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26 Nov 2012 19:20:16
Bryan robson an viv Anderson are rumored to be interested

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Viv anderson would be a good number two at least our back line would be good

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The problem is the No.1 , he had millions at Boro and failed miserably, not to mention the other team he managed locally.

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I agree robson would be no good but would be nice to get Anderson as a number two good defender

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We need 2 give other plyers a chance e.g rodri,mayor,madine n stop playin bothroyd he is useless

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26 Nov 2012 16:52:26
Why give DJ while the end of the year he's done enough damage it's time for a change now please dont give him anymore time and money to destroy our club

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I think he will get 2 more games (until the end of the week) and then he will go - i would love to see us go for Pearson just because he is a Wednesday legend but would take a lot to prise away from Leicester

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Alot of owls fans ive spoken to carnt understand DJ tactics and very poor signings and if that wasn't bad enough his attitude stinks i can understand why alot of people have turned against him

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, Pearson isn't going to happen. Might as well throw Ferguson into the mix as well. As much chance.

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I think we need a proven manager to help change our club around

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DJ was supposedly proven.
But he was sacked by wolves and cardiff.
While at wolves he signed a striker for 1.5 million who only scored twice in 27 games or so.Sound familiar :)
He is a poor judge of players and too set in his ways.Scoffs at fans who have watched football for over 30 years and can't admit his mistakes.
I don't think he can keep us up.He's not shown any signs of improving us since last season.
Every week we lose because the team we played was more experienced and had more quality.Well, that is why you were supposed to get some quality and experience in during the summer.
We didn't expect promotion but we expected to make a fight of it.
Complete write off of a season.

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mm has given dj his full backing that's all we need thought mm loved this club

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mm has given dj his full backing i cannot believe he has done that i was hoping for a new manager

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A chairman's full backing is often a precursor to a manager's sacking

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Why give this clown any more time to ruin our season further poor transfer dealings far to much youth not enuff experience not too mention bothroyd ! Baffling tactics and team selection ! Arrogance and a poor attitude towards fans ! And excuse after excuse ! So the chairman comes out and backs BIG MISTAKE

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26 Nov 2012 16:14:19
DJ has one more game to save his job as MM has had enough his business plan of getting the owls into premiership in 3 years could be ruined if this run of results continue, he had said he will give him
Till end of year but players revolt and fans consistent pressure has had an negative affect on the club as a whole so expect a change before the Saturday game. Rumour is he's very interested in Glenn hoddle make what u want but I'm not his big Fan an I don't think he's the answer.

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How do you know this

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Made up rumour :)
But if we do lose i reckon that will be it.
Not sure glen hoddle would come though.
What gets me most about DJ is that he is stubborn.He is persisting with Bothroyd and not giving others a chance.
He makes excuses and wont admit he signed crap players.
You can't be unlucky for half a season.
How can he dismiss what 20,000+ fans are telling him.We might not be football experts but we can see where the problems are.
Why can't we just go back to a similar team that did so well at the start of the season.
I'm almost certain Rodri would have a few goals by now.More than Bothroyd anyhow.
I'd try Bywater in net too.The fans are crying out for him to at least try something.
If he was more humble the fans wouldn't be on his back.It takes a lot for us to shout for a managers head.

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Yet on sky sports news MM has backed DJ, we all wish he had one more game but thats not gunna happen and its starting to get more than frustrating

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26 Nov 2012 10:18:11
Alex McLeish heard it hear first

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Hes useless

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Come on its backs against the wall time get behind DJ,milan,Mr aldridge and last but not least the team ,this is when we show our colours and fight

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I worr y about our club but when I see posts like these I worry about our fans too .....
McLeish .......
Get behind Jones ........
You both MAD !!

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Mcleish when if you are so sure

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Get behind Jones and hope we win
MM will sack him when he wants so stop the

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Get behind Jones ..... why ?
Have you forgot what he said about fans in a week ?

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Roland nilisson next manerger.hes managed at champions league level,he's a free agent,and Wednesday legend.

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He also had an affair while he was here which is why he left , so his wife would really want to come back here wouldn't she ?
Do your homework , if your not old enough to remember .

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Gary Megson has managed successfully in Europe, and got promoted to Prem twice , and was a true Owl who understood the club - so we sacked him

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Fully agree.come on mm bring back Nilsson

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Chairman has made his statement, no more silly talk

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Chairmans statements dont get points and only points will stop the critics ........ So I think the critics are here for longer than Jones is !

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I fell for the hype that jones was a good manager.
But if you look at his record at wolves and cardiff you'll see that he wasn't so successful.He had a few quid to spend and still got the sack.
So i dunno how he is the man to save us when we haven't got any money.We've had a taste of his free signings and loans and look where we are.

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Chairmans money saved this club from oblivion, drive him out then you`ll have plenty to moan about

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The Chairman was looking for a way out from the day he took over !
Hes a business man , he bought us cos the price was right - and he will sell us as soon as the price is right.
Hope you don't think for a minute that MM has been a closet Owl for 70yrs just waiting for a chance to buy us ??
The next buyer will buy us cos they want us, not cos we were a bargain and because of that they will invest and want the best .

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A new owner surely couldn't spend any less :)

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Yeah the ones that wanted us because they loved us were queing up to save us. not

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Not many people as fortunate as MM to have 50m set aside just to play Football Manager - most of us struggle to find the 40 for the game !!

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You right about spending mate, a poster on here worked out he spent less than 5 mill on playing side since he bought us, not exact cos jones spend not public till end year.
Blackburn spent 8 on one player and they had Prem players already ?
Charlton spent 21m & Huddersfield spent 14m to get out of Lge1, while Megson got less than 500k to spend!
I don't think we need to worry about losing MMs millions !

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No one will buy us, and give MM a profit while we are in the position we are in, so MM needs to do whatever it takes to get us at least into contension if he wants to sell us and make a profit, which is what he bought us for. He didn't buy us for the love of our great club.

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