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27 Jan 2012 21:58:14
To (Ed) have you heard much about wednesday's targets or any ongoing talks? Thanks {Ed013's Note - I have heard that you are interested in Swansea's Ferrie Bodde on loan}

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Buxton to Swansea, 1.2 million. Skysports and messageboard. Gutted if true cus really progressed early part of season

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1.2 million i would snatch there all hand of for that would!

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Yes I saw that last might too, but they linked with someone else also. Fingers crosed but 1.2 is a good price

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Buxton isnt going anywhere and theres nothing on sky sports about it.

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Rodgers quoted as saying "he is a platters have watched in the past but nothing happenin at the moment" sounds like it could b true

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Blunts talking about 1.2m, lol, it's more than their club is worth.

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Im struggling to understand that Rogers quote?

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Maybe a fan of platters

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I suspect it is another silly post by a non Wednesday fan. It follows anti Mandaric and Megson comments then rubbish about Marshall, Madine, and O'Grady. Wednesday fans should just ignore this rubbish.

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We take it in our stride and do the same on their site.
However, they really fall for it. Brilliant.

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27 Jan 2012 19:46:10
Wednesday looking at signing Swansea's Ferrie Bodde and Burnleys Keith Treacey, Bodde expected to be a loan deal as he looks to get back playing regular first team football following his injury problems in recent years.

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Why do people over elaborate with their rumour, Almost as if to try to make them sound more in the know?

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Treacy still in the future plans of burnley, sky sports

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27 Jan 2012 17:54:55
No players will be sold during transfer window. The rumour about bodde is red herring to satisfy the press. The real target is in talks but will remain unamed. Ben will be staying at stoke and will rejoin us in due course

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Couldn't agree more

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Most sensible post in weeks

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And you are ?? .... Like the rest of us just guessing ...your a fan mate so you know NOTHING ...pure guess work

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27 Jan 2012 10:36:43
looking at signing matty tubbs from crawley 250k as replacement for madine

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Madine going nowhere saw him in nandos on west street yesterday and he's happy at Wednesday

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Crawley already turned down more than 250k for him!

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Theres either to many pigs on here or some weds fans talk crap

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Defo pigs mate.

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