Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive May 26 2013


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26 May 2013 19:52:35
Florent malouda to sign after being released by chelsea

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Lol we can dream mate

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And how much are we paying him, £40k a week?!

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What on 90k a week dream on mate

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Jj says on twitter he will sign new contract when he comes back

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How did this person write this with a straight face lol uto xx

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Ok were always going to get made up rumors but here's a little tip for you. At least attempt to make them slightly believable.

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27 May 2013 23:50:53
There is more chance of fingering the Queen than signing Malouda.

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We would never get him he is a fortune

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We have more chance than flying to the moon than buying moluda

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26 May 2013 14:53:08
Heard no signings likely until w/c 10/06/13. Then expect up to 4 announcements. Do not know any names.

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Olofinjana will be announced Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Looks like mcphail, another cast off

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Mcphail is a good player. A decent preseason under his belt and he, ll be decent

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Mcphail will be a decent signing.

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I think mcphail will prove to be a good signing. Apparently his signing is close along with olofinjana as well.

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Well its Tuesday and no signing today.

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Today one or both will be announced. Both good signings.

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Its wednesday and no signings who was correct.

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Another name for olofinjana is off your perjamas

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