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26 Oct 2012 14:18:22
Jason Koumass is being targeted by Southampton, Leicester City, Nottingham Forrest and Leeds United.
Source: The London Metro paper.

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So what ???

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Notice Leeds gets a mention .... again ??

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Just a lie anyway so must be the leeds prat again

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It also says that Koumass is wanted by Cardiff too but his preferred choice would be Wednesday but we are dragging our feet in offering him a deal so his agent is now looking elsewhere.

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The Guardian says that Koumass is wanted by Cardiff & Celtic who are both known admirers of him

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If this and other stuff posted today is true not surprised MM wont put his hand in his pocket.
Backed DJ to hilt and only a couple of his signings shown up so far. And if he is thinking of asking DJ to walk will want to hold some cash back for Boss No3 ?

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So wen we play well but lose yet again later later on today does Milan stick or twist after all we must stay up and there's a lot of quality managers out of work at the moment

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I think the poster who claims to have inside knowledge has it right. Whether he does know or hes just made it all up , I can't see MM waiting much longer to see points on board.
I think he needs to get 5-6 points from next 3 games or DJ will go.
A couple of clean sheets would go a long way !

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I so nearly asked where Jason was. He hasn't been on here saying he was about to sign for us in ages.

This has been on here for 18 months. Is he really better than samedo, pecnik, McCabe or even lines?

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If he was he wouldnt have been idle for last 18months?

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26 Oct 2012 09:03:45
Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones has just two games to save his job after a horrendous run which has seen the Owls collect just TWO points from the last 27 available.

Wednesday Chairman Milan Mandaric has dubbed drawing two games from the last nine totally unacceptable following heavy Summer investment and his patience with Jones wore thing when Leeds United equalised with just 13 minutes of the Yorkshire Derby remaining. Jones was appointed on 1st March 2012 - just under 8 months ago - and led the Owls to promotion. Mandaric

Jones has been made aware of this and it commences in East Anglia with the game at Ipswich on Saturday and is followed by Peterborough the following week. Anything less than four points from these two games and he will be asked to walk. FOUR points - not THREE, not TWO. If he doesn't walk, he will be sacked.

Meanwhile, Mandaric has NOT yet identified a replacement and rumours of a return by Gary Megson are well wide of the mark. However - a shock return by the man who states he has "unfinished business" at S6 should not be ruled out - but would be something of a 'last resort' if other targets do not respond positively.

Mandaric blames the sharp and almost inexplicable fall in the fortunes of the sleeping giants on the departure of Jones' Assistant Manager - Terry Burton - to Arsenal as their Reserves and Head Development Coach during close season.

Although Jones adopted Burton's methods/tactics for the opening handful of games, he has since tinkered with a vast array of formations, playing players out of their regular positions (such as Joe Mattock at right back) and has appeared "lost" at times without his trusted right-hand man. Mandaric is also miffed about the fact Oldham's player of the season for 2011-2012, a solid right-back in Kieran Lee, has been overlooked by Jones depsite Mandaric's financial outlay in terms of signing on, agents fees, and wages.

Loan signings such as Jay Bothroyd, Ross Barkley and Barcelona (B) starlet - 'Rodri', have failed to make any significant impact yet Jones could not be seen to lose face by not playing them. This has seriously unsettled some promotion-season regulars who feel their noses have been put out of joint by these new - higher earning - incumbents, who have seemingly failed ot improve the squad and who have not always been seen to give the effort and resolve many of the 2011-2012 promotion squad did.

It appears Jones reign at the club could - unfortunately - be over shortly. Jones is a proud man and man of his word, and is said to genuinely believe he can turn the fortune of the Owls around following this poor start and complete a healthy 'mid-table' finish, which would be acceptable to a majority of the fans.

Source: Well placed insider at club.

You read it here first.

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Good luck in your chosen career as a sports journalist! Seriously though, nice to be able to actually read something on here rather than have to decipher it!

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Makes sense

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We've all seen relegated wednesday teams, and for me this doens't look like one, I reckon he'll turn it around fairly soon

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Generally agree with this, would be sad to see DJ go. But with the recent run of poor form (even though we have played well over the last 3/4 games) I think it would be a brave decision but the right one.

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I hope this is correct and not made up. DJ needs to deliver or get out.

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I'd be sad to see him go and maybe eventually he would turn things round.
But we can't wait for eventually.
No win in next 3 games and we'd be seriously adrift.

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DJ has tried to improve us with his signings for which i dont understand why he doesnt play the likes of mcguire,lee.Gardner comes across as ledley king number 2
He has loyalty to madine who i think isnt good enough for this level and needs to be loaned out

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Loyalty to madine he as not played him? apart from last game and cup. a run in the squad and he would show is quality. best striker we own.
if he sells beevers he wants sacking straight away.

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Fair point on madine he hasnt given any striker we a have a consistent run in the side to boost confidence
I stand by madine isnt cut out for this level although i hope im proved wrong

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Our top scorer is COG. The other forwards have had their share of starts...they need to pull their finger out and score a winner

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Madine is crap and was fortunate to score as much as he did last season

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Madine is a good natural finisher, still young but needs to think more like a pro footballer not a "LAD" if hes gonna make the best of what ability he has got.

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Original post is not someone who is in the know. Also there has been a general increase in performance level which will continue over coming weeks.

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I'd like to see Rodri given more chance and get madine out on loan.
I wouldn't sell Madine because he could get better as he gets older.Let someone else give him the games like we are doing with Barkley.
Going to be tough one against Peterborough,cos they are looking good at the moment.
The side out today is our best one and if we can get 2 or 3 places up the table i don't think we'll see the relegation zone again.

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I don't rate madine, I also think cog's impact from the bench makes him more effective as a sub (I know people will disagree with that).

Rodri hasn't shown all that much either so far. Think we may be short up top still. Bothroyd has looke really good last couple of games but playing much deeper.

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