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26 Jul 2013 22:03:59
Owls to sign Zayatte and lita to sign by next Tuesday with 2 more players coming through the door but might need to sell

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Any names? Or are you just going to suggest what everyone else has already said?

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Talks that a arsenal youngster might be coming

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Arsenal youngster you mean Connor Henderson he's on trial at Ipswich

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Well that happened - NOT. How many times do we read that players are going to sign by Tuesday and it never happens. At least this rumour wasn't ended by you putting "FACT" at the end of it.

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26 Jul 2013 13:02:16
Zayatte has been trying to renegotiate his contract to get a better deal, which could bring him close to being the highest earner at the club. But DJ isn't budging as he sees Zayatte accepting the contract on the table at the moment.

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Who is the highest and what do they earn

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Yeah, and we're going to find out quick.

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We have been in talks with Zayatte since his second pre-season game. And apparently the highest earning player at Hillsborough is Kirkland followed closely by Semedo apparently.

Source: Backroom staff member

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Not sure what Kirkland is on but Semedo is on something in the region of 9k a week

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Its kirkland on something like 11-12k pw

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Semedo no were near that. Antonio n jj more like kirkland happy too be playing but as dj n mm said. Wage structure not far out from all first team. that's why we a team for once.

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No one is paid above 7K p/w at hillsborough.

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27 Jul 2013 12:12:58
Just seen ken bates has left leeds please milan don't sell to that person

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I know for a FACT that Anthony gardener is on 8k per week!

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26 Jul 2013 10:05:09
Madine to go out on loan and be replaced by incoming loanee!

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And what's the point in that. The player in will be a youngster will no championship experience. Might as well keep Madine and you him.

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Jones has never given madine a chance and we need 4 strikers

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Madine can sit on bench and gain no playing time experience or go out and get much needed experience. A young player from another club could act as cover for our strikers. So quite a lot to be gained.
Madine was not in first team when Jones arrived he was on bench. O'Grady was playing. DJ put Madine in the team and started with him up front last year. He got injured and never sparkled. he had a fair number of starts and lacked something in Championship. He needed to strengthen up to impose himself on defences. He has started matches this season including against Rangers, he actually worked hard and showed more industry than previously but you feel more needs to be produced. Yo can not rely on ball landing on head or foot at this level you have to earn the chance. more graft is required and needs more ringcraft similar to what Howard showed when he played for us. He can succeeed needs more playing time to develop but you can not experiment and allow time at Championship level.

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Thats because he's garbage

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Jones doesn't rate madine, end off

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Just hope this tall striker is like crouch and not zigic

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I thought Madine had plenty of chances and simply proved to not be capable, except for when he was in the lower division.

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How can you say he has never given him a chance? He has had plenty and not taken a single one of them, he was hopeless against Rangers, lacks the yard of pace required at this level - league one striker at best.

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Madine is not Championship quality and yes I know he is only young and can learn, but he is not focused enough to play at that level, on loan in league1 with a smaller club he will get game time and do a good job he may also get his mind set right when he realises what a big club his parent club is and try to get to level needed for us to keep him

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I never trust any posts that end with an!

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Ow can you make statements saying the Madine is garbage and he has had his chance. have I missed something here? He played well against Rangers! or was I at a different game and he hasn't had a decent run in the team, give the kid a chance, he needs a pacey strike partner. let's make judgement later in the season.

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You do not need pace in this league, just ask Mr Phillips. Remember a certain Grant Holt? Ppl saying he was crap when he played for us and look where he ended up. Madine has plenty of potential, it just takes some players a bit longer to develope into that player.

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Whenever Iv e seen Madine and I quantify that statement because after all he`s only had a few minuets here and there, he has done well He came on with plenty of energy and gave us some teeth up front when there has been little, Just a pity Jones didn't sign him otherwise he would have been scoring for fun.

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All this about the so called'Goal Machine', people saying he's not had much game time. absolute tosh, he's had plenty, he IS totally garbage and certainly thinks he's better than he is, when he does score he celebrates like he's a world cup winner, take the dingle game last season, he scored, fare enough, we got a penalty, up steps Goal Machine, I turned round to my mate and said he's missing this. guess what happened and as for the name Goal Machine. aren't you supposed to score goals?

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You do not allocate number 9 to a player and send him on loan. Madine stays where he is!

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Madines main fault is his physical strength he went down a lot last season when he did play lookin for something he looked stronger against rangers and I think if he gets games this season he can improve in that area and do well for use. uto

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Madine is bad end of

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I am glad that there are some true blue and white Owls supports posting on here, backing all our players to the hilt. I bet if the Owls player mentioned in this post reads this he will be heartened to know that these supporters have such confidence in him. There is a saying that goes "With friends like this no don't need enemies"

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I marvel at the insight some of people who post on this site have on the abilities and talent of professional footballers. They have the ability to know when a footballer is good or rubbish and are certain that they are right. Having this ability must be a heavy cross to bear, but it is the modesty of these people that I admire most; they have obviously shunned offers of from the likes of Mourinho, Ferguson, Pellegrini, Moyes, Wenger etc. of working with them and advising them on future transfer targets. Modestly they are more content to post their insight on here and then sit in the stands with their mates at Hillsborough and predict that Madine will miss a penalty. What a waste of their undoubted talent and perception.

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If madines bad n we get rid why cog he was perfect but in eyes of gaffer if face dnt fit unlucky! Uto xxx

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I agree with the last post. However, I think the fans frustration with Madine is because of his obvious ability.
The lad is well paid and when he does get his opportunities he doesn't grab the bull by the horns.
If Madine had two brain cells to rub together and with the chances DJ has given him, we would not even be having this conversation.

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Madine isn't strong enough, fast enough or hard working enough, in the first half of the promotion season he played out of his skin and ended up falling for his own hype, since then he has had chance after chance and has been found wanting. Rangers was a prime example, he never once won the ball or even jumped for it, he either needs to go out on loan or get sold. time for chris maguire to get a shot.

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Listen to us all bickering yet again

Yes we are all entitled to our opinions but at the end of the day it's DJ who picks the team and tactics

He decides who will play upfront and ultimately it is he who will pay the price if the team doesn't perform

We have all had our bad days at work so get off Madine's back give him the support and encouragement he needs and help him to be the player we all want him to be

We are all Owls so let's pull together

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You must have been watching the wrong Rangers game or you don't know who Gary is, he had a decent game, he was playing as a lone striker that he is not cut out to be, he had the best chance but just got under it and put it over the bar. DJ said that all the players on show had had hard, twice a day training sessions that had taken a lot out of them and he didn't expect them to work as hard as they would in a league game. These games are all about getting fit for the new season, just get off Madine's back and give him a break. Support him not abuse him, he is our player.

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But that's the point. The only person that can help Madine is himself.

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To the post about howard working hard proves u score goals? how many did he score in the end? I don't care if he is lazy and scores goals ruud van nirestlroy scored goals for fun never moved ot side the penalty box lol

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Well Madine has one half of what Nistelrooy had, with regards to not moving outside of the box.
Shame about the other half of what Nistlerooy had. Goals for fun.

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madine had hardly any starts last year an never a run in team, when u get subbed on in 85th minute not easy to notch 15-20 goals. I don't know how many league starts he made but know it wasn't many! An to top it off he was playing up on his own an ball was getting lumped up to him from defence he had no support {Ed001's Note - I had a look for you, apparently he made 10 starts in the league, 2 in the FA Cup and 2 in the League Cup for Wednesday last season. He was brought off the bench 20 times in the Championship and once in the League Cup.}

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Cheers ed, I don't know why he is getting so much stick 10 starts an people expect 20 goals, he's not had a run in side at all so difficult for any striker to bag goals without a decent run in

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Its probably enough starts to prove himself though.

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Any news on leroy lita

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25 Jul 2013 23:50:07
Lita and Zayatte will both be signed by the QPR game. Only incomings will then be potential loans of young premiership players e. g. Wickham, Barkley.

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Id be happy with that along with our "MASSIVE" nuiumy fella towering above defenders in the box.

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I agree and it will be just fine if we get another good defender (right footed CB) and a quality striker. As it looks from the outset Zayatte and Lita will be the ones. Loan signings afterwards will be the necessary additions when required. I think we are all settled now and know where we are finally. Takeover talk will be another topic for us to debate in coming days and weeks.

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Hope so. I think we should give our squad a go first before we go getting loan players in

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We need a CM

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If I was Dave Jones I'd sign a left-footed centre back just to be awkward.

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