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27 Dec 2012 20:41:46
Kenny miller to sign in January it's a done deal apparently

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Love to see the prof or a link if possibile

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Stuart grays barmy army

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Miller is not joining Wednesday , I'm a Wednesday fan and whitecaps season ticket holder and miller is staying put here in Vancouver

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Do they still play football in the winter in Canada it must get very cold?

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We need to sign a goal scorer who knows where net is like port vales Tom pope and ipswichs Michael chopra try for glen whelan on loan til end of season now he int gettin a game at stoke with the arrival of charly Adam. Or maybe dean whitehead

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Not getting a game ?? Sure Whelan played on Boxing Day against Liverpool

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He only played cause Adam dint play But I agree if he dunt play he's on bench as much as I'd love him back we all know there's no chance

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Glen whelan would be good i can not see this happning i would raid some lower league clubs for players that know the leauge well and who are a lot more hungry then the players we have got at the min

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Apparently the reason why Kenny Miller has played for so many teams is due to his massive gambling problem and he has needed the funds to clear his debts.
If this is true, we certainly wouldn't want him onboard.

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Why not have him on board if he is short of money he will be desparate for his scoring bonus and his win bonus

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Haha, good point. Still I don't think he is the answer.

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The guy who disagreed. Lol, he has played for 10 clubs and my resource is actually credible with regards to gambling.

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'He struggled for form later in the 201112 season, scoring only once in 22 appearances'

Sounds like an ex cardiff player we already have.

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Not another one - PLEASE !!!

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Vancouver is warmer than sheffield
Kenny miller looks a very good player in my opinion and would probably do a very good job for us , he has struggled in Vancouver but I think that's more down to the manager playing 1 up front all the time and if he played along side madine he would probably do very well , miller is quite a quick player and very intelligent footballer

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Winter in Vancouver isn't warmer than sheffield, trust me.

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Just looked on wikipedia and Vancouver is about 1 or 2 degrees warmer than England during most months.
Their winter is about same as ours by the looks of it.
We learn something new everyday lol

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27 Dec 2012 17:24:07
Adam foreshaw 250k + pecjnik
Sidibe-free (stoke to chancel contract)
Tom Carroll loan
Helan-extend loan
Chris Martin-400k
Maguire-pompey loan
Palmer-TRFC loan

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Adam forshaw would be a good signing, and he started at Everton so that would get DJs juices flowing !

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Why sell pecjnic ????????

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Should give him a run in side not got any other intl goalscorers apart from him

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I meant picnic loan deal

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27 Dec 2012 13:24:23
Simoen Jackson signing on loan in jan and rodri gone back to spain last week struggling with English can not settle in sheffield good luck to the guy

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27 Dec 2012 14:11:36
On Website , massive shirt offer.

There going to change the shirt end of january due to a buy out of Current Shirt Sponsor.

That would be the 2nd time in 1 season.

Get your monies out.

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27 Dec 2012 09:51:50
Sheff wednesday linked with free scoring ex rotherham striker lewis grabban from league 1 bournemouth.£200,000

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This would be a good signing but i really do hope dave jones donest have planes to get rid of semedo as he is a fans fav and all of the fans will really turn on him and want him out for good !

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I just hope he doesnt as well mate

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Semedo is staying put

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Lewis grabban not good playing at this level

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Bournemouth paid quite abit for him not so long ago, won't go for that cheap especially when they don't need to sell

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Grabban not as good as Madine or Maguire. Or COG either but different sort of player.
Ask anybody who seen him play regular

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To say AFCB paid 350k for him I can't see him leaving for less

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27 Dec 2012 09:02:46
does anyone know whats happening with semedo

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Is he injured he was originally, is he not fit or droped

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Wot u mean after he comes bk from injury probly be on bench an get his chance again when dj seeks a change

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Heard was injured during training and got a gashed leg

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Yes he got a gash on his leg in training at the start of december similar to what Rooney had still out injured

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