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26 Jun 2013 20:14:58
Us and Donny put bids in for Oldhams Jose Baxter. Think this would be a fantastic singing he were a big prospect at Everton and still only 21! 15 goals last season not bad for an attacking midfielder

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Why would we want another midfielder at sheff wed we already got about 8 now striker and centre back must be priorities now UTO

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Maghoma signed great news I think

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Love to get baxter

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He's a forward.

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^ he's a midfielder

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He's both

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Donny pulled out oldham priced him more than they want to pay

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He's a winger from what I've seen in the jj antonio mould makes me wonder are we going to ave another season playing players out of position can see antonio playing up top with the lack of strikers we have

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26 Jun 2013 15:49:21
Maghoma deal now very close according to Dave Jones. We are not interested in Jamie Vardy however Kenwyne Jones and Simeon Jackson are still possibilities.

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Krystanovic will be signing for Owls before weekend. FACT.
We have 2 pacey wingers who can fight and run midfield, a proven striker will be the missing link.
Things are looking up.

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26 Jun 2013 18:48:52
Krstanovich is at Hillsborough right now and is putting pen to paper.
4 signings will be paraded at Hillsborough Park on Sunday, he will be one of them, agent has booked him in for 3 nights at Whitley Hall hotel this afternoon.

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Your maths don`t add up. lol
If he stays for 3 nights then he goes home on Saurday. where does the MIS information come from?

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Simeon Jackson rumoured to be at barnsley aswel

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The maths if fine. If he does sign then he goes him Saturday to sort out whatever and then will be back for training Monday.

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Simeon Jackson is not on wanted list.

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If he goes home Saturday and comes back Monday, how will he be paraded on Sunday?

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Doubt Krstanovic is at Hillsborough having a medical when Jones has openly said he has never spoken to the bloke and has no interest in signing him.

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Its not my comment but thurs night fri night sat night hillsbro sunday maths is fine! I hope we have signed him tbh, things starting to take shape gray signing massive plus! maghoma I hope he turns out well only time will tell. lliera another plus. st ledger would be great and helan. and lita would complete the side if all that happens think we will be better than last year an see where we are at xmas. UTO's

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Jones never gives a lot away when it comes to signings! he hardly said he was after maghoma

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How does it ad up if he stays 3 nights from Wednesday (when it was posted) he goes home on Saturday, so won't be at park today. DOH

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26 Jun 2013 14:18:25
Welcome to Swfc maghoma he's signed a 3 year deal. Will be announced later.

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If this is so, does it mean the end for Danny Mayor?

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Lets hope not 153 appearances 26 goals signed a gem there any we?

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The lad scored 18 goals last season fans already on is back.
We aren't still in the early 90s you no

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Wingers =/= goals

Chris Brunt at Wednesday
137 apps, 22 goals

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Anounced at 3:30pm today Magoma is an Owl.

I suppose we will see NDS say whos he showing complete lack of knowledge, we beat Middlesbrough and Charlton to his signature.

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We've signed Jaques Magahoma. The deal was done last night in a London hotel. I know because I got his autograph along with Paul Aldridge.

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Decent signing, very attacking minded player with bags of skill and pace. He was L2 supersta last year scoring 18 goals. Plays on wing but can also play up front. let's hope hr can step up to the champ

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This is announced and yet still wron 2 years not three lol uto xxx

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He's a midfielder. stop putting a downer on the signing before he's given a chance!

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So who saw that one coming? Love all these so-called in the know experts on here lol. D. J. is the only one who really knows who he's after. In D. J. we trust! This guy knocked in 18 goals last season as a winger. can't be bad.!Big, strong, fast and only 25!

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Confirmed on tv site! anybody know if he is any good? Don't know anything about this player?

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Think its a 2yr deal. An 26 goals for a winger ain't bad. if he makes em an all then yeh, we Av signed a gem

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He was leauge two team player of the season this year.

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18 of them were last season he's bang on form and reaching the best years of his footballing life. Hopefully he can do a job for us. I'm thinking he's going to be the new JJ. NW

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2 year deal not 3

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It's official he's signed

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To the negative person he scored 18 goals last season in my eyes that's good an worth a shot on a free an probs not very much wages compared to realised prem/champ players

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The goals to games ratio doesn't mean a lot if he was played out of positon.

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He will do well I think. Its a step up into this league BUT there is more room to play, as opposed to League 2 where you get 5 defenders within a foot of your wingers everytime the ball goes wide.

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Not FANS on his back - just ONE fan reacting hastily

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Looks like the new JJ but stronger and with more goals in him. This could be a great signing compared to the usual rubbish DJ signs.

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18 goals last season from left midfield. looks promising

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Well done DJ for actually making your first proper good signing! Hopefully if this continues then we'll have the season that we hoped for last season. 3 or 4 more good ones and our better players playing as good as we know they can then maybe a nice surprise could be in store for us this season.

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Another international, DR Congo LOL

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Where's the NO DECENT SIGHNINGS this year guy now

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All we need now is clayton donaldson and marlon pack and will be a good side for when we go down this year, wawaw

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Just watched a bit of him on youtube would love to see the 4-5-1 formation next year with JJ maghora and antonio playing behind a 'big man' with 2 holding midfielders mcCabe and Olfinfijana maybe? just need a solid and consist centre half and a striker to hold up the ball and good in the air like ex pig darius henderson he would score goals with 3 pacey skillfull players supporting him like a 4-2-3-1

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Guffaw, guffaw, if that's what you think kid then go over to other side of city.

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Sorry its a 2year deal. I was told 3! 1 more in before weekend defender I'm led to believe.

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