats happening is people getting fed a load of Bull if someone keeps guessing and putting names on here the law of averages says they will get at least one right and then say I told you so.Let DJ Manage his way he will not diissapoint.

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Im not sure on ranger i think he could be a bad influence on the whole team and he would have to be very very talented for me to put up with that there are plenty of other strikers that can do what he can do

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Antonio and batth please :)

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2 Antonios please

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