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26 May 2012 22:26:54
Two players in Portugal are to be scouted when Wednesday go over there in the tour, one could be that guy from Lisbon who everyone is mentioning

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Yes mate he's called diago Rubio

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Rubio is not portuguese ^

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^nobody said he was, just that he plays in Portugal and is a player from Lisbon.. Which he is.

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Rubio is from chile, he playes for sporting Lisbon!

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26 May 2012 11:16:54
Sheffield Wednesday are looking at Mathias pogba of Wrexham only 19 years of age good prospect

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I think some one must be scouring every Welsh club to try and find players of interest. Not sure what league Wrexham are in but would have to be amazing to consider signing him.

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Trigger probably will not be back for a while now. What a clown he has been, but hey, he has entertained us all season.

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Pogba used to play 4 man u gud player {Ed001's Note - wrong Pogba, that's Paul, his brother, that is at Man Utd.}

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26 May 2012 09:37:35
DJ looking to bring in Kevin McDonald if sufc loose today. 400K should do it with them in the financial plight that they are.

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Only Maguire and Lowton interested boss. We have already secured a right back so if anyone it will be Maguire.

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Owls looking at Diego Rubio, it's true!

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He's out of contract but another made up rumour well done.

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Also heard maguire is a wednesday fan? not sure how true it is...

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My cousin is at Sufc and he said there has already been contact between McDonald's agent and Wednesday. Could be true.

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It is true he'll be signing for owls! Rubio Rubio Rubio

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Yep very silly, hes out of contract at end of this season so wouldnt command a fee. i wouldnt want him anyway as lines is better.

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I smell a bit of pork here

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I would love Kevin McDonald quality player!

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Yep hes a wednesday fan hes got a wednesday tatoo

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MacDonald is not a Championship player has failed to deliver at this level when tried.

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Look at sufc can't even sell all there tickets and they think they are bigger haha small team small mentality blue and white boys would have sold 55000-60000 that's our big we are prem here we go MASSIVE UTO FTB

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You would never have sold 55000, you must be deluded

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Our ground doesn't hold that? As a true Wednesday fan for 22 years, we would never sell that many!!

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Easy would I no that hillsbrough doesn't hol that much but wembly for 1st time since 91 look how much we sold at Cardiff 41000 and we wanted more but they wouldn't give them us MASSIVE UTO FTB

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We mite not have sold 55000 bt we would have sold a lot more than what blades did pi55 poor bad club

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38092 at Hillborough on last home game and club stated they could have sold 15-20k more.

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52k was the overall attendance, we might have done that if we went to wembley! 48k at cardiff, but we didnt we went up automatically!

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Mcdonalds wednesday fan dint no that

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Its Maguire thats the owls fan not Mcdonald

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26 May 2012 09:35:48
the player coming in next week is from man utd on loan for season.

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I find this difficult to believe. Season long loan deals are usually announced no more than 3 weeks before start of season.

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I have heard it's Will Keane

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Will keanes going on loan to middlesbrough so not him

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26 May 2012 08:48:46
The bid that was turned down for antonio was last week.its only just surfaced!a second bid was tabled shortly after. Antonio is confident hes moving hence packing his house up.

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26 May 2012 00:29:26
We are 110% not getting Jordan.Rhodes hudds want 8mill for him! he's good but 4 mill tops!
He proven in league one and nothing else,
dunno where chairmens and managers get figures from these days

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110% isnt real, 100% is the max

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I'll be surprised if we spend over 1m on a player so there's no chance of us getting Rhodes.

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Rhodes played crap yesterday dont want him

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