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27 Jan 2013 22:58:18
Thomas prager to have a medical at swfc tomorrow
Austrian international

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If Prager signs midfield will be even more overpopulated. Anyone know who DJ is intending to ship out ?

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Who is he midfield forward or cook

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28 Jan 2013 11:28:39
Austrian international midfielder but has on played 23 games since 2011

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Iv never heard soo much dog poo in my life !

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Hugely unimpressive record!

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I really do believe we have a settled team now particularly after Lita and Pugh arrival ... no need for distraction and interruption now and let our current squad building their experience within the team and hence confidence, especially the young players. NO MORE MESSING ABOUT PLEASE DJ, we should have learnt from previous experience by now. Settle squad is a good squad and we have been good enough lately to servive in the championship, let us build on that ...

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Having his medical now. he's a 27 year old attacking cm. he's a free transfer.

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I agree with the above about having a settled squad but if we have bad luck with injuries it could all change. Strengthening the squad will only stop this happening, if they are good enough bring em in! Competition for places is a healthy thing to have.

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Is there Any truth in this or what

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Looks like this is true, there's a link on owllstalk to the Austrian article

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DJ needed to mess around until he found a stable team.

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We have a limited squad, this could be seen when we played Burnley & MKD. The team had no energy after Christmas period and no suitable reserves to bolster team. High work rate of team mean that if the play 4 games in quick succession nothing left for last game.

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He's only on trial, jones keen to have a look at him. According to Paul walker

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Who was his last club and does anyone know if he's any good

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28 Jan 2013 19:14:24
Thomas Prager goals and assists

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He looked at him in training this morning he was undergoing a medical this afternoon should be announced tuesday.

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Swfc confirmed he is on trial.

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28 Jan 2013 20:52:08
Thomas Prager is in training with Sheffield Wednesday. DJ keen to have a look at him but that's all at this stage.

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He's garbage, he's not scored for last 2 clubs! He's only scored 23 all his career!

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I think it's fresh from the pig sty mate.

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To the post above, how can you say that, look it up on the net

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Will see. .

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Thought he was having a medical yesterday?so what's the outcome?

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27 Jan 2013 15:31:46
The OWLS are set to loan Jack Rodwell and Marcos Lopez from Man City on 1 month loan deals, Rodwell has just come back from injury and needs to get fit and Lopez is looking for 1st team football, hope he actually plays unlike Rodri!

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Just hope we don't HAVE to play them whether or not they up to job, we fell for that once before.
Also not sure what a couple more kids can do to help, got loads of our own, we need experience and knowhow between now and end of season to make sure we don't slip back in to mix.

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Jack Rodwell is not coming but three players from man city will be coming Marcos Lopez age 17, Karim Rekik age 18, John Guidetti age 20 and Cardiff city Stephen McPhail coming too.
out cog, weaver, Arron Jameson, Rodri, Martin Taylor, julian bennett

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Jack rodwell!! Would love him to come but get real

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Love it to be true but can not see Rodwell agreeing to play in Championship.

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Not a chance we will sign a player that cost them 12m.... Would love it but definitely won't happen. In dream land there matey!

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Heard John Guidetti is the one spoken about. Has been injured but is marvellous player when fit. I was told this 3 weeks ago and same person has taken step nearer fruition this week. Man City delighted with what we did for Halen and likely we will be trusted with some of their hot properties.

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If these and similar comments are based on something then fair enough. But it does look a bit like people have heard about DJ visiting City and decided to look through their reserve side to compose a wish list. I'll be suprised if as many as another 3 players come in on loan. But who knows?

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Guidetti was immense on loan in the Dutch league last year.

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Hi, sorry to burst the bubble here, but FA rules only allow loan signings for players aged 18+ and Lopez is 17..

Casts doubt on the whole post i'm afraid..

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Why would John Guidetti, who has just scored 20 in 23 games for Feyenoord - who are 2nd in the top Dutch league - come and play for us?

No offence to the club or any Owl, but can we at least try to be realistic on here!

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Is that under the youth loan system?

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Fa rules say you can have 17 year old players on a Youth Development loan

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So can we sign the kid or not then {Ed003's Note - Not until he is 18,the youth rules in the Prem changed a several months back.}

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I have just read section V of Premier League handbook and nothing about not loanig 17 year olds. Begining to worry about Ed.

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Guidetti has not played for 8 months been injured he scored those goals last season wake up.

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Julian bennett is extending his loan at shrewsbury

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Wow, no way the Dutch league, what a fantastic league, you not remember afonso alves who got 36 in 33 games and m'boro signed him and he was useless, no doubting that guidetti has talent but he still has to prove himself in a proper league

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Post above is true, cannot take youth players on anything longer than a month by month deal

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Loans are permitted on people aged 16+ but only via the Youth Loan Agreement which basically has more rules, reservations & restrictions but is totally viable.

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Last season John Guidetti scored 20 in 23 games not this he is signing with wednesday next week from a man city fan

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Would be amazed to get Rodwell

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Someone put that julian bennett would be leaving!! how can he be leaving us when he left before the start of the season?

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More chance of meeting Moses.

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Doubt Rodwell is coming I just saw the Man City team arrive at Euston... Rodwell was with them.

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29 Jan 2013 17:23:52
Bennett's still here.

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