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26 Jan 2012 19:59:08
Rumour has it Madine is off to Derby with forest also interested and O'Grady going Milwall

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Ipswich are apparently looking at Madine too

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What a load of s**t like were gona sell our two main strikers.

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I heard Barca are after the goal machine They've been impressed with the fact he can con refs as nearly as good as Busquets

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Blunts unhappy cos Evans is off and Beattie signed... Ouch

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I smell porky pie!

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Where's Evans going?

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I heard this aswell. Also heard that weavers going to chessie, o Donnell to united and bywater was going to refuse to play and go AWOL in Wales

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I believe Evans is leaving the Blunts so he can express himself in the medium of dance.

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I've heard he is off for a stay at her majesty's pleasure

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Ive heard hes retiring. Playing for United has put him off football forever

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Evans signing new contract end of season,financial situation not all bad,i think with your chairman going down boots on other foot

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Financial situation nt all tht bad av u bin sleepin fo last year or 2 ur in worse debt thn we were n ars manderic guin darn he only paid redknapp manderic wernt claimin money

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But your boots are hoof shaped so none of the Owls fans would get them on.

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we made a 16 million profit and all the debts were written off when mandaric bought the club where as you who are 35 million in debt?

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Not long till april blunts do u know what that means? Yes end of tax year! Deduct 10 points ha ha or pay up you better get selling you got bout 4 days left!

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Our debts are to big mac just the same as yours are to mandrakeitin but dont pay tax (allegedly)
or do you think he has honestly written off your debts and would gladly walk away if things dont go wrong without wanting anything back

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Yes Cocco

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26 Jan 2012 15:04:36
Owls confirm Bodde interest - Sheffield Star

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Sounds like another wim yonk to me better get some aa cover sharpish

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Bodde was a class act, but with such a long period out of the game, could he do a decent enough job for us?

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Just sign Marshall. Then it would be a good enough for me

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Never even heard of this Bod fellow.

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He's done his cruciate 3 times on the spin, So I think it's more a case of will he stand up long enough to do a decent job.

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4 starts in two years? bit of a risk

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Might do a good job for the 45mins he holds up

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4 starts in 2 years bt last he played us he scored a r8 screamer good signin quality on ball

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Bodde is a very good player with very flimsy knees. A months loan can't do any harm, as long as we don't wave a 4 year contract at him. Worth a go on loan I reckon.

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Bodde has already played for swansea reserves and came through it fine.played well by all accounts aswell.

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Played well for swansea reserves got through game well

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26 Jan 2012 11:49:27
Doesnt seem like we are looking to sign Marshall on a permanent basis looks like our only hope is for him to sign a new deal at Stoke and come on loan unless this is a smoke screen ? - see below "Stoke winger Ben Marshall's future in his agent's hands but Sheffield Wednesday hope he will return to Hillsborough on loan" - Sky Sports

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