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26 Jun 2012 19:46:02
Jacob butterfield has been rumoured to be linked with Wednesday, could be a decent signing if it happens

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Jacob wants premier league football if he's staying in the championship he will stay with Barnsley why would he moved down the road

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Why would he move down the road? Say that again without laughing!

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Would be a good signing but cant see it happening

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Why would he move down the road? simple Wednesday > barnsley! face it we are MASSIVE!

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26 Jun 2012 15:32:21
Just heard that Rob Jones, Chris O'Grady. Giles Coke, Dave Prutton, Daniel Jones, Mark Reynolds, Mike Jones and Lewis Buxton will all be allowed to leave club this summer. Expect 12 new 1st team squad faces in total.

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I'd be delighted with all that

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Buxton isn't leaving

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Cant see us releasing Buxton.

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All believable but Buxton.
Plus heard where?

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Not Buxton

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Wont get rid of buxton (white cafu;))

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Hope all go but Buxton he was very consistent last season

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Buxton won't leave

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I'd be sorry to see Lewis Buxton go. Hope that name is wrong

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Are you sure its Buxton and not Bennett.

Rob Jones looks likely to stay too, he knows he won't be first choice but he's happy just to be part of the club.

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Buxtons a legend!

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Buxton is defiantly not a legend
His true level is league 1 football

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Person works at Hillsbrough in Admin I know actual job but unfair to her to say). She was certain about the above names and apparently some are being offered in part exchange for targets. Admit they are no football expert and could not remember those we were pursuing.
Having seen the above responses unless Lee is injured Buxton will be on bench at best. Remember we have signed Calum Bennett right back from Ipswich as well. I agree he was consistent in L1 and did not let us down.
Please do not shoot the messenger.

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The admin person can remember all those names but not one target name.....strange

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Heard rumour Buxton for batth weeks ago so could be summat in that

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Buxton was ok at championship level a few years ago and is fully committed to us better than just league 1!

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A familiar name is easier to remember than a new one. So not surprising at all.

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Buxton was awful last time in championship but one of most consistent in league 1

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I go home and away and buxton was even more consistent than semedo you people who slag him of are deluded

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Christ, if you think Buxton isn't good enough, then you're more deluded than Blunts in S2.

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This is not a go at Buxton, he was a reliable player in league 1 and did a good job. His performances in championship were ok but not outstanding. we have signed Kieran Lee who was an excellent performer at League 1 level. We have also signed Calum Bennett a very promising player from Ipswich. Thus anyone who believes that Buxton will be our regular right back at start of next season is deluded. He will be a squad player and may not be happy in this role. Arumour doing rounds is swop for Harry Maguire.

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I would imagine any of the squad that got promotion will go if the right offer comes in, with the obvious ones excluded from that ie Semado,Madine and the ones who have re-signed.Managers generally make wholsale changes to squads when they take over DJ is no different and lets face it the squad he inherited is no where good enough for the championship, let alone make a serious challenge for promotion.

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Buxton isnt leaving!fact! That callum benne is a development squad player.

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How can you say that one of our best players last couple of seasons will leave? Yeah he weren't really good last time at championship, but having 2 really good seasons (on a Buxton note) in league one he's only going to be better for championship this time around! Just because we've signs Kieron lee doesnt mean he'll be 1st choice! Buxtons name will be one of first names on team sheet!

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Buxton was one of our best players last season and will be this season!

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I can not believe some think buxton will be good at championship level. he was undone for pace last time we played there and he certainly has not got any quicker.

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Well after last season if there one player that deserves a chance in the championship it is Buxton.
Improved dramatically regardless of dropping down a league.

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Has Mandaric said how many new faces he wants in team in Telegraph today?

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Buxton has developed as a player last season so I think he will be first chocie rb and do well for us.

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26 Jun 2012 12:45:07
harry maquires dad told me himself that you lot are after him ,,, after all he is a pig and has the tattoo on his leg

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Yes he is one of 5 players we are in negotiations to buy. Plus 2 loan players but they will be near commencement of season. Only know for certain Antonio and Maguire are on the list but told some of the other names in press are off target.

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26 Jun 2012 12:36:33
Nile Ranger's trial has been postponed. He's charged with an alleged assault. Lawyers need more time to review CCTV footage

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Possible loan to follow. Newcastle looking to sell but while still in court no fee will be set.

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26 Jun 2012 09:28:56
Also just heard Palace and Charlton also interested in Norris with us and Leeds - so sounds a bit of a long shot but sure DJ can sell the SWFC dream :o)

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Pompey just realised can only get nominal fee.

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26 Jun 2012 09:13:14
SWFC has had a bid accepted by Portsmouth for Norris and he met with us Friday but Leeds are also interested as Clayton is on his way out of there for £2M

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As if leeds will get 2 million for clayton

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Last wednesday he met with us.

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Adam Clayton is out of contract isn't he? {Ed032's Note - No}

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Already been offered 2 mill , suck on that muppet

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26 Jun 2012 06:45:00
Swfc want Tom Heaton on a free source the sun don't know why we need another keeper

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Think it would be a good signing if true.Some may say we don't need another keeper but I can see Weaver leaving and Kirkland spending 3/4 of the season injured.

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So were going to have 4 keepers and 3 can play in Championship? Kirkland will be the number one! So we dont need Heaton

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