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26 Jul 2012 20:45:29
I'm an acquaintance of Rhys McCabe and he's looking at a few houses in dore, signing to be confirmed tomorrow not 100% of he'll play against donny - ray

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And it's just another midfielder

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Look on bbc gossip column. mentions a exchange with rhys mccabe coming our way from rangers, and mark reynolds going to rangers

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No exchange needed. McCabe is a free agent.

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Scottish sources suggest that McCabe may go to Everton

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26 Jul 2012 15:03:04
missing out on players left right and centre come on dj and mm get things sorted {Ed046's Note - No point rushing things!!

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I agree with ed want to get the right players not just any players also got players in centre mid its the wings we are struggling

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Lets be serious wednesday were never gonna buy norris, when he could of been out of contract in two weeks.

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I have just personally been talking to rhys mcabe , i work at a gym near town and he came in for a look round he was with his gf , they were looking at appartments near the gym and i asked him if he'd signed for us he said yes a 3 year deal !!! honestly guys believe me or what i dont care i dont need to make up bull like other ppl do on here , gods honest truth and thats what he told me . heard it here first!!

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McCabe will be for the development squad initially

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From what iv read in scottish press its a done deal. Hes supposed to be a real talent! Theres a bit on the man u site about him and they say hes valued at 10million!?

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No you don't and he didn't

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We will continue to miss out on players while ever Paul Aldridge is in charge of contract negotiations! Look what he did to Megson!

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Wednesday are doing things the right way. If we go out flashing the cash, we'll end up paying well over the odds and wind up back in debt. I must admit to being frustrated about the Antonio deal, i think we need this signing for the feel good factor to take momentum into the season. The Macabe rumour looks like it's got legs though. Keep The Faith. The Wednesday.

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McCabe is for the first team. He is rated very highly he broke into the rangers first team and did well at end of last season. Everton and man u were keen but he wants first team football.

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If we're getting Antonio (partly) for the feelgood factor and to get momentum for the season, then surely it makes sense to delay until the season's about to start? Then it'll be fresh in everyone's minds. Looks like he's leaving Reading this summer and, while they say there's a number of clubs interested, as far as I know - no one else has made an offer?

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26 Jul 2012 12:42:53
The Owls are closing in on a midfield player. Source: Rob Staton

Could be Rhys McCabe from Rangers, unlikely to be David Norris though as Leeds are now favourites to capture his signature.

Talks with Reading re Antonio are ongoing. Don't expect him to be a SWFC player before the Oldham game though, or even the Derby game; it is more likely that it will be towards the end of the transfer window once Reading's 25 man squad has been decided upon. Unless DJ switches targets, of course.

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Norris has signed for Leeds, confirmed.

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McCabe is a defender {Ed046's Note - He sees himself as a central midfield player who can fill in at right-back}

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Jermain Jenus to sign on season long loan from tottenham it's a done deal and ricardo fuller in on a free to be confirmed at 6 tonight {Ed046's Note - And where has this come from?? Jermaine Jenas who is a Nottingham lad turned down the chance to go to Forest as he did not want to play in the championship. Why would he then change his mind and come to Hillsborough??}

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Another dreamer

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It's past 6:00 p.m. -- no announcement!

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26 Jul 2012 08:13:27
3rd bid placed for antonio belived to be 700k straight up. Talk sport have said this morning norris will sign for swfc.

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We should not dance to Reading's tune.

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Don't think it is dancing to their tune he is their asset and they want the best price they can get for him we would be doing the same if it was say madine that's modern football get use to it

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We already had a 700,000 bid turned down for antonio and Norris has signed for leeds. Lets just offer 1million straight up for antonio and get it done and sorted i say.

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Why pay 1m for a player unproven at the level he is being bought for - your Manchester Uniteds of this world can afford to take them risks, we cannot. I think that the 700k we have offered is top end of his value, lets not forget he only has 1 year left on his contract.

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Don't think it is dancing to their tune he is their asset and they want the best price they can get for him we would be doing the same if it was say madine that's modern football get use to it

He might be an asset, but he's also a cost. Reading surely want him off their books, going into Prem, and I can't see another club coming in with a 1m bid for him...Reading aren't necessarily in the driving seat

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From what I've read (on Sky Sports), McDermott claims he's part of the team and they're not especially looking to sell, but he wants to leave as there's too many others ahead of him. Sky Sports say Reading want in the region of 750k, so I'd be very annoyed if we suddenly decided to give them an extra third on top of that!

Let the deal play out, let's see who we've got come Derby and let's get behind the lads, whoever they might be! Personally, I think we'll get Antonio, but I trust DJ and MM either way.

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26 Jul 2012 07:26:39
Third bid gone in for michail antonio according to the sheffield star.

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The star says thinking about third bid

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It might take one millon to persuade reading to let us have him back

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