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26 Sep 2013 21:48:52
Marcus Tudgay at Middlewood this afternoon. Approached him (he was talking to Lewis Buxton), got autographs for both; So why are you here then? His reply was "Well I've not just come for a look round". Make what you want of that

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Hope not he's crap. Dint. score many last time. never more than 7 a. season

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I've been expecting the possibility of this for some time, he was ageat servant for the club and can do it again, whether this is true or not we must play two up front against Donny.

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If MM is telling the truth about us signing 2 Strikers on Loan I'd take Tudgay but not if we're only signing 1 he's a good player but not a prolific goal scorer.

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1 would do! 2 bloody hell pushing it a bit!!

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Jones will probably make him play right back.

In central midfield Tudgay would be a better option than Prutton or Coke.

He is one of those players that has played out his entire career in the wrong position. Someone needed to tell him aged 19-20 that he was not a striker. Shame.

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27 Sep 2013 10:36:19
Got told about an hour ago we've got Matty Fryatt in for a month

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Sheffield Wednesday hope to sign Hull City striker Matty Fryatt on a one-month loan deal today.

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That does sound like tudgay, I met him years back at dearne valley college when our place was flooded and they all trained there, and he is very arrogant so sounds genuine to me uto xxx

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Done deal

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Adam le fonder is the other striker

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Id like to see nuhui mcguire and fryatt up front tomoro in a 433 formation, what does anyone think? uto xxx

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Highly unlikely, considering we have been playing 4/6/0

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26 Sep 2013 17:51:52
we are am afraid to say going backwards where is the future no young players coming through no money to sign even loan players, and no information coming from Milan does anyone think there is anything in this takeover? I have my doubts.

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26 Sep 2013 19:05:48
Swfc to sign west brom striker berahino or something I've herd

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How can you say no young players coming through all we have is young development players!

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More like Berito

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Beauty of young players coming through development team is that we don't play them in main team, its as great as ice cream made from concrete! uto xxx

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26 Sep 2013 16:57:07
The thing that gets me about Dave Jones is his seeming lack of passion or taking accountability for the current lack of form. he constantly uses the 'they' or 'them' when he talks about players. It needs to be 'us' that he talks about. he is in it as well! I also can't be doing with the chat about 'lacking experience' in protecting a lead. he should have prepared us for that by now!

Massive game on Saturday. looks bleak if we don't win!

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Straws and clutching spring to mind. Stop boring everyone with the dave jones out and that goes for the rest of you're brigade. Try supporting he club as that us all we are supporters. We don't know what goes in behind closed doors. #no idea

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Signed fryatt

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26 Sep 2013 16:45:30
have we been linked with any other strikers other than lita, anyone heard any rumours.

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Arthur scargill

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Ya probably right there m8 he could do better than our strikers Wednesday becoming a joke next year we will b playing in league 1

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Matty fryatt to sign friday

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Leeds want him

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Watched Leeds get raped by Newcastle last night. Brilliant.

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That would be a very good signing he's proved he can score goals for fun at Leicester.

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I was right about fryatt next striker is le fondre

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26 Sep 2013 12:46:32
Dave Jones reveals they tried to sign Federico Macheda before he joined Doncaster to Paul Walker at BBC radio Sheffield. I think that is a joke mm must do better than that back Dave Jones or sack him.

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The latter.

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26 Sep 2013 15:17:35
Can it be entirely the result of penny pinching - or can there be some reluctance to join DJ's army? After all, they've seen us on telly. If you had been Macheda what would have been your thinking,

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I don't believe a word that comes out of Dave Jones mouth he's all hot air and no action, don't usually post about managers but must admit it's time for him to GO!

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Please Milan, get rid of Dave Jones and find somebody that isn't depressed and looks miserable all the time. He's so miserable, he makes Jack Dee look like a happy chappy!

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It is not all about Dave Jones. Milan and players need to step up now too. The club is a joke right now. fans need something to look forward to on sat.
up the owls

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Barnsley have signed butland, wernt we after him

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Yet another sweetener from Jones. All lies. Him and MM are slowly killing this club.

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Are we the poorest club in this league as everyone is signing players apart from us and we are the only ones that seem to be moaning about money. We are a big club wit huge fan base who shell out every week to watch this rubbish at the moment. Put your hand in your pocket Mr mandaric that is your job as the owner spend a little and the success will. hopefully come

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How come we can't get players in but Barnsley go out and sign an England goal keeper. why can't we sign any one Mr JONES or is the plane to take us down.

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