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27 Feb 2012 17:12:27
I think that Antonio looked pretty useful quick and good on ball might well fit that hole left by Marshall

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Best rumour i've ever heard!

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I agree looked brilliant sunday direct and pacey very calm on ball n started move for goal thru ball fo buxton inch perfect GOOD SIGNIN MEGSON

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Hope we sign him for pernement

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May want better next season. He's only played one game let's give him a minute. Cracking for this division

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At the end of the day footballs football good luck to Gary megson and as for people talking about Dave jones he is a great manager and did a good job at cardiff Lee Clark another one but couldnt take huudersfield any further than play off final

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27 Feb 2012 10:57:08
I see that Gary Megson is alleged to have registered a complaint with the Managers Association about the chairman's approach to David Jones with a view to his taking over should results continue to slide downhill. While that must have been upsetting for GM and for many of the supporters, the season was slipping away from us . Had we continued to lose, the position would have been unacceptable. To take precautions against future misfortunes is what any sensible employer must do. Of course, the overwhelming majority of the supporters (including me) wish to keep Megson in post.However, I cannot blame the chairman for thinking ahead. What was bad was that it was leaked to the press and became destabilising for all concerned. Let us hope that the win against United settles matters down and that MM,GM and the team recover their confidence.

Surrey Owl

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People like you who course trouble by posting rubbish.megsons stated clearly yesterday he'd heard nothing about his job only rubbish in media from unrealible sources like yourself.concentrate on the football.put this stupid rumour to bed

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Neither am I stupid nor am I the source of rumour. However, I notice that the League Managers Association and MM have not issued denials against the articles in the Times and Daily Star. I hope they will issue such a denial Then we shall know.

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Must be right then if its in the Times and Star - NOT !

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What would be really helpful would be that you reply to what I actually write . I did not claim that the accounts were true because they had appeared in the press. Rather that it would be reassuring if any of the parties alleged to have been involved in discussions actually denied that they had taken place. So far that has not happened and there has not been the usual chairman's statement. That's all.

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I dreamed I had won 20million pounds in the Euro lottery. I e-mailed them and they didnn't reply which means they didn't deny it which means it must be true!

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There is a difference between seriously damaging allegations and a piece of juvenile nonsense.

Lifelong Owl

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