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27 Jul 2012 13:56:33
owls set to sign buzsacky not after him but we signed lots of players and we were not after them uto

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Eh, how does a club sign a player their not after... ??

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If its true would have him sooner than norris anytime

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Doubt it. WHU were reported to be after him and he left QPR after failing to agree terms so i doubt we'll be throwing that kind of money about on wages.

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Think we should all just be patient and trust dj/mm. we will be suprised any very happy with who comes into swfc before the season kick`s off. anyone know how many season ticket`s we have sold ? 4,000 going to donny, real supporter`s, real manager, real chairman. swfc we are coming to get you !!!

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Yes mate we could be after him know why coz...


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We have sold 15600

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Is it just me or does this post make no sense

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None of these posts make sense ??

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27 Jul 2012 13:48:56
Scottish Daily Express claims Macabe has agreed deal. Sounds like quite an exiting youth tbh, with Everton showing an interest initially.

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So many people Agreeing with the comment but I can't find this info. Where's the link as he sounds promising!

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Im working with a few gers fans and they rate macabe.

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Man utd website have a article on him.

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27 Jul 2012 11:40:59
what do you think about harewood and komous

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Not much. {Ed046's Note - Over the hill!! We need to be building for the future!! No point having players with no sell on value!!

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Not 2 fussed but they bring something different

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Anyone know if komous has joined up with the squad yet or not... ?

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Supposed to be joining end of July so anytime now I guess.

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Does any1 agree ogradys a younger stronger version off harewood.whats marlon got to offer at his age?

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Koumas yes, Harewood no.

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Don't think mm is thinking too far in to the future think he wants the cheapest team he can get that can do the job then he will sell us on The guys no spring chicken with time on is side

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Koumas would be waste of time. Harewood will probably be on month to month terms. He is a strong presence and although not an higher scorer would bring a bit of know how at this level.

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Agree with the Harewood / O'Grady comparison. I would add that Harewood's career is over, whereas O'Grady is still developing and he strikes me as a good pro who is prepared to listen & work at his game .. he will improve.

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27 Jul 2012 11:25:15
Wednesday have signed a french player for the development squad not named as yet.

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Bastian Heri #22

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We need first team players missin out on players dj and mm need to sort it

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Bastien hery-the secret number 22 at stocksbridge good player

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We will sign first team players when the right deals can be done.The development squad is important for the long term future of the club,a part football we have overlooked for years so do not knock the signings DJ building a club from all angles he will get it right.

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I was at stocksbridge and the lad looked promising when he came on... Another young gun to take our club forward in the near future

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I wish some fans would just shut the hell up. When these numb nuts keep going on about missing out on players they should think back to what our situation was before MM. For the first time in a long time it feels good to be an owl, I just wish these buy now pay later fans would disappear. MM and DJ know what there doing, overspending is what got us into our financial mess in the first place, don't
want to see that happen again. I'd be quite happy with a mid table finish and progress from there. Don't run before you can walk, one step at a time. UTFO

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Spot on {Ed046's Note - Bravo that man!!

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I think you can have a balance though. I agree with most of the comments about having paitence, but dilly dallying cost us Ben Marshall in my opinion. This isn't me having a go at MM, he is and will always be the saviour of our club, but we could be more efficient at completing deals [in my opinion] Aldridge must have to take the flack for that?
I also think we need to add some quality. If the Antonio saga concludes positively and we land Macabe, it would change the perspective of close season into a MASSIVE positive. I still think we've added well up to now, but it is time for the marquee signatures to start!

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What cost us Ben Marshall was the lure of Championship football(guarranteed) and a small matter of approx. An extra 5 grand a week!! Get over it you bitter Ben lovers! UTO in MM/DJ we trust!

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Okay, how many players have we signed since the season finished? Not including the 4 or whatever that have signed new contracts, but including development squad players, I'd guess at about 12? I'm away and cba to look up the numbers, but how many other clubs have signed that many?
Think we still need (at least) 1 more striker and 2 more wingers, possibly on loan, but MM has spent quite a lot of money already (not necessarily on transfer fees but on increased wages.) Please save your negativity until you're sure they've made a mistake (i.e. if we lose our first 5 games...)

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27 Jul 2012 08:23:24
sheff wed are considering a move for zavon hines as he is a free agent

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A possibility

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5 goals in his entire career. Whoop di doo!

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What position is he? {Ed046's Note - He goes under the guise of a striker!! He makes Emile Heskey look prolific though!!

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How old is he ?

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He's 23 and plays as if he's 63, we have no interest in him.

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26 Jul 2012 22:47:23
Sheff wed to sign a young striker from psg. Got released from psg at end of last season and has been at Wednesday for a couple of weeks now. But did not go on the tour. He played against Stocksbridge other night. (number 22 he was)


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You on about the kid that came on and played on the wing. Looked lively but old news

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Henri bastion? (if thats how u spell it)

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If he better than cog let have him

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