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26 Aug 2013 18:42:54
Ben Marshall maybe on his way back to Hillsborough. It is understood that Sheff Wednesday and Blackburn are set to battle it out for his signature. Source paper talk

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The last player we need is another left winger, we have three already.

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Ben Marshall will not be a Wednesday player he will cost 1 million so we have more of chance to win the world cup
that is no chance at all

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How many wingers do we want?!

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I hope so, stick him in the centre this time around

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Load of rubbish we can't afford him

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With what money?

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That means he goes to Blackburn then.

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Better than jj, maghoma, palmer and Helan there all league 1 at best.

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Remember MM only talks the talk and does not walk the walk. Who actually chooses the players we get in?

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BM is considerably better than anyone we have.

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Is that why he can't get a place at Leicester

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Sell Antonio and buy Marshall. At least he can control the ball.

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To these people who say we don't need a winger - WE NEED 2!

4 wingers at the club and all of them are the same, fast but can't cross.

Would love to get Marshall back but can't see it, maybe we could swap him for Antonio?

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Who is greatful and thankful for the hard work mm and dj has done this far in champiionship no 30mill debts

the future is bright yes time to time we can get greedy and frustrated but if the club is being bought out surely mm isn't going to invest more and if not surely mm has a plan, you don't become a millionair over night! uto xxx

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11 Players released/sold since may. 4 signed, 3 of them free transfers, the ticket prices go up, budget goes down??.

We lost £5 million apparently with one of lowest budgets in the league last year but with 2nd highest attendances in the league? hows that add up?

MM is taking his share back out, and hoping he can sell it quickly. if this takeover doesn't happen MM will half the value of the club by suffocating it, because everyone can see we are streets behind the other championship squads. Anyone who commands a fee, forget it.

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Ben marshall had a medical at Blackburn today ahead of his £1 million move.

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I would like to point out you have all slated jones's signing yet nobody is slating the supporters for making us pay over the odds for a winger from reading who cannot finish cannot control the ball cannot cross! and also cannot use his brain!

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Spot on someone else that is easily fooled as well

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Who's BEN?

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He comes from DOVER

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I was talking about antonio supporters wanted him in and reading made us pay through the teeth for him so can't blame jones for all bad signings

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26 Aug 2013 15:17:06
Been told that Richie Wellands is to cancel his short term contract with Donny and will be joining the Owls. Didn't believe it when I was told yesterday but have just looked on Sky transfers and it says he does won't to cancel his Donny contract to secure a permanent contract with another club but doesn't say which club.

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Would be a quality signing. What we need creativity in the middle. To bridge the gap from defence to attack!

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Would do for me, needed a bit of thuggery in middle of park for good few years now.

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No chance he will sign for us

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Right up our street 33 past his best and of course FREE so every chance!

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26 Aug 2013 14:55:04
Heard a rumour that mandaric as agreed the sale of sheffield wednesday. up the owls

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There maybe some truth in this, I heard that a firm of sheffield solicitors were carrying out due diligence. Would certainly explain the lack of action in the transfer market!

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Hope so

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The take over will be do on september 11 I was the one said people was looking around the club at the time

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